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Biden takes executive action on background checks for guns, Pravda
Senator Concerned About Lack of Missile Defense for Hawaii, Military News
China Warns Philippines Over US Access to Military Bases, The Diplomat
The Ukrainian Army’s Ex-French Recon Vehicles Are Fast And Reliable—And Just The Thing For A Southern Counteroffensive, Forbes
Buckle Up! China May Propose New Anti-AUKUS Military Alliance Very Soon, Forbes
The View of the Taiwan Strait from the U.S.-Japan Alliance, RAND
Lost in Translation, Foreign Policy
Canada investigating claims of secret Chinese police stations in Montreal,
American Power and the Defense of Taiwan, Real Clear Defense

National Defense, Foreign Policy

AUKUS Plan: Aussie Sailors to Serve on American Subs, RAN to Buy U.S. Virginia Attack Boats, USNI
The Armenia and Azerbaijan Conflict is a Test of International Norms: The United States is Failing, The Bridge
The Age of American Naval Dominance Is Over, The Atlantic
Experts react: Honduras is establishing ties with China. What should Taiwan and the US do?, Atlantic Council
US adds $5 million bounty to the Islamic State’s leader in the DRC, Long War Journal
Senators want to force admin talk on Saudi ties, Morning Defense
Uranium Fire at Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee: Concerns and Queries, The Geopolitics
Why Rain on Snow in the California Mountains Worries Scientists, HSN
North Korea Is Forcing U.S. Military Counters RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Biden takes executive action on background checks for guns, Axios
Violent Far-Right Movements Aren’t Just a ‘Western Problem’, Defense One
Ohio bill would lower minimum age to become a police officer to 18 to boost recruiting, APB
LAPD union proposes police stop responding to non-emergency calls, APB
Washington troopers blame crash that killed two children on state pursuit law, APB
Colorado Springs to Defend Firefighter in Wrongful Death Suit, Fire Engineering
Bad News Good News in Colorado Springs in Fatal Accident Case, Fire Law Blog
Boston drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate for firefighters, some police, FireRescue1
Game Sense: Human Factors, Police, and College Football, Force Science
Fires and their key drivers in Mexico, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Perception of wildfire behaviour potential among Swedish incident commanders, and their fire suppression tactics revealed through tabletop exercises, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Should law enforcement keep enforcing traffic laws?, Police1
How this agency prioritizes officer and suspect safety, Police1
Kan. agrees to $5M settlement in fatal OIS set off by hoax ‘swatting’ call, Police1
Ind. chief: Low pay makes department ‘a training ground for other PDs’Police1
Migrants Rush U.S. Border, Clash With Authorities After Social Media Rumor That They’ll Be Let In, Police Tribune
Renewed call for the ‘Holy Grail’ of firefighter tracking, Wildfire Today
Why Police Resist Reforms to Militarization, HSN
BREAKING: Florida Deputy Shot In Ambush Attack During Foot Chase, Police Tribune

Mountain / Outside

‘Magic’ Surfboard? Slater Designs Sci-Fi 2.0 Review, Gearjunie
Should I Travel to Mexico or Costa Rica Right Now? I’m Concerned About Safety., Outside
Get Insulation From Your Boots, Not Your Socks, Best Outdoor Gear
Kitesurfing With Two Whales, Red Bull
A Conversation with Joel Tudor – Surf Splendor, TGR
Mount Niflheim SW Couloir in Canada skied by Christina Lustenberger, Andrew McNab, Planet Mountain
A Race to Save His Dying Friend, Outside
Ice Climber Dies in Western Canada, Gripped
Philosophy Of Training | Principle Based Training, Climb Strong
Wyoming Pronghorn – Disease & Winter Mortality: Worth Applying?, Eastmans
Pierra Menta 2023 won by Axelle Gachet-Mollaret – Emily Harrop & Michele Boscacci – Davide Magnini, Planet Mountain
Hawaii Could Become the Next State to Bill Negligent Hikers for Rescue, Outside
Watch Ice Climbers Falling Off Climbs, Gripped
Watch Nicolas Hojac, Adrian Zurbrügg speed climb Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau skyline, Planet Mountain
In Praise of the Humble Pop-Tart, the Ultimate Endurance Breakfast, Outside
There May Be Something to Cycle Syncing, but Should You Do It?, Outside
Best Lower Back Prehab Exercises, Barbell Physio

Health / Fitness / Nutrition


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