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ACFT update: No official update — timeline, consequences unclear, Army Times
Why Deterrence Failed Against Russia, Wall Street Journal
DIA: Intel Sharing Between U.S. and Ukraine ‘Revolutionary’, USNI
Why Calling Russia’s Kinzhal a ‘Hypersonic Missile’ Is a Stretch, Sandboxx News
What Ukraine Can Learn From Finland’s Stand 80 Years Ago, Bloomberg
Escaping Russia’s MAD Entrapment, Real Clear Defense
Marines to Test Lightning Carrier Concept With 20 F-35Bs, The War Zone
Does Ukraine Spell the Death of the Operational-Level Offense?, Small Wars Journal
Army Kicks Outs First COVID-19 Vaccine Refusers, Stars & Stripes
Gen Berger: Ukraine War Demonstrates Vulnerability of Tanks, Sea Power
Volunteers Flock to Fight for Ukraine in Pacifist Japan, Reuters
How the Ukraine Crisis Could Make the U.S. Military Stronger, 1945
Soldier tried to identify as a ‘weak swimmer’ before Ranger School river drowning, Army Times
Texas Guard shakeup deepens, two more two-stars out, Army Times
Texas Guardsmen stood watch at private ranches for state border mission, Army Times
AFRICOM’s chief warned Mali about the Wagner Group. It didn’t work., Defense News
The Army Brief: Possible base names; Troops in Somalia; Weapons for Ukraine; and more…, Defense One
Putin allegedly places his senior spies under arrest for faulty Ukraine intelligence,
Secret CIA training program helping Ukrainians fight Russian troops, sources say,
Jeopardizing national security: What is happening to our Marine Corps?, Marine Corps Times
The problem with ‘hypersonic’ and Russia’s attack claim, Morning Defense
Naval flight officer sentenced to four years after failing to disclose contact with Chinese citizen, Navy Times
Russia explains attack on Kiev shopping center, Pravda Report
Russia annihilates training center for foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, Pravda Report
Three US mercenaries killed in Donetsk People’s Republic, Pravda Report
‘They own the long clock’ — How the Russian military is starting to adapt in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
How pairing ‘female engagement teams’ with battle-tested grunts changed the US military forever, Task & Purpose
Video appears to show Russian troops caught in ambush and doing everything wrong, Task & Purpose
Legion of the damned: Inside Ukraine’s army of misfits, veterans, and war tourists in the fight against Russia, Task & Purpose
Russia’s Problems with Military Professionalization, RAND
Alwyn Cashe, Audie Murphy, Mary Walker among choices to replace bases named after Confederates, Task & Purpose
Why It Could Be a Strategic Mistake to Rule Out a No-Fly Zone Policy, RAND
AI suggested 40,000 new possible chemical weapons in just six hours, The Verge

National Security / Foreign Policy

Will Putin’s War Force More to Seek Nuclear Weapons?, Strategist
Europe’s Return to the Geopolitical Jungle, The Strategist
India’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis Is a Wake-up Call for the US, The Diplomat
China Wants a Navy Base on Africa’s West Coast, Sandboxx News
Fueling Insurgency, MWI
Finland and Sweden Closer to NATO Membership, Real Clear Defense
Learning Lessons From the War in Ukraine, Geopolitical Futures
Ukraine war exposes cracks in US ties to Middle East allies, Al Jazerra
Is shutting down the Russian internet an act of tyranny or democracy?, AEI
Japan spots Russian amphibious ships traveling between its islands, Defense News
The Curious Case of the Accidental Indian Missile Launch, War on the Rocks
China Has a Huge Strategic Opening With India, The Diplomat
Houthis Renew Attacks Against Saudi Arabia, Long War Journal
U.S. Grand Strategy After Ukraine, Foreign Policy
Is an EU Army Coming?, Foreign Policy
The Three Rules for Canceling Russia Fairly, The Atlantic
A Serious Threat or a Strategic Success? The Pros and Cons of Paramilitarising a Civilian Population in Ukraine, Small Wars Journal
Putin says Russians living large in Miami are traitors to the motherland, War is Boring
Video: Nearly 200 Ind. FFs respond to Walmart warehouse fire, FR1

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Deadly Texas wildfires force new evacuations, Axios
Terrorism Research: How RAND Defined and Built a New Field of Knowledge, RAND
Firefighter fatality on a wildfire north of Lawton, OK, Wildfire Today
Fatal Police Shootings and Race: A Review of the Evidence and Suggestions for Future Research, Manhattan Institute
Ga. sheriff looks to recruit former soldiers through new Army program, Police 1
Edgewater (OK) Firefighter Dies Battling Wildfire Alongside Her Son, FFN
FDNY Deploys Robot Dogs for Hazardous Search and Rescue, FFN
N.C. FF hit by vehicle, severely injured at brush fire, FR1
QES-Fire: a dynamically coupled fast-response wildfire model, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Police: 2 Pa. troopers among 3 killed in possible ‘DUI-related’ crash, Police 1
50 homes burn in wildfires southeast of Abilene, Texas, Wildfire Today
LAPD seek driver after Tesla street stunt ends in crash, Police 1
Texas LEO in critical condition after pickup slams into cruiser, Police 1
Mayor Adams considers dropping NYPD college credit requirement, Police 1
Opinion: Bodycam video shows police professionalism, decency under pressure, Police 1
The number of USFS firefighters in California plunged 20% in two years, Wildfire Today
Stop Relying on Police for Mental Health Patient Transfers, Psychology Today
St. Louis cops must repay academy costs if they leave early, bill proposes, Police 1

Mountain / Outside

The Gear Our Editors Loved in February, Outside
Hiking Tragedy Spurs Discount on Traction Devices for PCT Hikers, GearJunkie
Could This Be the World’s Hardest Ski Run?, GearJunkie
Russian Oligarch’s $50 Million, 200 Acre Aspen Property Could Be Seized- Affordable Housing Opportunity?, Unofficial Networks
A Big-Wave Surfer Is Suing the WSL After Nearly Dying at Nazaré, Outside
A Farewell To The Full Tilt Ski Boot Company, Unofficial Networks
Vail Resorts Keeps Epic Pass Prices Low For Next Season (Locals Outraged), Unofficial networks
How Jackson Hole’s reservation system has reshaped the skier experience, FreeSkier
Lighted Nocks and Expandables in Idaho?, Eastmans
Should I Rat Out My Neighbors’ Airbnb?, Outside
How Much Does It Cost to Climb Mount Everest in 2022?, Outside
Hunting Numbers Are Down—So What Does That Mean for Conservation Funding?, Adventure Journal
Overtourism Has Reached a Dangerous Tipping Point—Am I Part of the Problem?, Outside
Mikaela Shiffrin Wins 4th World Cup Overall Title, Unofficial Networks
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 3/17/2022, AAI
The Birth of Cuban Surfing Is Happening Now, Adventure Journal
SAR Rescues Same Hiker Twice Two Days in a Row in Arizona, Adventure Journal
‘The Ski Guy’- Short Film About One Man’s Passion For Ski Tuning, Unofficial Networks
A Professional Athlete’s Battle with Mental Illness, Outside
You’ll Never Be as Good as Kevin VanDam, Meateater
5 Reasons Labs Make the Best Hunting Dogs, Wide Open Spaces
Trout Season, Gray’s

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Hot Stepping: Upcoming Running Shoe Brands Chasing Down the Competition, Gearjunkie
Make Home-made Sparkling Water in Seconds with the AWA Carbonator, Werd
The Heartland Virus, a Deadly Tickborne Illness, Is Now Emerging in Georgia, Men’s Health
What’s the Best Time of Day to Work Out?, Triathlete
Eating “Healthy” Might Be Hurting Your Performance, Outside
How to Fix a Vitamin D Deficiency to Get Stronger, T-Nation
Sleep Experts Recommend Permanent Standard Time, Rather Than DST, WebMD
The 5 Worst Exercise Machines, T-Nation
21 Ways To Jumpstart Your Body, Legally and Healthily, Men’s Health
Is Watermelon Keto? What You Need to Know, Men’s Health
Nordic diet lowers cholesterol and blood sugar – even if you don’t lose weight, Science Daily
Do ‘behavioral psychedelics’ help patients make lasting, positive change?, Science Daily
Gratitude May Save Your Life, Psychology Today
How Will the James Webb Telescope Impact Human Psychology?, Psychology Today


American attitudes about nuclear power after the Russian invasion, AEI
US Navy pilot-turned-gunmaker is supplying hundreds of rifles to Ukraine, Task & Purpose
How The Work Number Cheats American Consumers, Real Clear Policy
How Are Putin’s Far-Right Fans in the West Reacting to His War?, War on the Rocks
How Russia’s War Is Fueling the Global Currency Debate, Bloomberg
Clever Tricks to Get the Boldest, Brightest Dyed Easter Eggs (With or Without a Kit), Wirecutter
The return of the crowded office, Economist
Ford F-150 Lightning’s 320-mile range beats available Rivian electric pickups, but lags GMC, CNBC
Porsche says 80 percent of its cars will be electric by 2030, Endgadget
How White Victimhood Fuels Republican Politics, FiveThirtyEight
Boeing’s Newest AI Combat Drone Gets a Spooky Animal Name: Ghost Bat, Gizmodo
Standup comedy and the myth of cancel culture, Vox
Residente’s New Music Video Offers a Brutal Take on American Imperialism, Gizmodo


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