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Could Biden’s Offer of a New INF Treaty Stop a Russian Attack on Ukraine? 1945
Russian Occupation of Ukraine Troop-to-Task Estimate, RC Defense
Russian Navy Masses 16 Warships Near Syria, USNI News
Navy, Marine Corps’ Manned-Unmanned Helicopter Strikes, Defense News
Would Russia Use a Tactical Nuclear Weapon in Ukraine? MWI
NATO No-Combat Zone in Western Ukraine, RC Defense
AFRICOM: China, Russia Expanding Influence in Africa, USNI News
The Case for Direct Military Intervention in Ukraine, The Strategist
How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Shaping China’s Plans for Taiwan, Defense One
Navy Will Install Hypersonic Missiles Aboard Zumwalt Destroyers, USNI News
SECNAV: Do Not Underestimate Russia’s Subs, Breaking Defense
US veterans head to Ukraine to fight, but Zelenskyy’s legion faces hurdles, Air Force Times
US Air Force’s view of ‘near-peer’ Russia unchanged by war in Ukraine, Air Force Times
Arrest in fentanyl overdoses of West Point cadets in Florida, Army Times
Urban combat veterans share lessons for Ukraine fight, Air Force Times
Ukraine makes clear the US must reconsider its one-war defense strategy, Defense News
Why the Afghan army did not fight: An economic explanation, AAI
Pentagon May Boost Troop Presence In Somalia, Defense One
Russian Jets Flying 200 Sorties a Day, But Firing from Their Own Airspace, Pentagon Says, Defense One
Moscow Turns U.S. Volunteers Into New Bogeyman in Ukraine, Foreign Policy
Private military contractors stream into Ukraine as experts see ‘market frenzy’,
USAF begins Bandit build, Janes
Distinguished Flying Cross for Marine’s heroic piloting in KC-130J collision, Marine Corps Times
US troops ‘commuting’ to Somalia is inefficient and risky, top Africa general says, Military Times
Is China going to help Russia?, Morning Defense
Fighting the Western media propaganda war, Pravda Report
Putin: Russia will no longer curve its back, Russia will not be humiliated, Pravda Report
One-Eyed Man is King, Reversing the Chain of Command in Counter-Insurgency Operations, Small Wars Journal
Army Special Forces team takes part in legendary race through the Nevada desert, Task & Purpose
100 women have now graduated US Army Ranger School, Task & Purpose
‘We are disposable’ — Sexual assault survivor blasts Air Force after convicted offender allowed to retire, Task & Purpose
Russian logistics are so bad, its military is begging China for MREs, Task & Purpose
Woman accused of stolen valor charged with defrauding $250,000 from veteran charities, Task & Purpose
‘A catastrophic kill’ — Experts break down armored combat seen through the sights of a Ukrainian vehicle, Task & Purpose
British soldiers fighting in Ukraine could face court-martial, War is Boring
Ukraine reveals ‘Russian warship, go fuck yourself!’ postage stamp, The Guardian

National Security / Foreign Policy

Xi Jinping Is in Trouble, Foreign Affairs
Israel-Iran Conflict Escalates to Drone War, AI Monitor
Three Critical Defense Reallocations for U.S. Strategic Competition, Strategy Bridge
How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is Shaping China’s Plans for Taiwan, RC Defense
Fearing conscription, anti-war Russians flock to Uzbekistan, Al Jazeera
‘He will die’: Russia-Ukraine war’s unseen medical horrors, Al Jazeera
Germany to buy F-35 warplanes for nuclear deterrence, Defense News
Biden to Tap Colombia As Next Major Non-NATO Ally, Defense One
China Won’t Let Putin Lose His Ugly Ukraine War, Hudson Inst.
Russia readies to ban Instagram and declare Meta extremist organisation, Pravda Report
Lukashenko tells Putin Ukraine planned to attack Belarus, Pravda Report
Putin and Ukraine, Pravda Report
Complex—but Promising—Prospects as Finland and Sweden Mull NATO Membership, RAND
The Beginning of the End of Putin? Why the Russian Army May (and Should) Revolt, Small Wars Journal
Timothy Garton Ash: The war on Ukraine will change the face of Europe forever, VoxEurop
Australia and the Netherlands launch legal action against Russia over MH17 disaster, The Guardian
Western firms’ thorny Russian dilemmas, Business Insider
The Western World Is in Denial, The Atlantic


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Texas Guard’s top general replaced amid border mission troubles, Air Force Times
We Need to Tell People Their Houses Are Going to Burn, The Atlantic
U.S. Stand Your Ground Laws Associated with 700 Additional Homicides Every Year: Study, Homeland Security Newswire
Homeland Security Dept. gathered millions of money transfer records, senator says., NY Times
LAFD Chief Deputy Allegedly Drunk During Major Fire Gets No Discipline, $1.4 Million Payout, Firefighter Nation
Former Red Sox Pitcher Now Fighting Fires with West Newbury (MA) Fire Department, Firefighter Nation
California Firefighters Plan Deployment to Ukraine to Assist in Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Firefighter Nation
Nine FDNY Firefighters, Two Others Taken to Hospital in Brooklyn Athletic Club Fire, Firefighter Nation
La. FF jumps off overpass to avoid semi careening toward parked fire truck, FireRescue 1
Video: Ohio assistant fire chief attacks neighbor over dispute involving dogs, FireRescue 1
Into the warzone: What firefighters, medics and EMTs should consider before going to Ukraine, FireRescue 1
2 Ariz. cops among 5 shot in active shooter incident; suspect dead, Police1
2 N.M. cops among 5 shot in active shooter incident; suspect dead, Police1
108 arrested in Fla. human trafficking sting, Police1
‘Fentanyl in everything’: 4 new hospitalizations days after Fla. Spring Breakers OD, Police1
Could police officer sabbaticals reduce rural retention woes?, Police1
Researchers try to shed new light on weather related to 19 firefighter deaths, Wildfire Today
Indications are that filling wildland firefighter positions this season is even more difficult than last year, Wildfire Today
Members being sought for commission to evaluate wildland fire mitigation, management, and aircraft, Wildfire Today
Estimated TOTAL cost of the Camp Fire was about $422 billion, Wildfire Today
Bill introduced to require suppression of all US Forest Service fires, Wildfire Today
9mm vs 45 ACP: The Science is Settled and You Should Trust the Science, Tactical Gun Life
Kern County Deputy Makes Hostage Rescue Head Shot, Tactical Gun Life
Glock Torture Test: Will 2,000 rounds in 20 Minutes Kill this Glock?, Tactical Gun Life

Mountain / Outside

Become an Athlete for The North Face: Brand Offers 2-Year Contracts for ‘Burgeoning’ Talent, GearJunkie
First Ascent: 53-Year-Old Yuji Hirayama Sends 5.14d ‘Peaceful Mountain’, GearJunkie
Roof Crawl: Stefano Ghisolfi Spiders 5.15b ‘L’Arenauta’, GearJunkie
Don’t Take Ski Lessons from Your Romantic Partner, Outside
After a Near-Disastrous Winter, Vail Resorts Raising Wages and OpportunitiesAdventure Journal
Before There Was a Trail, There Was a Trail Builder, Outside
Climbing Again After a Big Fall, Adventure Journal
Here’s Why We Love You, Gravel Cycling, Outside
Of Thin Ice, Alpinist
The best new gear coming in Fall/Winter ’22, Outside Business
Pierra Menta 2022 won by Matteo Eydallin – Michele Boscacci and Axelle Gachet Mollaret – Tove Alexandersson, Planet Mountain
The 2022 Winter Climbing Season Brings Little Success for Alpinists, Adventure Blog
Want To Spend 180 Days In Jail? Use Your Buddy’s Ski Pass At Vail, Unofficial Networks
Vail Police Have Cited 31 People For Lift Ticket Fraud This Season (Max Fine $999/180 Jail), Unofficial Networks
What’s Better, Skis From The 80s, Or Skis From Today? UN
British Columbia Produces Monstrous, 10-Foot, 600-Pound White Sturgeon for Fishing Guide, WideOpenSpaces
Hunting Boot Insulation Explained, WideOpenSpaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Barkley Wins Again: Nobody Finishes World’s Darkest Ultramarathon, GearJunkie
Ask Wirecutter: My Family Uses Scratched Nonstick Pans. Is That Bad? Wirecutter
Weight loss doesn’t help pregnancy chances, study finds, Science Daily
The Late Season Start Approach, Endurance Nation
Opinion: Why Training for Weight Loss is a Waste of Time, Men’s Health
5 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Brain, NY Times
Is Sleeping for Five Hours a Night Really That Bad?, Men’s Health
Best Sleep Products That Really Work, Men’s Journal
Sports Drinks Are Neither Safe Nor Effective,
Water vs. Coconut Water vs. Sports Drinks for Athletes,
Vitamin D Recommendations Infographic,
Mounting Data Shows J&J Vaccine as Effective as Pfizer and Moderna, NY Times
Is Bread Healthy? You May be Surprised, T-Nation
How Much Time Does it Take to Train for a Triathlon?, Triathlete
Vagina Size and Sexual Pleasure: Does Size Matter?, WebMD
Knee Noises: Do You Need to Be Concerned About Pops and Cracks?, WebMD


Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has become tech’s favorite Biden official, Axios
Pizza through a straw? How U-2 pilots snack at 70,000 feet, Marine Corps Times
We Already Tried Permanent Daylight Saving. It Stunk., Washingtonian
These Molotov cocktail Legos raised more than $16,000 for medical aid to Ukraine, Task & Purpose
Russian military vehicles are flying Soviet hammer and sickle flags in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
Why Russians use the letter Z to show support for the war on Ukraine, War is Boring
What Is Really Polarizing Schools Right Now?, RAND
How to Block Spam Calls and Text Messages, Gear Latest
This Is, Officially, the Volkswagen ID Buzz Electric Bus—Really, Adventure Journal
Inflation Accelerates For 6 Months Straight, Bloomberg
Market Extra: What a Russia debt default would mean for financial markets as Ukraine invasion continues, Marketwatch
The Favorites To Watch And Upsets To Pick In The 2022 Men’s NCAA Tournament, FiveThirtyEight
Kawasaki’s Rideable Robotic Goat Is the Electric Car for Wandering Cowpokes, Gizmodo
The People’s Convoy Keeps Getting Flipped Off By D.C. Drivers, Jalopnik
The Changing Political Geography of COVID-19 Over the Last Two Years, Pew
What GPS trackers reveal about Cape Town’s baboon troop movements, Popular Mechanics
Trucker Life Fell Into a Dystopian Nightmare, NY Times
Majority of workers who quit a job in 2021 cite low pay, no opportunities for advancement, feeling disrespected, Pew

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