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Guns, Drones, & Augmented Reality: Army Seeks Infantry Revolution, Breaking Defense
15 Years After Invading Iraq: Winning the War, But Still Fighting for Peace, The Cipher Brief
Interim solution for US Army’s Short Range Air Defense to be chosen by end of year, Defense News
Military leaders hit Capitol Hill, Defense News
How to Beat Russia and China on the Battlefield, Real Clear Defense
Navy Will Send Stealthy, Carrier-Launched F-35C to War in 2021, Warrior Maven
Army, Struggling to Get Technology in Soldiers’ Hands, Tries the Unconventional, Small Wars Journal
Turkey Threatens to Attack Syrian Town held by Turkish Troops,
Navy Training for War with Russia in the Arctic, The National Interest
Mattis Fires a Clear Shot, War on the Rocks
How the Ambush of US Soldiers in Nigeria Unfolded, NY Times
Military Reviews Rules for Helmet Cams after Nigeria Attack, In Homeland Security
New Youtube Policy Cracks Down on Gun Channels, Recoil
USMC Plans to Replace Newly Fielded Glocks with Modular Handgun System, Soldier Systems
USAF OCP Transition Update, Soldier Systems
The New ‘Cold War’ With the West Heats Up, Real Clear Defense
Resolute U.S. Response Needed After Russian Spy Poisoning Incident, Hoover Institution


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Nerve agent was placed in former spy’s BMW ventilation system: U.S. intel, Homeland Security News Wire
Cyber Threats to the Aviation Industry, Real Clear Defense
Reward for Austin Serial Bomber tops $100K, Law Enforcement Today
Arkansas County Locates School Shooting Hoax 9-1-1 Caller With Solacom Mapping Software, Police Magazine
Wildfire starts on Colorado military post, burns 2,100 acres, Wildfire Today
State Department’s Vague Mexico Travel Warnings Causing Chaos, In Homeland Security
Re-Thinking the Reasoning Behind Picking Leaders, LE Today
Slain Chicago Police Commander Was Shot 6 Times, Police One



Remembering Alpinists Marc-André Leclerc and Ryan Johnson, Climbing Magazine
Security System: Why, even after three decades, the Voilé strap remains the most relevant tool in any kit, Backcountry Magazine
Deer Management Research At Its Finest, Bowhunter
The Epic Pass Just Got More Epic, Powder Magazine
Podcast: How to Overcome Fear in Climbing with Author Roanne van Voorst, TrainingBeta
Team USA Is Dominating the Paralympics, Outside Magazine
Patagonia Micropuff Hoody Review, Backpacking Light
Arcteryx Nuclei AR Review, Backpacking Light
Montana Skier Obliterates Single Day Record for Human Powered Vertical, Unofficial Networks
This One Graphic Will Help You Decide Which Pass To Buy Next Season, Unofficial Networks
Target Panic?,
Climbing’s Growing Problem: The Mentorship Gap, Outdoor Research
First Wisconsin Elk Hunt Scheduled for 2018, Bowhunting Blog
The Pro Snowboarder Who Became an Award-Winning Filmmaker, Red Bull


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

The Suplex: A How-To Guide for Back Mobility, Breaking Muscle
Consuming low-calorie sweeteners may predispose overweight individuals to diabetes, Science Daily
Is the Autoimmune Protocol Right For You? Mark’s Daily Apple
How Bad Is Bacon? Nutrition Facts
How Training for the Paralympics Became a Full-Time Job NYT
9 Foods Athletes Should Eat Every Day, Outside Magazine
We Need More Female Leaders in Olympic Sports, Outside Magazine
5 Instant Coffees that Don’t Suck, Gear Patrol
Why Caffeine May Not Make You Faster, Outside Mag
Inside the Super Rugby Camp: How Players Recover Between Games, Men’s Health
Male Birth Control Pill Shows Early Promise, WebMB
The 20 Pieces of Equipment You Need for your Home Gym, Men’s Health
Physically fit women nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia, Science Daily
The Best Recovery Tools, Outside
7 Beginner-Friendly Ultramarathons, Outside

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