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NASA and DARPA will test nuclear thermal engines for crewed missions to Mars, Engadget
Denmark calls for Mandatory Military Service for Women, Bloomberg
Hungary Ousts Hundreds from Top Army Ranks, Bloomberg
SHOT Show 23 – Salomon FORCES, Soldier Systems
Local Soldier readiness partnership expands nationwide | Article …, US Army
My Military Experience In a Leopard 2 Tank, 1945
Nuclear Strike Chief Seeks Cancer Review of Launch Officers,
West Point Grad Congressman Says He Has ‘Zero Time’ for Complaints About Woke Military, Focused on China,
Before a Secret Raid on an ISIS Leader’s Mountain Cave Complex, US Forces Ran the Mission at a Special Recreation of the Target Area,
Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts: A Look at the Next Army Enlisted Leader’s Combat Record,
Senior US general warns of possible looming war with China, Defense Talk
Air Force Selects Electra for up to $85 Million in eSTOL Development Funding, Defense Daily
Marines Reactivate Guam Base to Boost Pacific Footprint, Defense One
Military Must Recruit More Women, Immigrants for the Future Force, Experts Say, Defense One
Army will now promote soldiers who refer a friend to a recruiting office, Military News
When May a Robot Kill? New DOD Policy Tries to Clarify,Defense One
Three More Sailors Die by Suicide While Their Carriers are Stuck in Shipyards,
Does the All-Volunteer Force Have an Expiration Date?, Real Clear Defense
The Naming Commission Comes for West Point, Real Clear Defense
The Pentagon Plans for AI’s Increased Role in Warfare, Task & Purpose
The Myth Of “Woke”, Armed Forces Press
Marines outwitted an AI security camera by hiding in a cardboard box and pretending to be trees, Task & Purpose
‘Aim for the head’ — Air Force general warns of a war with China by 2025 in belligerent memo, Task & Purpose
The Army is readying a new directed energy weapon to swat drone swarms out of the sky, Task & Purpose
What you need to know about the ‘MARSOC 3’ trial, Task & Purpose
Marines Consulting Outside Experts for Fixes to Recruiting Challenge, USNI
MUST-SEE: Danish F-16s dazzle crowd with nine-ship attack runs, War is Boring
Software Defines Tactics, War on the Rocks
4 easy ways to find your battle buddies after losing touch, We are the Mighty
World War II pilots died at an astonishing rate before ever leaving the US, We are the Mighty


US special operators borrowed a unique part of Army Green Beret training to prepare Ukrainians to fight Russia, Business Insider
The West is Getting Too Deep in Ukraine, Bloomberg Opinion
What Happens After Ukraine Gets M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 Tanks?, 1945
How Russia dodges oil sanctions on an industrial scale, Economist
Croatian president slams Western arms to Ukraine, Al Jazerra
France could meet Ukraine’s demand for fighter jets, DefenseTalk
Germany: No fighter jets or ground troops for Ukraine, War is Boring
Ukraine’s American-Made M-1 Tanks Will Be A Giant Pain To Maintain, Forbes
Leopard tanks to arrive in Ukraine around late March: Germany Defense Talk
Russia threatens to use Marker combat UGV to burn Ukrainian Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks, World Defense News
Retired U.S. General: “I Expect Ukraine Will Liberate Crimea By The End Of This Summer”, Forbes
Why Crimea Is Not a Bridge Too Far, Foreign Policy
Avoiding a Long War in Ukraine, RAND
Russian Troops Offered Bounties for Destroying Western Tanks in Ukraine, Moscow Times
A Comprehensive Comparison of Russia and Ukraine’s Elite Tanks, Newsweek
How the War in Ukraine Could End Sooner Than Expected, RAND
Russia Continuing to Make Gains, Is This a Sign of More to Come?, Rferl
What if Russia Were to Attack NATO?, RAND
US-trained Afghan commandos may be fighting as mercenaries for Russia, Task & Purpose
Russian stormtroopers sneak into a Ukrainian trench, kill and capture at close range, War is Boring
The War in Ukraine: Cascading Consequences, Defense Info

National Defense, Foreign Policy

How Much of a Threat Is TikTok, Really?, Wired
‘It was all for nothing’: Chinese count cost of Xi’s snap decision to let Covid rip, Guardian
Sweden has a chance to transform European security—even before it officially joins NATO, Atlantic Council
Is Azerbaijani Leader Aliyev Taking Cues from Russia’s Putin?, 1945
Reconsidering Clausewitz on Friction, War on the Rocks
Japan’s Strategic Shift Is Significant, but Implementation Hurdles Await, War on the Rocks
Can China fix its property crisis?, Economist
Syria’s dissolving line between state and nonstate actors, Brookings
Sweden’s NATO dream deferred, Morning Defense
Erdogan warns Sweden on NATO after Koran burning, DefenceTalk
Australia buys Ukraine-tested US missile system, DefenceTalk
Finnish FM hopes for NATO ratification by July, DefenceTalk
Airbus to provide satellite communications for Belgian Armed Forces, DefenceTalk
The Perspective of President Pavel: Shaping a Way Ahead for the Czech Republic, Second Line of Defense
Pakistan Faces Rising Separatist Insurgency in Balochistan, New Lines Inst.
Sarmat ICBMs and Borei submarines to make Russian Army one of the world’s strongest, Pravda
Russian Arctic Threat Growing More Potent, Report Says, USNI
COUNTER-TERRORISM: Islamic State Fading And Dispersing, Strategy Page
The Emerging Narco Bloc of West Asia, Geopolitics
China’s Overseas Military Diplomacy and Implications for U.S. Interests, RAND
Covert Israeli Operations Against Iranian Missiles And Drone Plants Might Help Ukraine Forbes
What the chances of a war between the US and China actually look like, according to experts, Task & Purpose
‘Human Mines’: China’s Population Policy Flip-Flops Spark Anger, The Diplomat
Would a TikTok Ban Be Constitutional?, AEI

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mayo Clinic partners with La Crosse Fire Department under new … –, WKBT
Tyre Nichols Death: What To Know About The Now-Disbanded ‘SCORPION’ Police Unit That Pulled Him Over, Forbes
Firefighters Still Aren’t Sure How to Quickly Defeat EV Fires, Jalopnik
U.S. Prisons, Jails Try Medication to Treat Opioid Addiction, WSJ
New AI tool instantly analyzes police bodycam footage, Axios
Separate investigations focus on ex-FBI special agent’s Russian and Albanian ties,
The risk of election violence in the United States in 2024, Brookings
LAPD chief bans “Thin Blue Line” flag from department use, APBM
Nevada may soon allow noncitizens to become police officers to reverse staffing shortages, APBM
Florida pays out $5M in hiring bonuses for more than one thousand officers over past six months, APBM
Brutal But Atypical, City Journal
Tyre Nichols’ Death Proves ‘Elite’ Police Units Are a Disaster, NY Times
What Is Microstamping, and Can It Help Solve Shootings?, HSN
Cops leave NYPD in highest number since 9/11, APBM
Michigan Lieutenant Alleges Race Discrimination, Fire Law Blog
Indiana Firefighter’s Discrimination and Retaliation Claims Rejected, Fire Law Blog
Firefighters in Texas and Illinois Facing Child Porn Charges, Fire Law Blog
FDIC 2023 Preview: Conflagrations in Very Large Apartment Complex Fires, FFN
100,000 Chickens Die, Coop Destroyed in CT Egg Farm Fire, FFN
‘Amazing outpouring of support’: Neb. firefighter welcomed home after 3-month hospital stay, FR1
Use of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) for full suppression and managed fires within the Southwestern Region of the US Forest Service, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Is Memphis setting a new standard for response to and investigation of in-custody death?, Police1
Melissa Stone on the benefits of embedding social workers in police departments, Police1
Armed Mom Saves 5-Year-Old Son From Kidnappers On Des Moines Skywalk, Police Tribune
Bodycam Shows Memphis Cops Beat Tyre Nichols As He Resisted Arrest, Went For Cop’s Gun, Police Tribune
Cook County Corrections Sergeant Charged After Claiming Armed Robbers Stole His Duty Weapon, Police Tribune
Minnesota Police Chief Apologizes For Posting Thin Blue Line Flag For Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Police Tribune
Retiring Miami Police Sergeant Blasts Supervisor, Department Brass In Farewell Radio Sign Off, Police Tribune
Manslaughter charge continues against couple in El Dorado Fire, Wildfire Today


Mountain / Outside

LONE PEAK CAMPER, Bless this stuff
Sending ‘Gigantor’: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Route, GearJunkie
Strava Apologizes for Its Recent Price Hike, Outside
Ever Forward: Can Telemark Be ‘Saved’ By Gear Progression?, BC Ski Touring Blog
Ski Touring Boot Range Of Motion Survey: A Look at Responses, BC Ski Touring Blog
This U.S. Ski Resort Surpassed the $300 Barrier for a Single-Day Lift Ticket, Outside
A Snowboarder Left the Scene of a Deadly Ski Crash. His Punishment? A $500 Fine., Outside
A Powder Day Can Be Deadly—Even In-bounds. Here’s How to Stay Safe., Outside
Meet Three Anglers Who Are Redefining Fly Fishing, Outside
The Himalayan Tragedy That Forever Changed Mountaineering, Outside
A Beach Lifeguard Just Won the Super Bowl of Big-Wave Surfing, Outside
The Attachment to Desire, Climbe Strong
Should Climbers Face Strict BMI Rules?, Climbing
Skiing’s sisterhood: These five badass ladies, spanning three generations, are redefining what it means to be a ski guide, Freeskier
10 of the deepest snow totals in the West, Freeskier
Help Protect Your Fingers With This Daily Six-Minute Workout, Gripped Magazine
Climber Trains Four Years for This Classic V15, Gripped Magazine
14 Days of Ice Climbing and Surfing in Iceland, Gripped Magazine
Surfing The Biggest Wave In The World (100ft 😱), Red Bull
Justine Dufour-Lapointe Leaves Moguls and Makes the Switch to Freeride, TGR
More Massive Swell Hits the San Francisco Bay, TGR
Inside Magic Hour: Kai’s Jackson Hole Ticklist, TGR
Op-Ed: Sh*tf*ck Conditions Need to Be Skied Too, TGR
Rumbling Noise: Eric Carter Climbs Kwékwetxwm, Arcteryx
The Wisdom of Expeditions with Conrad Anker, REI
WATCH: Hawaiian Eel Slithers On Land To Hunt A Crab, UN
Summit County, CO Considering Cap On Short-Term Rentals, UN
WATCH: Mind-Blowing Moments From Kings & Queens Of Corbet’s, UN
Snowboarding Legend Todd Richards Criticizes X Games’ New Marketing Tactics, UN
WATCH: Chris Benchetler’s Crazy Line At Mammoth, UN
Reira Iwabuchi Becomes First Female Snowboarder To Land A Triple in Competition, UN
A New Invention: Karry Krab Ice Clipper, Weigh my Rack

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

How NBA Teams Are Bringing The Post-Up Back To Life, 538
Strava Responds to Pricing Fiasco, What Strava Costs in Every Country*, DC Rainmaker
How Much Will a Gap in Training Hurt Your Race?, Outside
Here’s Why It Feels Like Every Elite Runner Is Changing Sponsors Right Now, Outside
Ultra Mindset – Lessons from Ultrarunners, Uphill Athlete
The 2024 CrossFit Games to Stay in Madison, Wisconsin, Breaking Muscle
Should You Train the Deadlift on Back Day or Leg Day? What to Know for Results and Recovery, Breaking Muscle
2023 World’s Strongest Man Events Revealed, Breaking Muscle
Actor Jonathan Majors Ate 6,100 Calories a Day to Become a Bodybuilder in “Magazine Dreams”, Breaking Muscle
9-Year-Old Rory van Ulft Logs a Staggering 66-Kilogram (145.5-Pound) Clean & Jerk, Breaking Muscle
Residential green space is associated with higher birth weight, Science Daily
What makes brown rice healthy? Decoding the chemistry of its nutritional wealth, Science Daily
You Are The Final Evil Boss, Endurance Nation
Iten, Kenya, Is Where Running Champions Are Made, Outside
The 5 Best Stretches for Pelvic-Floor Dysfunction, According to Physical Therapists, Outside
Researchers Have Pinpointed One Type of Exercise That Makes People Live Longer—It’s Not What You May Think, Outside
What’s the Connection Between Running and Playing Music?, Outside
Argue a Lot with Your Partner? Here’s How That Affects Your Health, Healthline
How Gaining Weight In Your Midsection After 45 Can Affect Your Future Health, Healthline
4 Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths Debunked for a Healthier 2023, Heathline
Alzheimer’s Disease: Blood Test May Detect Condition 3 Years Before Clinical Diagnosis, Healthline
Insomnia on the Rise? Use of Sleeping Pills Doubles in U.S., Healthline
Reverse Dieting Is the Diet for When You’re Done Dieting, Men’s Health
A Catastrophic Mutating Event Will Strike the World in 2 Years, Report Says, Men’s Health
Watch Champion Strongmen Take on CrossFit Athletes in a Fitness Contest, Men’s Health
9 Things That Drain Your Energy—And How To Fix Them, Men’s Health
8 Sex Tips Guaranteed To Blow Her Mind, Men’s Health
17 Ways to Lose Body Fat for Good, Men’s Journal
Who Does 30 Sets of Calves in One Workout? I Do, Just Like Arnold Muscle & Fitness
Is Cheese Really Good for Our Health?,
Testing Greens and Beets, Two of the Best Brain Foods,
Barbara Stanley, Influential Suicide Researcher, Dies at 73, NY Times
How Long Does It Take to Get Fit Again?, NY Times
The Sneaky Allure of a Detox, NY Times
Drinking and Excess Deaths in Lockdown, Brownstone Inst
Daily Caffeine Intake Alters Your Brain Structure, Big Think
Welcome to the Era of the Miniature Workout, InsideHook
The Great Resignation in a Collapsing Health System, Brownstone Inst.
Family, Community, and Inspiration: The Ordinary Mortals Triathlon,
Why Incline Matters in Indoor Cycling, slow
Is Joe Rogan Right About Sauna Benefits?, T-Nation
Excuses Make You Fat, T-Nation
The Truth About Time Under Tension, T-Nation
Hull FC pre-season methods and testing explained by club’s sports science and conditioning staff, Hull Live
Training and Preparation Techniques for Successful Fighters, British Boxing News
Zone 2 Biochemistry for Biomechanical Energy with Iñigo San Millán,
Understanding Lactate Threshold Testing for Greater Athlete Performance,
How To Fuel For Your First Triathlon,
Studies Are (Again) Showing How Badly Athletes Need Carbs,
How to Make Your Own DIY Energy Gels, Triathlete
Corner Crossing: An Obvious Issue That Requires A Nuanced and Collaborative Approach, BHA
Winter Fish, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Can Whitetails Stake a Claim in Alaska?, Meateater
Wyoming Legislature Considers Large Carnivore Legislation, Meateater
4 Things to Do Immediately After Taking a Shot On a Deer or Big Game Animal, Wide Open Spaces
Audio long read: The ‘breakthrough’ obesity drugs that have stunned researchers, Nature
Caffeine’s ‘Boost’: Why You’ll Pay for It Later, RealClearScience
What Happens When Regular Porn Watchers Abstain for a Week?, RealClearScience
Duolingo Is Probably a Better Alzheimer’s Treatment Than the Newest Breakthrough Drug, Realclearscience
How to measure how stress affects athletes’ performance, Economist
More people are macrodosing for mental health. But does it work? NY Times
Saunas are filling up, but are they actually good for you?, NY Times


A Small Catholic College’s Closure Hints at More to Come, Bloomberg
Tesla is hiring 3,000 new workers and investing $3.6 billion to expand its Nevada Gigafactory, Business Insider
Apple’s VR Vision Comes Into Focus, Gear Latest
The 10 Best True Crime Books of All Time, Werd
The coolest and best EVs coming in 2023 (and beyond), The Manual
Top Gun: Maverick Fans Are Fuming Over Tom Cruise’s Shocking 2023 Oscars Snub, Men’s Health
Ford hits back at Tesla’s price cuts by lopping nearly $6,000 off the Mustang Mach-E, Business Insider
Ford and General Motors enter a new phase of uncertainty on prices and demand, CNBC
This Robot Electric Cargo Plane Could Be The Start Of A Wave That Transforms Shipping, Forbes
Mercedes-Benz Says It’s Doing Autonomous Driving Better Than Tesla, Gizmodo
Google Cuts Its Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Gizmodo
The People Who Don’t Read Books, The Atlantic
Scientists Reprogramming Mice to Live Longer, Popular mechanics
What Is the Big Bang Theory, Anyway?, Poplular Mechanics
AI rockets ahead in vacuum of U.S. regulation, Axios
The Brave New World of Artificial Intelligence, RealClearPolitics

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