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Military / National Security

Building Modern Screw-Sloops? Strategic Choices about Artificial Intelligence in Defense, War on the Rocks
Georgia woman arrested for allegedly helping ISIS build ‘kill lists’ of US service members, Air Force Times
No sign of 74 new squadrons in budget — but Air Force says effort is not dead, Air Force Times
Pentagon signs directive to implement transgender military ban, The Hill: Defense Policy
Fort Bragg shuts down gate after foreign national refuses to give ID and tries to enter base, Task & Purpose
US looks to trim budget for deterring Russia in Europe, increase ‘burden-sharing’ with allies, Stars & Stripes
New Pentagon policy will bar most transgender people from serving, Task & Purpose
What Keeps Nuclear Analysts up at Night?, Real Clear Defense
Special ops snipers will soon shoot this new rifle that can fire three different calibers, Navy Times
Special operations pilot charged with raping senior airman while deployed, Air Force Times
Spec ops in trouble: Mired in scandal and under Pentagon review, what will it take to clean house?, Navy Times
‘Cost Plus 50’: Welcome to the US Mercenary Force, Defense One
The US Navy is ‘under cyber siege’ from Chinese hackers — and hemorrhaging national security secrets, Task & Purpose
The Corps seeks Reaper drones in budget request, but will only add 100 Marines in 2020, Marine Corps Times
Air Force budget calls for 510K airmen; 1,480 new pilots in 2020, Air Force Times
Germany’s Self-Delusion About a ‘No-Spying’ Pact with China, War on the Rocks
Unmasking War’s Changing Character, Modern War Institute
US warns Germany it will end intelligence sharing if Huawei is given 5G contract,
U.S. Still Hunting for Allied Cooperation in Syria, Small Wars Journal
AFSOC gets latest, most advanced AC-130J gunshipAir Force Times
Niall Ferguson: This Is What Happens If China Wins The New Cold War, Hoover Institution
Don’t Rush Into Afghan Peace , Rand


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Nev. city to begin AED drone delivery service, Firerescue 1 Daily News
Respect for Authority is Dead in America, Law Enforcement Today
Mobile Printing Essential for Public Safety, Officer
Optimized K-9 Protection, POLICE Magazine
An Oscar-style reveal of future Coast Guard posts, Stars & Stripes
Estimates of U.S. unauthorized immigrant population, by metro area, 2016 and 2007, Pew Research Center
How refurbished SCBAs and cylinders can help maximize your equipment dollars, Fire Rescue 1
Man Holding Gun to Wife’s Head Shot, Killed by Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy, Officer
33 NY fire departments respond to 5-alarm fire, Fire Rescue 1
Detroit Police Chief Fires Second Officer Over Snapchat Post, Officer
‘Facing the monster’: Spokane firefighter battles PTSD, Firerescue1
Houston mayor calls for 400 firefighter layoffs to raise pay for others, Firerescue 1
Proposed Tenn. legislation would arm fire, EMS workers, Firerescue 1
The Dumbest Things You Can Possibly Say To A Cop, Police One
California to activate National Guard to help reduce wildfire risk, Wildfire Today


The Awesome Things Helping Me Regenerate Knee Cartilage, Avoid Surgery and Snowboard a Whole Lot, Breaking Muscle
“Cholitas Escaladoras” summit Aconcagua and make history for Indigenous women, Alpinist Newswire
Why North Carolina May Force All Cyclists to Pay Bike Registration Fee, Adventure Journal
Congress Moves to Protect 600 miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers, Outdoor Life
Bodies of 2 Missing Climbers Spotted on Pakistan Mountain, Envoy Says, NY Times
It’s Time For Ski Towns To Start Anti-Marketing – Only then may we be able to actually live in a ski town without having to sleep in a Subaru, Powder
Another Skier Death At Hunter Mountain | 3 Deaths in 2 Months On Newly Cut Ski Runs, Unofficial Networks
There’s Nothing Quite Like the Beauty of Skating on Thin Nordic Ice, Adventure Journal
Big Sky Resort General Manager Pens Letter To Locals: Be Kind to Ikon Pass Holders – We Need Them, Unofficial Networks
Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best Gear of the Year, Backpacker
Is Skinning Painful for You? Read This. – Don’t let hip flexor pain make you hang up your skins forever, Powder


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Comparison Between Unilateral and Bilateral Plyometric Training on Single- and Double-Leg Jumping Performance and Strength, Journal of Strength and Conditioning
Starving leukemia cells by targeting amino acids, EurekAlert
What’s Up With All the Coconut Water?
How Likely Is a Sub-Two Hour Marathon in 2020? Outside Magazine
Here’s the Link between Osteoarthritis and Exercise, Chris Kresser
Mediterranean diet boosts endurance exercise within days, study finds, Fitness News
4 International Marathons You Need To Add To Your Bucket List, Men’s Health
From Adequate Nutrition to Optimum Nutrition,
Your Environment Is Cleaner. Your Immune System Has Never Been So Unprepared. NYT Health’
We’re Inching Toward Equality for Women in Sports, Outside Magazine
Autophagy and Coffee, Robb Wolf
How To Lose Weight With Swimming, Globo Surf
Study offers clues for why birth control may fail, Science Daily
The power of gratitude in the workplace, Science Daily
9 Reasons Why Stretching Your Psoas Isn’t Working, Breaking Muscle
Consider yourself warned: The war on sitting is coming, Daily Journal
3rd Infantry Division Soldiers host Georgia Southern students as part of Fort Stewart Tactical Athlete Program, DVIDS
Can a genetic test predict if you will develop Type 2 diabetes?, CT Post
Is a Low Fat Diet Really Ideal for Athletes?, Barbend
No, “Skinny Genes” Aren’t Really a Thing,
30 Best Bodyweight Exercises, Muscle & Fitness
Why Mobility Training Will Increase Strength And Decrease Injuries, Men’s Fitness
Ice is cold comfort, but can delay healing, The Ledger



The Type Of Plane That Crashed In Ethiopia Will Still Fly In S, Men’s Health
Can artificial intelligence solve the mysteries of quantum physics? Science Daily
Opinion: Deregulating buprenophine prescribing for opioid use disorder will save lives, STAT
An Unvaccinated Boy Got Tetanus. His Oregon Hospital Stay: 57 Days and $800,000., NYT
Scientists Spot Potentially New Species of Killer Whale, Adventure Journal
Navy names new ship class after Navajo tribe, Stars and Stripes
Episode 2: Soldier turned contractor explains Blackwater training, security detail in Iraq, Stars & Stripes
The American Dream is Dying Where Civil Society is Eroding, Heritage Foundation
Breaking the Bank: Weakness in Financial AI Applications, Fire Eye Threat Research
Opioid-Dependent Newborns in My West Virginia Hometown Point to a Path Out of Drug Crisis, Rand Org.
The Best Shower Caddy, Wirecutter
The 2019 Ford Ranger Is This Year’s Best Midsize Truck, Outside
How to Charge Your iPhone Twice As Fast, Wirecutter
10 Best Cheap Paddle Boards In 2019, Globosurf
Embrace the End of Ownership and Just Rent Your Clothes, Gear Latest
WATCH: Yellowstone Bison Struggle To Break Trail Near Old Faithful, Unofficial networks
Experts call for halt to gene editing that results in ‘designer babies’, Reuters

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