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Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say, NY Times
Russia’s Losses in Bakhmut 5 Times Higher Than Ukraine’s, NATO Estimates, Moscow Times
How Russia uses US military veterans in its propaganda war against Ukraine, Task & Purpose
Wagner: ‘Whole front will collapse’ in Ukraine as supplies stall, Al Jazerra
The Ukrainian Army’s Speedy M-113 Ambulances Help It Save More Wounded Troops, Forbes
Consequences of the War in Ukraine: The Economic Fallout, RAND
F-16s Won’t Be a ‘Game Changer’ for Ukraine, Air Force’s Europe Commander Says, Military News
Ukraine’s New Stryker Recon Vehicles Can See Six Miles Away, And Call In Mortars And Missiles, Forbes
Ukraine Claims Bakhmut Battle Is Wagner’s ‘Last Stand’, NYT
Five Years After a Disastrous Syria Battle, Wagner Is More Dangerous Than Ever, Real Clear Defense
How Germany’s Far-Right Politicians Became the Kremlin’s Voice, HSN
Pentagon Blocks Sharing Evidence of Possible Russian War Crimes With Hague Court, NY Times


Chinese Warship, Cutter Violate Pag-asa Island Territorial Sea, Says Philippine Coast Guard, USNI
China Is Pushing Disengagement With the United States Hard, Foreign Policy
WHO calls on US and China to release intelligence about origins of COVID-19,
Chinese Actions in South America Pose Risks to U.S. Safety, Senior Military Commanders Tell Congress, USNI

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Terrorists Will Use Artificial Intelligence, Too, Real Clear Defense
Poland prepares the reception of 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks coming from US, World Defense News
Conflict Realism: A New School of Thought for Examining the Future of Armed Conflict, The Bridge
America Is Too Scared of the Multipolar World, Foreign Policy
12 Days: The Time Iran Needs to Produce Enough Weapon-Grade Uranium for a Nuclear Weapon, HSN
Saudi engineer released from Guantanamo prison camp after 21 yrs, Al Jazerra
Foreign Governments Are Still Targeting Americans on Social Media, NSA Says, Defense One
4 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico Border City Were There Seeking Health Care, NY Times

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Three Ways to Prevent School Shootings, Based on Research, HSN
Video: Motorcyclist gives finger to pursuing Fla. deputies while running red light, runs into truck, Police1
BREAKING: Maryland State Trooper Shot Multiple Times During Traffic Stop, Police Tribune
Florida’s recruitment program lures Chicago police officers to the Sunshine State, American Police Beat
Desperation Grows for Residents Trapped in CA Mountains After Storm, Fire Engineering
Wildfire Commission seeks ideas for science, money, workforce, Wildfire Today
Female U.S. Border Patrol Agent Assaulted, Arizona Sheriff Vows To Charge If Feds Don’t, Police Tribune
U.S. surpassed 100 mass shootings in only 64 days, Axios
How Authorities Assess Asylum Seeker Credibility, HSN
Chicago firefighter’s wife, 3 children critically injured in fire, FireRescue1
17-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend’s Family In Domestic Home Invasion, Police Tribune
Ex-Ga. officer accused of killing teen faces new charge, report highlights multiple reprimands, Police1
Mass. cops attacked, struggle for service weapons during domestic violence call, Police1
ATF Director: Action Needed on Auto Sears Which Are“Flooding Our Communities”, HSN
Risk of Terrorist Acts Tied to Location, Demographic, and Social Characteristics, HSN
3 LAPD officers hospitalized after being shot, Police1
Rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, fireworks thrown at cops at Atlanta training center site, Police1
Nashville Sued by Driver Who Collided With Hose, Fire Law Blog

Mountain / Outside

Why the Weight of Your Mountain Bike Doesn’t Matter, Outdoor Gear Review
Spring skiing in Jackson might just make the best Spring Break of all time, Freeskier
Utah Legislature Passes Bill for Year-Round Cougar Hunting, GearJunkie
Inside the Campaign to Divorce Hunters from Wildlife Policy, Meateater
Top 10 4x4s Sold on ‘Bring a Trailer’: Site Hits 100,000 Listing Milestone, GearJunkie
Avalanche Outside British Columbia Resort Buries 10, Kills 3 Heli-Skiers, GearJunkie
Dialing in Your Kit for 2023, Meateater
Nepal’s New Law Requires All Foreign Trekkers to Hire a Guide, Outside
Five Training Choices That Could Make or Break Your Next Climbing Trip, Gripped
Huge Yellowstone Wolf Hauntingly Stares Down Driver of a Car, Wide Open Spaces
Dick’s Sporting Goods Acquires Moosejaw From Walmart, Expanding Its Outdoor Offerings, Wide Open Sports
Access Denied: CO Landowner Closes 14er Access After ‘Liability Bill’ Fails, GearJunkie
Watch Chris Walch Go From Ski Newb to Difference-Maker in ‘Alpine Souls, Ep. 4’, GearJunkie
Preserved in Permafrost: 3,500-Year-Old Brown Bear Discovery, Meateater
Boarded Up: ‘The House’ Retailer Shuts Down, Lays Off Staff, GearJunkie
New Sends We Cared About: FA’s of a V15 and One of the World’s Hardest Trad Routes; Bolger Sends Another 5.15a, Climbing
Specialized Utah Gym Is All About Drytooling, Climbing Business
Huge New Ice Climbs in Newfoundland, Gripped

Health / Fitness / Nutrition


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