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A General Warned of an Impending War with China. Airmen Under His Command Say it Was ‘Inappropriate’,
Army Unveils New Parental Leave Policy After Long Debate on Denials,
Sources: Fort Sill Commander Suspended from Duty for Allegedly Breaking Hunting Rules on Base,
The Army Picked a Black Hawk Replacement — But the Fight May Have Just Begun, Defense One
Urban Combat Is Changing. The Ukraine War Shows How, Defense One
We Don’t Have the Missiles to Stop China. Time For Drone Swarms, Defense One
The United States Could Defend Taiwan—At The Cost Of A Lot Of Submarines, Forbes
What Is The Pentagon’s Updated Policy On Killer Robots?, Forbes
US Navy cannibalises more ships to make up for part shortfalls, Janes
Russia’s Wagner Group releases propaganda video to recruit American veterans,
Former US Navy Captain Sentenced in ‘Fat Leonard’ Scandal,
Our All-Volunteer Military Force Implodes, Real Clear Defense
US special operators surprised the hell out of San Diego residents during urban combat training, Task & Purpose
Army two-star general in charge of field and air defense artillery schoolhouse suspended pending investigation, Task & Purpose
What’s Behind Proposed Changes to US Marine Deployments in Okinawa?, The Diplomat
U.S. Destroyer Operating Near the Black Sea for First Time Since Russia Invaded Ukraine, USNI News
CBO Report on U.S. Hypersonic Weapons and Alternatives, USNI News
Recalibrating Special Operations Risk Tolerance for the Future Fight, War on the Rocks
5 of the most famous military victories achieved against all odds, We are the Mighty
US Marine Commandant: US tops China but will need to use everything in cupboard, Breaking Defense
A Tale of Two Wars and the Pitfalls of Success, RAND
Preparing for Strategic Competition: The Need for Irregular Warfare Professional Military Education, RAND
Video shows the moment an F-22 shot down a Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean, Business Insider


Why Won’t Russia and Ukraine Negotiate?, 1945
Learning Lessons from Ukraine: Is Defense Dominant?, War on the Rocks
RAND experts fear stalemate, ‘frozen conflict’ in Ukraine, Breaking Defense
America Made Clear Mistakes During the Korean War. Will History Repeat in Ukraine?, 1945
Watch: Just How Bad Russia Is Losing Its War Against Ukraine, 1945
The War in Ukraine Is Going to Explode, 1945
Ukraine’s New Rocket-Boosted Glide-Bombs Can Turn Around And Hit Targets On The Backs Of Hills, 90 Miles Away, Forbes
Are Drugs Making Russian Soldiers Act Like Zombies?, Forbes
The looming 2024 fight over Ukraine, Morning Defense
Is the U.S. Military Capable of Learning From the War in Ukraine? Foreign Policy
Medvedev: Ukraine as a state to be devastated, go bankrupt and be turned into colony, Pravda Report
Who are the Ukrainians in your Neighborhood?, Pravda Report
Number of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine continues growing, Pravda Report
German tanks with crosses on them disturb Russian genetic memory like nothing else on earth, Pravda Report
America Sleepwalks Into War with Russia, Real Clear Defense
The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Poland, Second Line of Defense
Russia to ‘Nationalize’ Ukraine Assets in Annexed Crimea, Moscow Times
The Case for Caution on Crimea, War on the Rocks
U.S. Estimates Russian Casualties in Ukraine Nearing 200K – NYT, Moscoe Times
Losing Crimea Would Escalate Russian-Ukraine Conflict, Former Defense Secretary Says, USNI News

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Attention, Joe Biden: China Is Trying To Create a Crisis with India, 1945
Air Force Opposes Chinese-Owned Corn Plant for North Dakota,
What lies ahead for the US-China relationship?, Al Jazerra
‘Honour killing’ of YouTube star causes outrage in Iraq, Al Jazerra
Seoul’s Nuclear Temptations and the U.S.-South Korean Alliance, War on the Rocks
Sen. Van Hollen: Turkey is an ‘unfaithful ally’, Morning Defense
Twelve Problems Negatively Impacting Defense Innovation, AEI
The Islamic Republic is on the path to committing a mass atrocity. The world should pay attention., Atlantic Council
Is the US over-militarizing its China strategy?, Atlantic Council
In 2022, the war in Ukraine awakened Europe. Here’s how it must adapt in 2023., Atlantic Council
Majority of Finns want to join NATO before Sweden: poll, Defense Talk News
Hungary blasts Sweden’s ‘stupidity’ on NATO row with Turkey, Defense Talk News
US says Russia not complying with last remaining nuclear treaty, Defense Talk News
Yes, Chinese Spy Balloons Flew Over The U.S. When President Trump Was In Office Too, Forbes
Turkey and the West: A Parenthesis or a Historical Shift?, Hoover Inst.
NATO Must Stand Up to Turkey’s Blackmail, Foreign Policy
Kabul Attack Network commander brags about suicide assaults in TV interview, Long War Journal
When It Comes to Building Its Own Defense, Europe Has Blinked, NY Times
Spy Balloon Incident Highlights Fragile State of U.S.-China Relations, NY Times
Finland approves military sales to Turkey amid NATO row, Space War Technology
Flying into Uncertainty: The Shadow Cast by Israel’s Drone Strikes, The Geopolitics
Record Defense Budget Flunks the China Test, Real Clear Defense
How Turkey is ruining NATO’s moment of unity, Vox

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Navy To Help Coast Guard Support Unmanned Vessels, Defense Daily
“Commander Beef Wellington:” Coast Guard officer goes viral for uniform at wedding,
Chile Wildfires Leave 13 Dead, NY Times
North Charleston police officer drafted by professional football team, APBM
“I’m very, very blessed”: Cleveland police officer back on patrol after surviving stage-4 ovarian cancer, APBM
Sioux Falls Police Department offers $5K hiring bonuses to boost recruiting and diversity, APBM
San Francisco mulls over increasing police recruitment bonuses to avoid “cata-strophic” staffing shortage, APBM
One Dead, Eight Displaced in Atlanta House Fire Fire Engineering
Los Angeles Shifts Course on Vaccine Mandates, to Approve Exemptions, Fire Engineering
KCK Firefighter Alleges Race Discrimination and Retaliation, Fire Law Blog
Minnesota Fire Department Facing Age Discrimination Suit, Fire Law Blog
Three Memphis Firefighters Terminated Over the Death of Tyre Nichols, Fire Law Blog
FDNY EMT Accuses EMS Chief of Sexual Harassment, Fire Law Blog
PA Firefighters Escape House Fire After Losing Water Pressure when Hydrant Fails, FFN
Saratoga Springs (NY) Fire Chief Placed on Paid Leave; Accused of Working for Two Departments, FFN
Firefighters Save 115 Pups as WA Doggy Daycare Burns, FFN
Video: After 2 FF deaths, Fla. chief asks for help, vows more mental health support, FR1
An artificial intelligence framework for predicting fire spread sustainability in semiarid shrublands, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Cairo Police Department (GA), Officer Down Memorial Page
Selma Police Department (CA), Officer Down Memorial Page
Ore.’s drug decriminalization efforts recieve poor marks on review, Police1
Gunman ‘essentially executed’ Calif. police officer on duty, investigators say, Police1
Colo. cop seriously injured after 30-foot fall from bridge while trying to apprehend suspect, Police1
‘An ugly criminal act’: Portland memorial dedicated to city’s fallen LEOs vandalized, Police1
Despite ‘Cop City’ protests, Atlanta moves forward with plan to build police training site, Police1
Seattle Firefighters Union Votes To Give 50% Of Proceeds Of ‘Thin Red Line’ Merchandise To BLM, Police Tribune
13 die in ‘swarm’ of Chilean wildfires, Wildfire Today
Fire politics (Groundhog Day edition), Wildfire Today
30 of the Best Guns & Gear Launched at SHOT Show 2023, TGLM
The Case For Ending All Traffic Stops, Jalopnik

Mountain / Outside

Four-Buckle Boots Are About to Become a Relic of the Past, Outside
How One Thru-Hiker Turned Ultralighting into a YouTube Career, Outside
Young Skiers Are Shaking Up the Freeride World Tour, Outside
How Much Does It Actually Cost to Ski?, Outside
Is it Too Far? Think Before You Release That Arrow,
Why Climbing Is Worth the Risk for Will Gadd,, Climbing
Years After My Mentor Died in a Rappelling Accident, I Retraced His Final Footsteps, Climbing
Washington State Hunters Fire Back at Commission, Eastmans
[LFTE] 10 ideas to inspire the next chapter of skiing, Freeskier
Jackson Hole’s Kings & Queens of Corbet’s — 2023, Gear Inst
‘The story was so remarkable’: what happened after a devastating climbing accident, The Guardian
What Carl “the Professor” Stanfield Learned by Trying to Hike the Most Miles Ever, Outside
World’s Speed Record – Downhill Mountain Bike, Red Bull
The TGR Optics Squad Takes Podium At the Freeride Junior World Championships, TGR
U.S. Must Pay $10.5 Million to Family of Woman Killed at Arches National Park, Outside
Sage Kotsenburg Oughta Be A Spokesperson For SKI UTAH, Unofficial Networks
Your Outdoor Activities May Be Impacting Your Sex Drive. Here’s Why., Outside
How the World’s Most Famous Runner Promotes Nike’s Fastest Shoe, Outside
The Truth About Derek Wolfe’s Viral Mountain Lion Hunt, Meateater
6.5 Creedmoor vs. .270 Winchester, Meateater
Park Service Rule To End Bear Baiting on Alaska’s National Preserve Lands, Wide Open Spaces
Alaska Polar Bear Attack Spurs Talk of Renewing Patrols, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Future of Strength Training, Outside
There’s New Evidence that Collagen Might Help Your Tendons, Outside
The fake meat fad hits the chopping block, Axios
How Psychedelics Helped a Paralyzed Athlete Walk Again, Outside
One in eight Americans over 50 show signs of food addiction, Science Daily
Sugar is processed differently in the brains of obesity-prone vs. obesity-resistant rats, Science Daily
Impact of ‘hyper-palatable’ foods across four diets, Science Daily
The Early Season Volume Investment, Endurance Nation
‘Watch this creep’: the women exposing gym harassment on TikTok, Guardian
Here’s Why Coffee With Milk May Help Fight Inflammation, Healthline
The Best 4 Proteins You Should be Eating, But Probably Aren’t, Muscle & Fitness
The Dairy Industry’s Misleading Study Designs,
Cheese and the Comparison Challenge,
Best Predictors of a Satisfying Sex Life, Real Clear Health
Want to Live Longer? Start Thinking About Grip Strength., RealClearHealth
Three or more concussions linked with worse brain function in later life, Science Daily
Just one quality conversation with a friend boosts daily well-being, Science Daily
Pull-Ups Like You’ve Never Seen Before, T-Nation
Full, Partial, Full – The Rep Method, T-Nation
Breaking Down BFR Training Pros and Cons for Endurance Athletes, Training Peaks
I Replaced Running Gels with Real Food and This Is What Happened, Triathlete
The Richest Pro Triathletes of 2022, Triathlete
Three Wild Technologies About to Change Health Care, WebMD


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