Arete 2.18.21

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

31st MEU tests artificial intelligence sensing gear to help Marines, soldiers see invisible threats, Defense News
Concerns raised about COVID-19 vaccines reaching deployed troops, Marine Corps
The Role of U.S. Airpower in Defeating ISIS, RAND Research
With the submarine threat on the rise, the US Navy looks to autonomous water sensor drones, Defense News
1st Special Forces Command – A Vision for 2021 and Beyond, Small Wars Journal
U.S. Army Europe and Africa Headquarters: Reforming for Future Success, War on the Rocks
Nearly 5,000 National Guard troops to stay in DC over concerns of potential violence in March, The Hill


Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

NPR: Firefighters are facing a growing mental health challenge, Wildfire Today
4 tools that can make search and recovery operations successful, FireRescue1 Daily News
Combined, bark beetle outbreaks and wildfire spell uncertain future for forests, Wildfire Today
University of Alabama Develops Robot that Will Help Police Officer, Officer



Watch Tom Randall Climb the UK’s Longest Urban Roof Crack, Climbing Magazine
What It’s Like to Ski-Tour for 60 Hours Straight, Outside Magazine
The Language of Kayaking, The Outbound Collective
4 Winter Camping Safety Tips for All Skill Levels, Therm-a-Rest Blog
Video: Freeskier Tries 5000 Year Old Skis | Red Bull Origins w/ Paddy Graham & Jon Olsson, Red Bull
Tanzania Approves a Cable Car on Kilimanjaro, Outside Magazine
5 Quick Hacks for Beating Cracked, Glassy Winter Skin, Climbing Magazine


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Strength Training and the Efficacy of Electromyography (EMG), Breaking Muscle
The body produces new satiety factor during prolonged exercise, Science Daily
Does Nutritional Yeast Trigger Crohn’s Disease? NutritionFacts
Muscle factor that controls fat metabolism identified, Science Daily
How to Eat When You’re Injured, Outside Magazine



Unlocking the mystery behind skeletal aging, Science Daily
Meet Elizabeth Ann, the First Cloned Black-Footed Ferret, NYT
How Your Body Does (and Doesn’t) Adapt to Cold, Outside Magazine
Daytime Napping May Be in Your Genes, WebMD Health

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