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How to Defend America Against Russian Nuclear Attack, Real Clear Defense
Russia Is Losing the Skies Over Ukraine, Sandboxx News
Why Can’t the Russian Air Force Gain Air Superiority Over Ukraine?, UKDJ
If Russia Hacks a U.S. Satellite, Is It an Act of War?, Defense One
Ukrainian drone enthusiasts sign up to repel Russians, Army Times
Volunteer fighters arrive in Ukraine. But the untrained should stay home, Army Times
Foreign fighters now on battlefield helping battle Russia: Ukraine, Army Times
What a Ukrainian cannon on a bridge might tell us about what happened there, Army Times
Why Is Ukraine’s Internet Still Up? Perhaps Because the Invaders Need It, Defense One
Ukrainian officials claim 16,000 foreign volunteers to join ‘International Legion’,
Ukraine conflict: Netherlands to supply weapon locating radars to Ukraine, Janes
Ukraine conflict: Turkey airlifts additional TB2 UCAVs to Ukraine, Janes
Ukraine conflict: Ukrainian special operations forces in focus, Janes
Ukraine crisis: Turkey denies Russian warships’ access to Black Sea, Janes
Is the U.S. providing Ukraine with targeting intel? Maybe., Morning Defense
The U.S. won’t repeat it’s sending Stingers to Ukraine, Morning Defense
Western Censorship and the Propaganda Machine, Pravda Report
Ukrainian biolabs worked with pathogens of plague, anthrax and brucellosis, Pravda Report
Russia to Ukraine: Do as we say, and all will end, Pravda Report
U.S. Air Force Spy Plane Takes Spotlight in Empty Ukraine Airspace,, Reuters
Where Are Russia’s Drones?, Defense One

National Security / Foreign Policy

Israeli F-35s Shot Down Two Drones, Breaking Defense
Australia to Build New Sub Base for Nuclear Attack Boat Fleet, USNI
Putin’s War Is Xi’s Worst Nightmare, Foreign Policy
Some lives are more valuable than others, Al Jazerra
An International Relations Theory Guide to the War in Ukraine, Foreign Policy
The Great Realignment: Russia’s Invasion Leaves Few Sitting on the Fence, Hudson Institute
Biden Now Needs a Plan to Deter China, Hudson Institute
What Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Means for the Pacific, The Diplomat
Romania: NATO’s Next Strategic Frontier?, Small Wars Journal
Is Putin Actually Popular In Russia?, FiveThirtyEight
Germany’s dramatic reversal on defense, explained, Vox


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Five Killed in Garden Prairie (IL) Farmhouse Fire, Four Children Among the Dead, Firefighter Nation
Airbags Fail to Deploy in Detroit Fire Engine Crash; Firefighters Want Answers, Firefighter Nation
Cincinnati (OH) Brings on 46 Recruits, Fire Department Still Short of Firefighters, Firefighter Nation
A new Calif. public cemetery may set aside space for local firefighters, cops, FireRescue1
Electric vehicle response: Fire attack and extrication basics, FireRescue1
Crown fuel consumption in Canadian boreal forest fires, International Journal of Wildland Fire
6 teens arrested in Iowa school shooting that killed 1, hurt 2, Police1
Proposed Md. bill would make it easier for police to shutter ‘nuisance’ businesses, Police1
Wash. governor signs bill clarifying last year’s police reform laws, Police1
5 myths and truths about officers and PTSD, Police1

Mountain / Outside

All-Electric Jeep Coming 2023, Werd
The Perfect Fit: 3 Scrappy Climbing Shoe Brands to Keep on Your Radar, GearJunkie
Why Do We Like to Read Stories About Death in the Wilderness?, Outside
Matt Cornell’s Solo Climb of the Nutcracker Is a Testament to His Mental Fortitude, Outside
The Rise, Fall, and Fabulous Return of: Ski Ballet, Adventure Journal
The Inspiration and Obsession of Fly Fishing, Adventure Journal
Route Profile: Epinephrine, AAI
Observation Overload: How to Prioritize Data from Pits, Weather and Snowpack, BC Magazine
Simon Gietl completes first traverse of Rosengarten skyline, Dolomites, solo and in winter, Planet Mountain
Christina Lustenberger, Mark Herbison, Sam Smoothy ski East Face of Mount Ethelbert in Canada, Planet Mountain
IKON Pass: What’s new for 22/23, TGR
Pointless Beauty: The Art of Bodysurfing, Patagonia
No More Guides, No More Finder’s Fees in Utah, Eastmans
Colorado Man Attacked by Mountain Lion on Front Porch, Meateater
New Mexico Supreme Court Restores Public Stream Access Law, Meateater
The Best Time to Upgrade Your Bow, Meateater
You Might Not Need (or Want) the Most Expensive Fly Rod, Meateater
How to measure the slipperiness of skis, Economist

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Landscape Architecture Is All About Finding Balance with Nature, Outside
Why Performance Under Pressure Isn’t All in Your Head, Outside
Taking the Kids to Point Nemo, Patagonia
A new study relates liquid fructose intake to fatty liver disease, Science Daily
Weighing up: What’s the bottom line when it comes to weight loss?, Science Daily
Meta-analysis of 15 studies reports new findings on how many daily walking steps needed for longevity benefit, Science Daily
Why exercise gets harder the less you do, Science Daily
Yes, You Can Train Your Tendons, Outside
Does Protein Make You Gain Weight? What You Need to Know., Men’s Health
Best Whey Protein Powders of 2022, Men’s Journal
How the Coronavirus Steals the Sense of Smell, NYT
Pull-Up Techniques for Everyone, NYT
More alcohol, less brain: Association begins with an average of just one drink a day, Science Daily
Single test for over 50 genetic diseases will cut diagnosis from decades to days, Science Daily
Mindfulness meditation can reduce guilt, leading to unintended negative social consequences, study finds, Science Daily
Mobility Exercises for Lifters Who Hate That Crap, T-Nation
The Problem with Fitness Influencers, T-Nation
Fish Oil Builds Super Soldiers, T-Nation
Why Judging People Hurt Me and 5 Things That Helped Me Stop, Tiny Buddha
Rethinking the Post-Workout Protein Window, Triathlete
Spinal implants allow the paralysed to walk, swim and cycle again, Economist


How Trudeau Botched the Trucker Protests Response, Foreign Policy
Will Elon Musk change Germany?, Economist
As inflation heats up, 64% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck, CNBC
Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg: ‘No two countries run by women would ever go to war’, CNBC
GMC Has To Neuter 1,450,000 Terrain Headlights Because They Are Too Powerful, Jalopnik
Outracing champion Gran Turismo drivers with deep reinforcement learning, Nature
Public’s Top Priority for 2022: Strengthening the Nation’s Economy, Pew Research Center
Five amazing benefits of a connected car, Popular Mechanics
Around four-in-ten Latinos in U.S. worry that they or someone close to them could be deported, Pew Research Center
Starbucks, Coca-Cola top list of companies not boycotting Russia, compiled by a Yale professor, Washington Post

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