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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Navy fires captain of USS Ohio guided missile submarine, T&P
Putin resumes ‘sabre-rattling’ with warning Russia ready for nuclear war, Al Jazeera
UK grants asylum to Palestinian citizen of Israel in ‘seismic’ U-turn, Al Jazeera
Nordic tensions on the rise amid Russian anger over NATO accessions, Al Jazeera
Top General in Mideast Calls for Microwave Weapons for ‘Layered’ Defense Against Drone Swarms,
Army Planning Big Boost to Pacific Operations Next Year with More Training, Deployments and Equipment,
Navy Leaders Predict Reaching Two SSNs Per Year By 2028, Columbia May Be Delayed, Defense Daily
Poland Orders $3.7 Billion In U.S. Missiles, Defense Daily
The US is not serious about aircraft carriers—or their industrial base, Defense One
Namibia Calls for Reparations Talks With Germany, Foreign Policy
Canadian FM calls for investigation of sexual violence against Palestinian women,
Putin Plays Down Threat of Nuclear War in Pre-Election State TV Interview, NY Times
More than 30 NATO troops annihilated as Russian forces target Patriot system in DPR, Pravda Report
Fiala vs. Fico: Czech Republic enters into confrontation with Slovakia, Pravda Report
Sweden to enhance the defence of Gotland Island, from where it is convenient to shell Russia, Pravda Report
MIA: An Alternate Strategy for Gaza, RAND
Four-Star Sellouts, Citizen Soldier
The Osprey, Indispensable for Future War Plans, RCD
China Shows How Western Governments Should Stockpile Minerals, RCD
Nine Things Western Analysts Got Wrong About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, RCD
US, allies shoot down 28 Houthi drones in large Red Sea skirmish, T&P
Kazakhstan’s Balancing Act with Russia, China, and the West, The Geopolitics
SOUTHCOM Commander Warns of Risk of Chinese Investment in South America, Caribbean, USNI
Questions Remain as Navy and Marine Corps Prepare to Return V-22s to the Air, USNI
Army sergeant arrested for selling top secret documents to China, War is Boring
Official report warns Germany’s military is aging and shrinking, War is Boring
U.S. Troops in Syria Are Critical For Multiple Missions: Keep Them On, WOTR
Has Trust in the U.S. Intelligence Community Eroded?, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

The Alarming Findings Inside a Mass Shooter’s Brain, NY Times
Tacoma police score major victory in opioid crisis, seize drugs and weapons in narcotics bust, APBM
“This is an American phenomenon”: Triple homicide and rising assaults on law enforcement in Minnesota prompt calls for action, APBM
“It’s a social ill”: Graffiti task force cracks down on Portland taggers, APBM
First-Due Battalion Chief: Managing Resources, Fire Engineering
Crews Control Fire at PA Nursing Home; Eight Hospitalized, Fire Engineering
Cincinnati Fire Facing Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Suit, Fire Law Blog
KY Firefighter Killed When Apparatus Crashes on Way To Escort a Fallen EMT, FFN
Post-Fire Search Turns Up Dead Body in Battle Creek (MI) Home, FFN
Video Catches Moment Electrical Fire Breaks Out at MA Hospital, FFN
Forty-Two Officers, Forty-Two Responses, One Scenario, Force Science
Pyros: a raster–vector spatial simulation model for predicting wildland surface fire spread and growth, IJWF
An escape route planning model based on wildfire prediction information and travel rate of firefighters, IJWF
Pittsburgh police will only respond to calls of in-progress emergencies as part of new staffing plan, Police1
Officers need warrants to use aircraft, zoom lenses to surveil areas around homes, Alaska court rules, Police1
A new ballistic helmet has arrived providing unrivaled protection at an unbeatable value, Police1
9 Calif. firefighters injured in fire truck collision, FFN
Mountain / Outside

Apple Watch vs Garmin Watch: Skiing Features Tested!,DC Rainmaker
The Best Winter Gear Deals Are Now: Snow Jackets, Work Gloves, and Trail Runners on Sale, GearJunkie
The Best Ways to Carry Fluids On a Run, Outside
Ask a Forecaster: Q&A with CAIC’s Andrew McWilliams, BC Ski Blog
Christina Lustenberger Skis the Impossible, Outside
A 20-Year-Old Backcountry Skier Died After Falling Down Tuckerman Ravine, Outside
The 22 States of the Triple Crown of Hiking, Definitively Ranked, Outside
Bishop’s Scariest V16 Finally Gets a Second Ascent, Climbing
Weekend Whipper: Committed Climber Can’t Reverse His Course. Big Fall Ensues., Climbing
Far From Ordinary: What I Learned at the Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy, Freeskier
Beckett Hsin, 14, Climbs V14 in Colorado Gripped
Person Buried 20 Minutes in Avalanche Lives, Gripped
Will Bosi on the Difference of V16 and V17, Gripped
Navigating Ridgelines, Arcteryx
Reexamining Major Jumps in Climbing Performance: Success Leaves Tracks, Training Beta
California Dreamin’, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Six people go missing during ski tour near Matterhorn in Switzerland, The Guardian
To the Hills & Back, Off Piste Mag
Skiing Isn’t Just a Luxury Experience. It’s a Dangerous Sport., Outside
Arc’teryx Launches Spring ’24 Footwear Collection, Gear Institute
Gearbox: 2024 Helmets, BC Mag
WATCH: Huge Avalanche Narrowly Misses Rider Just Above, UN
Tree Well Kills Owner Of Popular Jackson Hole Restaurant, UN
Letter To The Editor: This Was The Worst Ski Season Ever, And It’s Not Getting Any Better., UN
Monster Gator Hiding in Florida Pond Bites Fisherman’s Hand Off, Men’s Journal
Avalanche Forecaster Dies After Triggering Avalanche During Ski Trip, Men’s Journal
Introduction to Altitude, Uphill Athlete
Blue Bastards, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Colorado Senate Confirms Animal Rights Advocates to Wildlife Commission, Meateater

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

World Record Run: Camille Herron Runs 560 Miles in 6 Days, GearJunkie
The AeroPress is a Fast, Portable, No-Frills Tool for Making Terrific Coffee, Wirecutter
Pick Your Poison: Cold or Heat Therapy for Recovery, Climb Strong
The 2024 Men’s Journal Fitness Awards: Best Gear for Working Out, Men’s Journal
Here’s Why John Cena Doesn’t Believe in Cheat Days, Men’s Health
Dr. Peter Attia’s New Longevity Playbook, Men’s Health
Are Fortified Children’s Breakfast Cereals Just Candy? ,
Eye Contact: Infrequent but Effective, Psychology Today
To Live Longer, Do These 5 Things Every Day, Real Clear Health
A Higher Dose of Morning Light Will Change Your Life, RCH
The Research-Backed Benefits of Proper Hydration—And How to Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water, Men’s Health
How Exercise Can Help Ease Osteoarthritis Joint Pain, WebMD
Brain-boosting substances are all the rage, economist
The Terrible Costs of a Phone-Based Childhood, The Atlantic
The Ozempic Revolution Is Stuck, the Atlantic

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