Arete 3.2.17

What I learned from living with a Navy SEAL, Outside Magazine
Getting the Most Out of Professional Reading, From the Green Notebook
13 Questions with the Man Who Survived 8 Bomb Blasts,
Decade’s Long Modernization Lag for Army Combat Vehicles,
On Display: China Defense,
How to Brief, Junior Officer Rules
A Genius for War, Pendulum
Enlisted Commission Programs and the Problems with Credits,
Great Question: What DID I learn in Command?,
The Islamic State’s Western Teenage Plotters, West Point Counter Terrorism Center
Crime & Terror in Europe – Where the Nexus is Alive and Well,

How Do I Know How Much Hose to Stretch?,
Wildland Leadership: Are Your Senses Tricking You?,
Dang Anger Danger,
What Does it Mean to be a Student of Fire?,
The Problem with Drones in Fighting Wildfires,
Video: Resiliency and the Warrior Ethos, Firextalk

Riot Stoppers: 10 Less Lethal Weapons,
Inside the Volusia County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office,
4-Cases that Show an Unarmed Man Can Still Be Dangerous,
Legal or Not, Police Officers Cannot Smoke Pot,
FBI Agent Dies from Heart Attack after Annual PFT,
More Black Police Will Not Result in Fewer Police-Involved Homicides of Black Citizens,

Booby Trapped Trails Injure Trail Runners in North Carolina, Mens Journal
Getting Beyond the Emotional Game of Reporting an Avalanche,
An Everyman’s Guide to Planning Epic Adventure, Outside Magazine
Woman Climbs 5.15a, Gearjunkie.com6 I
The Most Adventurous Woman on the Mountain,
Reckless Advertising: Alex Honnold’s Free Solo Speed Climb,
Evident Climate Change in Small Town Alaska,
Backcountry Snowboarders Caught in Avi, Attacked by Moose,
Six Ice Climbers Die In Europe from Collapsing Ice,
Video: Climbing Washington State Granite,

Glock Challenges Army’s Choice of Sig for new Handguns, Military Times
Backpacker Magazine 2017 Editor’s Choice Gear Awards,
15 Multitools under $50,
Best of Snow at SIA,

Study: Athletes on Teams might be more likely to become addicts, Mens Fitness
Your Bicycle Seat may be deleterious to your sexual health, Health & Fitness Magazine
What we learned from a 145-Year-Old Strongman, Outside Magazine
Multifaceted genetic impact of training, Science Daily
Why Running Isn’t Helping You Lose Weight,
The 8 Best Fitness Podcasts,
How to Keep 1/2 an Avocado Fresh,
Special Forces Push Up Hack,
Video: Canadian Wildland Fire Fighter Fitness Test,

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