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The World Should Take China’s War Threats Seriously, The National Interest
3 Reasons Trump Should Visit Taiwan, The National Interest
Al Queda Chief says America is Islam’s “First Enemy”, Long War Journal
The Future of Warfare is Urban, Modern War Institute
This is How Marines Are Training for War with China or Russia, The National Interest
The Iraq War Still Divides America, 15 Years Later, Pew Research Center
What The U.S. Navy’s Supercarriers Give America, NY Times
Army to Begin Fielding Thousands of Squad Marksman Rifles by Oct. 1,
Ghana Votes to Host U.S. Military,
In Major Shakeup, Japan’s Self Defense Force Gets Centralized Command, Japan Times
Israel Edges to NATO, Turkey Pivots to Russia, Breaking Defense
Stumbling Into War with Russia, The National Interest
Send Navy Ships to the Baltic and Black Seas, Real Clear Defense
“Just Painful” – Pentagon Mulls Overhauling Mandatory Training Policies, Stars and Stripes
Esper: Army will overhaul fitness, possibly extend basic training, to meet rigors of combat, Defense News
In 2030, These 5 Nations Will Have the Most Powerful Armies on the Planet, The National Interest
The 5 Worse US Generals of All Time, The National Interest
Iran has at least 10 Military Bases in Syria, Homeland Security News


Homeland / First Responder / Wildfire

In 20 Years, Wildfires Will Be 6x as Large, Outside
Another Shot Fired in California’s Civil War on Immigration, Town  Hall
MS-13 is a Street Gang, Not a Drug Cartel, And the Difference Matters, Homeland Security News
2 Firefighters Die in LOD Death/Collapse,
How Authorities Tracked Down the Austin Bomber, Police One
Finally, Congress Makes Progress Fighting Wildfires, Outside
Maryland School Resource Officer Hailed as a Hero, LE Today
10 Key Points Police Spouses Should Know, LE Today
Police Shortage Hits Small Towns, Police One
Legislation Would Provide ‘Holy Grail” for Wildland Firefighters, Wildfire Today
Texas Volunteer Firefighter Dies from Injuries Suffered in March 10 Grassfire, Wildfire Today



BCA Float 27 Speed Avy Bag Review, Gearjunkie
Rise of the FKT: How Wild Spaces Sparked an Ultra Sport, Gearjunkie
Jackson Hole’s Lowdown Dirty Wiggle, Powder Magazine
Rock Climbing on Mars: A Simulation, Climbing Magazine
Big Sky adds big mountain skiing to Mountain Collective,
How to Identify These 10 Tick Species Outdoor Life
Germans climb new route up Aguja Val Biois in Patagonia, Planet Mountain
Montana Skier Breaks Record for Most Vertical Skied in 24 Hours – Mike Foote spent St. Patrick’s Day skiing over 61,000 vertical feet, Powder Magazine
Jackson Kayak Takes on Fishing Market with New Brand,
Armless Sunglasses – Unexpectedly Awesome Idea, Gear Patrol
Duo Crushes 870 Mile Himalaya FTK, Gear Patrol
Compound Bow vs Recurve,
Remington Files for Bankruptcy,
Bowhunting Boars in Queensland,

Fitness / Nutrition

The Best Fat Running Shoes of 2018, Outside Magazine
Intense exercise before taking anti-psychotic meds may prevent weight gain, diseases, Science Daily
The Science of Weight Loss Loves Hard and Heavy, Breaking Muscle
Should You Keep Your Big Goals to Yourself, Outside Magazine
Can Keto Actually Work For Hard-Training Endurance or Power/Strength Athletes? Mark’s Daily Apple
A Look At Swerve Sweetener, Mark’s Daily Apple
Your Protein Shake Might Be Giving You Acne, Men’s Health
11 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids, Men’s Journal
If Calcium Supplements Aren’t Safe, What About Calcium in Food? Nutrition Facts
Rib Cage Flare During Overhead Lifting, The Barbell Physio
Sugar Guidelines for Climbers, Training Beta
The Best Training Watches, According to the Pros, Outside

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