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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Turkey Launches Attacks against Syria, Killing 35 Syrian Soldiers, Homeland Security Newswire
Afghan security forces averaged one insider attack every 4 days in the closing months of 2019, new data shows, Task & Purpose
One Step Closer to a Batsuit for Soldiers, Defense One
Raytheon tests laser-guided Excalibur S round for US Navy, Jane’s 360
Space Force troops won’t be called ‘spacemen’, Military Times
The Military Is Not the Nation’s Emergency Room Doctor, Modern War Journal
Top Navy SEAL admiral who clashed with president over Gallagher case will reportedly retire early, Task & Purpose
The Iraq War Has Cost the US Nearly $2 Trillion, Defense One
Ukraine: Conflict at the Crossroads of Europe and Russia, Council of Foreign Relations
The Army is testing a next-generation woobie that can hide a soldier’s heat signature from the enemy,
Indian Army stockpiling ammunition for 10 days of ‘intense war’, Jane’s 360
Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula claims responsibility for NAS Pensacola shooting, Task & Purpose
Taliban promotes ‘mujahideen’ graduates from one of its military training camps, Long War Journal
ISIS Is No Reason to Stay in Iraq, Defense One
Eighty Years of U.S. Policy Toward Africa, Now in One Place, Council of Foreign Relations
A single Navy pilot just flew 2 unmanned EA-18G Growlers in a first-of-its-kind experiment, Task & Purpose
Trump’s Bid to Go Big on Nuclear Arms Looks Like a Fizzle, Defense One
Legacy USAF Fighters, Bombers Are on the Chopping Block, Real Clear Defense
Watch the F/A-18 flyover that cost a Marine squadron commander his job, Task & Purpose
Dumb or Smart? The Future of Military Robots, Army Technology
Arab Leaders’ Support for Mideast Peace Plan Marks a Regional Shift, Small Wars Journal
Jump alongside the 82nd Airborne with a paratrooper’s wild skydive video from Colombia, Task & Purpose
What America Can Learn From its Mistakes in Syria, War on the Rocks

Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

TSA Is Failing To Check Whether Its Screening Equipment Works Properly, Forbes
Firefighters, rescuers killed in avalanche in Turkey, FireRescue1
Massachusetts State Police May Fire 22 Troopers in Overtime Scandal, Police Magazine
Wildland firefighters, accidents and injuries in 2019, Wildfire Today
Chinese “student” studying in US is indicted for actually being a Chinese Army officer, War is Boring
Mayday: 4 Baltimore FFs rescued after floor collapse, FireRescue1
Georgia Deputy Saved Eight People by Himself During Aftermath of December Wreck, Police One
Coast Guard officer accused of plotting terror attacks gets 13 years in prison, Reuters
Our Gilded Rage, Police Magazine
Armed Atlanta firefighter surrenders after SWAT standoff outside station, FireRescue1
7 reasons for annual firefighter physical tests, FireRescue1


In the Sierra Nevada Mountains, an incoming storm turns a good day into an escalating accident, Backcountry Magazine
USA Climbing 2020 Bouldering Open National Championship: Highs and Lows, Climbing Mag
The 8 Things You Should—No, Must—Do Before A Thru-Hike, Adventure Journal
The top 5 stories from the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, SNEWS
Specialized’s New Superlight E-MTB Will Drive Performance and Debate, Adventure Journal
Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia, new east face climb by Alessandro Bau, Giovanni Zaccaria, Planet Mountain
In Our Nature: How are warming winters changing snowsports?, REI Co-op
The Adventure Podcast Episode 93: A Recap of the 2020 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show, Adventure Blog
True Vacation Climbing in Mexico: El Potrero Chico, AAI
Watch Seb Bouin Make the First Ascent of La Rage d’Adam (5.15b/c), Climbing Magazine
What Would It Take For You to Push That ‘SOS’ Button in the Backcountry?, Adventure Journal
What Our Gear Guy Wants from Winter OR, Outside
What Australia’s Megafires Mean for the West. Outside
Skis – Baseline Knowledge, AAI
Americans Are Spending Less Time Outside, Outside
Why Ski Resorts Are Dying – Cheddar Explains, Unofficial Networks
The Avalanche Airbag: A lesson in fluid dynamics, Backcountry Magazine
Ice Climber Free Solos WI5 With a Sea Kayak, Climbing Mag
Effective (and Cute) Cold-Weather Gear for Your Toddler, Outside

Fitness / Nutrition / Health

How the Nike Vaporfly War Was Lost, Outside
Eating red meat and processed meat hikes heart disease and death risk, study finds, Science Dailt
Bill And Melinda Gates Donate $100 Million To Coronavirus Vaccine Research And Treatment, Forbes
Lower protein diet may lessen risk for cardiovascular disease, Science Daily
4 Healthy Alternatives to Your Afternoon Coffee Addiction, Men’s Journal
The Case Against Stretching, Outside
5 People Who Tried the Carnivore Diet, Muscle & Fitness
The Army has a Physical Fitness Problem, Part 2: Toward a More Combat-Ready Force, Modern War Institute
Get easily out of breath? It may be because you were small at birth, study finds, Science Daily
Eating disorders linked to exercise addiction, Science Daily
Fresh Versus Frozen Food: Which Is More Nutritious?,  Mark’s Daily Apple
Should We Tax Meat and Dairy Like We Do Cigarettes?,
The Training Plan to Boost Your VO2 Max, Men’s Journal
What We Can Learn from the Latest Magic Cycling Workout, Outside

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