Arete 3.16.17

The Never-Ending War in Afghanistan, NY Times
Consequences of Afghanistan Corruption, Small Wars Journal
Opposition Grows to Coast Guard Budget Cuts, DOD Buzz
US SOF on the Move in Syria, DOD Buzz
New Rules for US Military Intervention, War on the Rocks
Re-Assessing Obama’s Legacy of Restraint, War on the Rocks
40 US Air Strikes in 5 Days over Yemen, Vice News
After 2 Months, Mattis Only Trump Pic at Pentagon, Military Times
Commanders as Communicators, From the Green Notebook
No Burger King for Troops Deploying to Poland, Wall Street Journal

What if Intelligence Agencies Can’s Secure Their Own Hacking Tools?, Defense One
Intelligence Analysis, Bias, Feedback and other Challenges, Blogs of Way
Border Patrol Features Veterans, CBP
On Both Sides of the Mexican Border, Fear Grows for Migrants
Is ICE’s Help Wanted Sign a Welcome Mat for Rogue Applicants?, NY Times
FBI Foils Terrorist Plots – But Often Plots of its Own Making, Kansas City Star

Video: “Readiness is our Business” Marin Co. Firefighters, Vimeo
Video: Wildland Cutting Line, Vimeo
When Words Harm, Wildland Fire Leadership
Grass Fire Sets Kansas Record, Wildland Firefighter
Chief Blown Through Window at Fatal House Fire, Fire Chief
Fire Chief Debate, Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts, Fire Chief

FBI Director On Cyber Threats, FBI
Border Patrol Won’t Lower Standards in Hiring Boom, CPB
After Criticism, Ore Dept. halts embedding EMT’s with Riot Police, Police One
Video: Deputy Saves Jet Skiers from Cruise Ship Collision, Police One
Police Like A Girl!, Police Improvement
Power Foods for LEOs,
Comprehending Squirrels,
6 Pieces of New LE Gear Worth Note,
17 Most Important Gun Fight Stats,

What’s With Ultra Runners Doing Reality TV?, Gear Junkie
The Greatest Expedition of our Time, Gear Junkie
Video: Outback Bike Packing, Gear Junkie
The Netflix for Outdoor Films, Gear Junkie
Video: Yukon Hunting Trip, Vimeo
Video: Who We Are (Hunters & Fishermen), Vimeo

5 Best Trekking Poles, Men’s Journal
Gear Junkie Week in Review, Gear Junkie
Under Armor wants to make Trail Running Mainstream, Gear Junkie
Best Backpacking Tents for 2017, Outdoor Gear Lab
Marines Upgrade Shotguns,
Best Portable Solar Panels for 2017, Outdoor Gear Lab
Wrist Heart Monitors Less Accurate Than Chest Straps, Science Daily
Revision Wins Contract for Next Army Helmet,
Arcteryx Ball Cap Review,
Review of 5.11 Tac Lite Pro Pants,
How to Choose the Best Tactical Vest,

Paleo “Bowel of Doom,” Men’s Fitness
Best CrossFit WOD’s for Weight Loss, Men’s Fitness
10 Strongest Women of All Time, Men’s Fitnes
How Not to Die, byMichael Greger MD: Foodlist
Why Training Your Tendons is Important (and 11 Ways to Do it), Mark’s Daily Apple
What We Can Learn from This 105-Old Cyclist, Outside Magazine
What, Exactly, Is Muscle Confusion? Men’s Journal
Gluten Free? Watch Out for Those Toxic Heavy Metals, Men’s Journal
What is the Keto Diet, and Should You Be Trying It? Fitness Magazine
People still Willing to Harm Others with Electrical Shocks in Re-do of Classic Experiment, Science Daily
Reaping the Benefits of Exercise in Early Post Menopause, Science Daily

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