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Military / National Defense

The Air Force’s new ‘deploy or get out’ guidelines are officially here, Task & Purpose
Amid Trouble With the West, Saudi Arabia Looks East, NY Times
Terrain Matters: Training and Basing in Alaska, Modern War Institute
If America’s Unipolar Moment is Nearing Its End, What Comes Next?, Modern War Institute
Lithuania widens espionage probe, several now in custody for spying for Russia,
Would You Die for Europe? A Binational Battalion Offers an Answer, NY Times
New York Air National Guardsman accused of impersonating CIA agent to impress woman, Stars & Stripes
Netflix’s new military action flick looks like ‘Narcos’ meets ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, Task & Purpose
‘Amoeba warfare’ — Looking at drone swarms under a microscope, Task & Purpose
Congress May Make It Impossible to End a War, Defense One
Germany’s ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia is having a bigger impact than expected, Stars & Stripes
My Underground Warfare Wish List, Modern War Institute
H&K Begins M27 IAR Deliveries, Soldier Systems


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Congress restores funding for Coast Guard’s first new heavy icebreaker in 40 years, Stars & Stripes
Mass. unions: Poor conditions plague fire stations throughout the state, Firerescue1
FIREFIGHTER HISTORY 2/20, Firefighter Close Calls
Ex-Philadelphia homicide detective facing multiple counts of rape and sexual assault, LE Today
Puerto Rico Undercover Agent Shot, Killed in Drive-by, Police Mag
Nashville Police Pulling Harassed SROs from Schools, Police Mag
Massachusetts College Votes to Keep Campus Officers Disarmed, Police Mag
Missouri Officer’s Death by Suicide Highlights Need for Support, Police Mag
Mayor Orders LAPD to Scale Back Vehicle Stops, Says Black Drivers Disproportionately Stopped, Police Mag
A synthetic undergarment increases physiological strain, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Politicians Fighting Back With Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Reform, Tactical Life



India’s first Piti-Dharr Ice Fest results in a flurry of first ascents, Alpinist Newswires
67-year-old Adventurer Has Rowed Halfway Across the Southern Ocean, Adventure Journal
Quick Pits Part II: How pits help with in-the-field decision-making, Backcountry Magazine
Master the Basics of Backcountry Ski Touring, Backpacker
Mind Your Manners: Ten Ways to Not Be a Bruh-Brah at the Crag, Bowhunting Blog
G3 University: What gives skis character? Freeskier
Paragliding in Patagonia, Aaron Durogati makes Fitz Roy flyby,
More Details on China’s New Climbing Rules for Everest, The Adventure Blog
Is Kings and Queens of Corbet’s the Best Competition in Skiing? Freeskier
Kilian Jornet Sets New 24-Hour Elevation Record, The Adventure Blog
WATCH: Man Who Killed Attacking Mountain Lion With Bare Hands Shares His Brutal Story. Unofficial Networks
Gallery: Rock Art—8 Rock Climber Artists, Climbing Magazine
Rob Bishop Blames Patagonia for Climate Change, Outside Magazine
How Global Warming Will Change Outside’s Best Towns, Outside Magazine
Jackson Hole Is Having The Snowiest February EVER!, Unofficial Networks
New Study Finds Rock Climbers Bring $12.1 Million Annually to New River Gorge Region, Climbing Mag
Skier Found Dead In Deep Snow At Heavenly Ski Resort, Unofficial Networks
Why Wilderness Matters to Hunters and Anglers, Outdoor Life
VIDEO: Kings & Queens of Corbet’s | GoPro Highlights, Unofficial Networks
Doctor Says Cure for CWD Has Been Found,


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

How to Eat a Plant-Based Diet: A Scientific Look at Going Vegan Safely, Nerd Fitness
Protein released from fat after exercise improves glucose, Science Daily
10 Moves To Help Ease Joint Pain, Mark’s Daily Apple
Diet could help runners beat stomach issues, Science Daily
How to Fix Your Bench Press, According to an Expert, Men’s Journal
The Best Food to Slowing Your Resting Heart Rate,
The Science of Cold Weather Running, Outside Magazine
McDonald’s French Fries May Cure Baldness, Muscle & Fitness
Legalize Pot? Amid Opioid Crisis, Some New Hampshire Leaders Say No Way, NY Times
Phys Ed: How Many Push-Ups Can You Do? It May Be a Good Predictor of Heart Health, NY Times
Men Increase Your Testosterone Production Naturally with a Change in Diet, Thrive Global
Vaccines don’t work against some viruses. CRISPR might one day fix that, Science Daily
Interval training burns off more pounds than jogging or cycling, Reuters
8 biggest caffeine myths, Nutritional Outlook



Brain discovery explains a great mystery of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Science Daily
10 Amazing Family-Friendly Trips around the World, The Outbound Collective
Hiker Stuck In Quicksand For 10 Hours In Zion National Park, Unofficial Networks
How Climbers Will Be Chosen for the 2020 Olympics, Climbing Magazine
Breakthrough in the search for graphene-based electronics, Science Daily
Competitive Powerlifter Saves Man by Lifting Jeep, Muscle & Fitness
Amazon is projected to steal advertising market share from Google in 2019, CNBC
Do Private School Teachers Have A Skills Gap? Forbes
ThirdLove is homing in on Victoria’s Secret’s biggest weakness, Business Insider
Amazon’s $0 corporate income tax bill last year, explained, Vox

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