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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Why Won’t Arab States Support the Palestinians?, Politico
Defense Contractors Are Bilking the American People, The Atlantic
Ukraine, A Worthy Investment, The Hill
In NATO’s Newest Member, ‘Total Defense’ Includes Teens and Retirees, WSJ
Americans Owe Ukraine Nothing, RCP
Two Years of War in Ukraine have Changed the Way Armies Think, Bloomberg
Germany Begins to Think the Unthinkable, “Do We Need Nuclear Weapons?“, WSJ
Afghanistan’s ‘Angel of Death’ is retiring from Air Force special ops, T&P
Emmanuel Macron wants Russia-NATO war to break out in near future, Pravda Report
Drill sergeant shoots first perfect score at Army marksman course, T&P
It’s Swe-done: What’s next for NATO now that Hungary has approved Sweden’s bid to join, Atlantic Council
Navy Awards HII $1.17 Billion To Finally Start Repairing Boise Sub, Defense Daily
31,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Two Years of War, Zelensky Says, NY Times
Air Force Says Its New China-Focused Reorganization ‘Not Best Optimized’ for Middle East,
DC-Area Army Retention Is Good, and It Could Be a Bellwether for the Rest of the Service,
SpaceX May Be Withholding Satellite Internet in Taiwan, Congressman Contends, WSJ
‘Millions’ of Veterans Will Be Eligible for VA Health Care,
The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin, NYT
Ukraine Can No Longer Win, RCD
Army Reserve colonel allegedly pocketed $62,000 in fake rental property scheme, T&P
Russian soldier with call sign Sunrise annihilates first Abrams tank in Avdiivka, Pravda Report
Russia will suffer decreases in every dimension of prosperity, Atlantic Council
Two-month-old Palestinian boy dies of hunger amid Israel’s war on Gaza, Al Jazeera
Army Learning Chilling Lessons in the Arctic, RCD
Saudi Arabia’s economic shifts under MBS raise stability concerns, Atlantic Council
It’s Time to Declare Putin an Illegitimate Leader, Foreign Policy
Hezbollah rains 60 rockets down on Golan in retaliation for Israeli strikes,
Chinese naval fleet on mission near Red Sea raises eyebrows in MidEast,
J.D. Vance has a point, Morning Defense
Alaska paratroopers get a secret weapon for the arctic: beards, T&P
Russia Continues to Leave Strategic Borders With NATO Open With Minimal Manpower, The Geopolitics
The Russo-Ukrainian War at Two, WOTR
To Combat China’s Infiltration of the U.S., We Must Begin With the States, RCD
Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski on how the West must stand up to Russia’s aggression, Atlantic Council
China Looks to Ukraine War for Guidance on Attack Helicopters, RAND
Gridlock Has Put U.S. Strategic Advantages in the Pacific at Risk, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

TGR Athlete Contemplates Environmental Impact of Pro Skiing in ‘The Hypocrite’, GearJunkie
5 Cyclists Fight Off Cougar Attack, 1 Hospitalized, GearJunkie
How to Build a Bike that Will Last (Almost) Forever, Outside
20 Awesome Menswear Brands Similar to Filson, The Collector
How to Fuel for Ski Touring: Nutritionist Q&A, BC Touring Blog
Appetite for Construction: How Red Bull Rampage Builds the Most Dangerous Bike Jumps in the World, Outside
A Rescue Report from Mount Washington Pulls No Punches, Outside
Pachinko Slots: Gambling in the Japanese Alps, BC Mag
Rachel’s Momentum Drills, Climb Strong
Is Canada’s Hummingbird Ridge the Hardest “Classic” Climb?, Climbing
Sonnie Trotter Climbs a New Squamish 5.14a, Gripped
How to Work Off-Grid Anywhere, Outside
Snowboarding as a Creative Expression with Travis Rice, REI
A Massive D4 Avalanche Reported On Mount Shasta!, UN
Powder Mountain Lives Up To Its Motto “Uncrowded By Design”, UN
The Best Locking Carabiner: How to Pick?, WeighMyRack

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Most Supplements Don’t Work. But That’s Not the Worst Part, Outside
Stephan Curry is Battling the Clock to Win Over Sneaker Fans, Bloomberg
Try These Power Training Tips for Developing Total-Body Explosiveness, M&F
How Many Consecutive Pushups Should I Be Able To Do?, M&F
What We Recommend for Hot, Sweaty Sleepers, WireCutter
We Tested Hoka’s Best-Selling Stability Shoe. It’s Worth the Hype, Men’s Journal
The Pros of Early Time-Restricted Eating ,
Testosterone, Social Behavior, and Dominance, T-Nation
Increase Insulin Sensitivity, Eliminate Love Handles, T-Nation
Exploring Joe Friel’s 40-Year Coaching Evolution, Training Peaks
Endurance Training Might Not Be Your Aging Brain’s Magic Bullet, Triathlete
Wegovy for Obesity in Kids?, WebMD
What the Science Says About Time-Restricted Eating ,
Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?, Men’s Health
This Is What You Should Do if Squats Hurt Your Knees, Men’s Health
Does collagen count as protein? What you need to know about counting your protein macros, The Manual

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