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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Russia Leans on Mercenary Forces to Regain Global Clout, Small Wars Journal
Germany: Injury toll rises in carnival attack,
Why no retired generals oppose America’s forever wars, Salon
Libya Asks U.S. to Set Up Military Base Against Russia, Small Wars Journal
Which Country Spends Most Per Person On Defense? It Might Not Be The One You Think, In Homeland Security
Analysis/Commentary: Pentagon Announces Army 1st SFAB Deployment to Counter Surge in Violent Extremism and Russian/Chinese Competition, Small Wars Journal
Cook stabbed sub shipmate, service says, Navy Times
The US Should Get Ready for Syria’s Return from War, Defense One
Air Force Overhauls Special Warfare Development, Training, Military Times
We salute the Army crew that named their tank ‘Baby Yoda’, Small Wars Journal
Turkey’s Nationalist Course, Rand Corp
Duty and Compensation in the Reserve Component: One Weekend a Month, Two Weeks a Year, and a Bunch of Unpaid Work, Modern War Institute
US unable to trace $716 million worth of weapons given to Syrian rebels,
US military dependent tests positive for coronavirus in South Korea, Stars & Stripes
How the Philippines’ Withdrawal from its Security Pact with the US Could Threaten the Country and Region, Small Wars Journal
How to Train Your AI Soldier Robots (and the Humans Who Command Them), Rand Corp
Palestinian militant groups appeal for Bitcoin donations to promote jihad, Long War Journal
How to Fix U.S. Special Operations Forces, War on the Rocks
Erdogan says two Turkish troops killed in Libya, Al Jazerra
Want to know more about Muslims and Islam? We’ve got an email course for you, Pew Research
Mexican Drug Cartels Are Violent — But They’re Not Terrorists, Small Wars Journal
Germany not considering closing borders due to coronavirus at moment: spokesman, Reuters
Pentagon Defends Handling Of Traumatic Brain Injuries In Iranian Attack, Defense One
Was Iwo Jima worth the cost?, Navy Times
The 9 Best Free Online Data Science Courses In 2020, Forbes
Will American Firms Put America First?, Foreign Policy
Navy’s 7th Fleet to screen all personnel before boarding ships amid coronavirus threat, Stars & Stripes

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

13-year-olds charged with murder in library blaze that killed 2 FFs, FireRescue1
Video: Man charges at Texas LEOs with knife after being shot 7 times, Police 1
New Kentucky Law Requires SROs to Carry Guns, Police Mag
FFs, families plan appeal after judge dismisses lawsuit in 3 FF LODDs, FireRescue1
Wildfire burns thousands of acres on Hawaii island, Wildfire Today
North Carolina woman assaults air marshal, threatens to stab everyone aboard United Airlines flight, LE Today
2 FDNY FFs arrested in NJ for repeatedly crossing police lines at fire scene, Fire Rescue One
2020 Professional Reading List Announced!, Wildland Fire Leadership
Fla. fire station stops offering parking for donations after ethics probe, Fire Rescue One


WATCH: A Day in the Life of an Alta Ski Patroller, Powder
World’s Best Kayaker Seeks Full-Time Employment, Outside
Himalayan wolf discovered to be a unique wolf adapted to harsh high altitude life, Science Daily
10 Best Kiteboarding Spots In The World, Globo Surf
New Kentucky Law Requires SROs to Carry Guns, Gear Junkie
Transformation in the Winds, Arcteryx
Winter Climbs 2020: Kobusch Launches Summit Push, Txikon in BC, Urubko Retiring?, Adventure Journal
Now Is the Best Time to Buy Winter Gear, Globo Surf
Swiss Adventurer Attempts 1000KM Solo Crossing of Lapland in Winter, Adventure Journal
Do You Fret Over Declining Performance As You Age?, Adventure Journal
6 Best Recovery Tools For Climbers In 2020, Globo Surf
214 Peaks in 1 Week: Running the Wainwrights, GearJunkie
No Friends on a Powder Day, Outside

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Sorry, USA Cycling, But Gravel Won’t Save You, Outside
Will Red Meat Cause Your Heart to Explode?, Mark’s Daily Apple
Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training in Combat Sports: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis, JSCR
Nerding Out on Muscle Growth, Strength, and Rep Schemes, Breaking Muscle
Coronavirus cases among health workers climb, underscoring the chaos on an outbreak’s front lines, STAT
Debating the Value of PSA Prostate Screening, NY Times
Effects of Periodized vs. Nonperiodized Resistance Training on Army-Specific Fitness and Skills Performance, JSCR
You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus, Defense One
Cannabis use among older adults is on the rise, study says, STAT
Filthy objects we touch everyday, Popular Mechanics
Julius Maddox Bench Pressed 765 Pounds for an Unofficial World Record, Muscle &this  Fitness
How a Shipwrecked Crew Survived 10 Days Lost at Sea, Outside
Milk and Juice Are Not as Needed as You Might Think, Ny Times
The American Birkebeiner: A Legacy of Skinny Skis, Stamina and Spandex, REI Co-op



Amazon is expanding its cashierless Go model into a full-blown grocery store, The Verge
German Firms Cut Investment for Third Quarter, Bloomberg
What White People Need To Know About Black History, Forbes
Get Ready for Closed Borders and Crashing Markets, Foreign Policy

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