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[Updated] Self-styled creator of pro-Russian ‘Z’ symbol reportedly assassinated,
Ukraine Intervention: Tread Lightly the Sleeping Colossus, Pravda Report
Russia’s new T-14 Armata tanks spotted in the zone of the special military operation, Pravda Report
Alexander Vindman and the Road to World War III, Real Clear Defense
MURPHY’S LAW: Overlooked Russian Gains And Losses, Strategy Page
Russia Likely Lost Half its Heavy Tanks in Ukraine: U.S., Moscow Times
One year on from the invasion, Europeans’ support for Ukraine is overwhelming, Vox Europe
The Iran-Iraq War and the Lessons for Ukraine, War on the Rocks
The Somme in the Sky: Lessons from the Russo-Ukrainian Air War, War on the Rocks
Russia Continues to Spread Disinformation on Imaginary U.S. Biowarfare Facilities in Ukraine, HSN
Will Logistics Be Russia’s Undoing in Ukraine?, RAND
U.S. Cannot Count on South Korea’s Yoon to Line Up Against China, RAND

National Defense, Foreign Policy

China’s Spy Balloon Proves America Can’t Protect Its Borders, 1945
World War III: What a U.S. vs. China War Would Look Like (Who Wins?), 1945
North Korea’s Growing ICBM Threat: How America and South Korea Should Respond, 1945
When the Same North Korea Policy Fails Over and Over Again, Foreign Policy
NATO Membership: Why Turkey Opposes Sweden and Finland, Homeland Security
Western Forces Are Raiding Gunrunners at Sea and Throwing Wrenches into Iran’s Plans,
Can China Build a World-Class Military Using Artificial Intelligence?, Real Clear Defense
Report on U.S.-China Strategic Competition in South and East China Seas, USNI
Why the Chinese military uses ridiculously blue uniforms, We are the Mighty
Balloons vs. satellites: Popping some misconceptions about capability and legality, Breaking Defense
U.S., China Compete for Africa’s Rare Earth Minerals, HSN

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Florida lawmakers approve bill to transport out-of-state migrants to sanctuary cities, Axios
“Anyone can get this job”: Memphis police lowered hiring standards before Tyre Nichols’ death, American Police Beat Magazine
Video: Houston Firefighter Burned After Fall Through Roof, Fire Engineering
Union: Fired Memphis EMTs Didn’t Get Enough Info in Nichols Response, Fire Engineering
Louisiana Firefighters Claim Fingerprinting is Unconstitutional, Fire Law Blog
Court Upholds No-Beard Rule for Jacksonville Firefighters, Fire Law Blog
FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh’s Request for ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ Sparked Demotion Drama, FFN
FDNY Foundation scraps ‘Calendar of Heroes’, FR1
Photo of the Week: U.S. sends elite USAR team to help in Turkey, FR1
Crown fire initiation of a thunderstorm, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Experimental study of the burning characteristics of dead forest fuels, International Journal of Wildland Fire
10 things you can do to improve your voice commands, Police1
Jay Wadsworth on failure to control combative subjects: ‘The number 1 problem is training’, Police1
Why I think the TASER 10 may be the most effective less lethal device in history, Police1
Colo. officer dies after falling off of bridge while making an arrest, Police1
Cleveland safety director accused of making racially biased statements; police union calls for his termination, Police1
Hero Down: McKeesport Police Department Officer Sean Sluganski Murdered By Gunman, Police Tribune
Hero Down: Pembroke Pines Police Officer Charles Herring Killed When Debris Struck Motorcycle, Police Tribune
Lytton wildfire survivors want their lawsuit certified as a class action in British Columbia, Wildfire Today
After the atmospheric rivers, a changing outlook, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Ron Perla’s Snow Science Path, BC Ski Touring Blog
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 2/9/2022, AAI
Black Diamond Presents: Reini’s Lines—The Man Who Built the World’s Greatest Climbing Gym, Black Diamond
How Climbing Gyms Lost Their Soul, Climbing
Did James Pearson Just Establish the World’s Hardest Trad Route?, Climbing
Search Suspended for Ice Climber Who Fell Into Lake Superior, Climbing
Utah Shed Hunting Closed… It’s About Time!, Eastmans
Deadly Season on South America’s Highest Mountain, Gripped
First Winter Solo of Famous Alpine Climb, Gripped
This is the World’s Highest Unclimbed Mountain, Gripped
A mountain of trouble? The draw – and danger – of California’s Mount Baldy, The GuardianaLegacy on the Muir, Patagonia
Stefano Ghisolfi crowned king of Arco with Excalibur 9b+, Planet Mountain
Watch Camille Coudert climb Soudain seul at Fontainebleau, Planet Mountain
Aguja Guillaumet in Patagonia receives its Wake Up by Alessandro Baù, Claudio Migliorini, Francesco Ratti, Planet Mountain
​TGR Tested: Line’s Blade Optic 114 Is a Powder-Seeking Missile, TGR
​Molly Armanino’s Unorthodox Journey To The Top, TGR
The Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines’ All-You-Can-Fly $399 Summer Pass, Outside
VIDEO: Kayaker Sends Monster 134ft Chilean Waterfall, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Snowboarder Accidentally Hucks Huge Cliff, Unofficial Networks
All The 19 Brands That Make And Sell Personal Anchors, Weigh My Rack
Is Crossbow Hunting Really Archery Hunting?, Meateater
Study: Elk Bugle in Local Dialects, Meateater

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

8 Best Vibrators (2023): Cheap, Powerful, Flexible, Gear Latest
How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Grounded a World-Class Climber, Outside
The Seven Most Common Ways Runners Get Injured and How to Avoid Them, Outside
Camille Herron’s Advice: Skip the Long Run, Outside
This roaster’s $150 cup of coffee sold out in a single day, The Manual
8 Hip Thrust Alternatives to Build Your Glutes and Hamstrings, Breaking Muscle
Justin Medeiros Walks Through a Full Tour of His Home Gym Before CrossFit Season, Breaking Muscle
9 Things That Can Happen To Your Body After You Start Taking Testosterone, Men’s Health
Are Your Testosterone Levels Normal?, Men’s Health
This Is How Exercise Actually Affects Your Testosterone, Men’s Health
5 Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone, Men’s Health
Build Giant Muscles with this Simple Powerlifting Routine, Men’s Health
“I Tried The New Asics Gel-Nimbus 25. This Is What I Thought Of The Max Cushion Everyday Running Shoe”, Mean’s Health
Plant-Based Meat Fact Sheet,
Mushrooms magnify memory by boosting nerve growth, ScienceDaily
How High is High Carb Fueling?,
Coffee: Which Type is the Healthiest?,
‘King of the grind’: LeBron James relies on three traits as he closes …, USA Today
When Are the Best Times to Consume Caffeine?, Real Clear Science
The Psychological Benefits of Commuting to Work, Real Clear Science
Masking Likely Did Little to Slow the Spread of COVID-19, Cochrane Review Finds, Real Clear Science
Why We Lose Our Friends as We Age, The Atlantic
Why don’t we have vaccines for fungal infections?, Vox


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