Arete 2.9.17

On Writing Fitreps, Junior Officer Rules (Navy)
My Live in Marine Aviation, Blog
Understanding the Steady Decline In USMC Officer Intelligence, Brookings
10 Important Lessons I Learned as the S3/XO,
Weekly professional conversation between US military leaders and faculty and students at Kings College in London,
Diversity At What Cost? Perspectives of a Minority Female Servicemember, The Pendulum
SOF Lead Casualty Lists, NY Times
The Simple Way to Save the US Military – Ditch Unnecessary Missions, The National Interest
Innovation – and other things that brief well, Marine Corps Gazette

Not “Lone Wolves” After All, NY Times
DHS Chief – Problems in Travel Order Roll Out, NBC News
Cyberhacking Becoming Russia’s Weapon of Choice, Homeland Security News Wire
Yemen Withdraws Permission for U.S. Antiterror Ground Missions, NY Times

Firefighter Functional Fitness Equipment,
Wingspread VI Report Sheds Light on Fire Service Challenge,
Fire Rig Concept for Attic Fires, FireRescue1
Seasonal Wildland Hires Exempt from Hiring Freeze, Wildfire Today

9MM VS .40 Cal, Police One
Trump meets with LE Chiefs, Police One
The Real Ferguson Effect in LA, LADP Online
FBI Medics Train for Tactical Situations (Video), FBI

The Simplest Gear is the Best Gear,
10-Most Read Climbing Articles of 2016, Climbing Magazine
What the Hell is Speed Climbing, Climbing Magazine
My 2017 Ski Kit, Andy Perkins, Mountain Guide
Beef Stew, Camp Meals Vs. Dog Food: Surprising Results,

The Secret to a Blister-Free Foot March, The Military Leader
Low Carb, High Fat Diet and Performance, MySport Science
How a health nut created the world’s biggest fitness trend, CNBC
Why BJJ is the Ultimate Functional Fitness, Whole Life Challenge

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