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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Defence spending boost to see 18 NATO members hit target in 2024, Al Jazeera
Trump’s Contempt for Military Service, The Atlantic
Ukraine’s Struggle to Survive Without U.S. Aid Foreign Policy

Air Force Has ‘Strong Desire’ to Fly Osprey Again Following Deadly Crash, But Questions Remain,
In Major Overhaul, Air Force and Space Force Will Roll Out New Ranks, Training, Structure to Compete with China,
The toddler amputees of Israel’s war on Gaza – Hoor Nusseir, Al Jazeera
With Drones Changing War, Army Revives a ’20-Year’ Chinook Project at Boeing Plant,
Prosecutors Say a Senior Enlisted Leader at Fort Liberty Smuggled Meth, Put Strip Club on Travel Card,
Putin’s history lecture reveals his dreams of a new Russian Empire, Atlantic Council
China is testing its freeriding strategy in the Red Sea, Atlantic Council
Russia is using SpaceX’s Starlink satellite devices in Ukraine, sources say, Defense One
Iranian Revolutionary Guards die in suspected poisoning in Syria,
Navy Now Forgiving Recruits’ Prior Marijuana Use as It Looks to Cut More Losses at Boot Camp,
Kremlin refuses to comment reports about surface drone attack on Russian warship, Pravda Report
Upping the Ante on Western Weapons Could End the Stalemate in Ukraine, RAND
The Defense Department’s China Military Power Report: The Threat is Worse than Advertised, RCD
Decoupling From China’s Rare Earths, RCD
Is a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Imminent?, RCD
U.S. Support for Ukraine Lacks Intellectual Rigor, RCD
Report on Virginia-class Attack Submarine Program, AUKUS Proposal, USNI
Leave Syria, Keep Fighting the Islamic State, WOTR
Understanding the Deterrence Gap in the Taiwan Strait, WOTR
Learning Lessons from the Prussian Past?, WOTR
Next Generation Squad Weapons Undergo Arctic Testing, SSD
China is quietly reducing its reliance on foreign chip technology, Economist

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

Tour the Tune M1 Canopy Topper, a Sharp Camper for Pickup Beds, GearJunkie
2 Years, 6,800 Miles, and 27 Pairs of Shoes: First Woman Solo Hikes the ADT, GearJunkie
Why Outdoor Gear from the 1990s Is Coming Back into Style , Outside
Climber Charles Barrett Convicted on All Three Counts of Sexual Assault, Outside
Connor Herson: Sending Blackbeard’s Tears (5.14c trad), Black Diamond
Session Variability – Low-Hanging Fruit, Climb Strong
10 Reasons to Never Date a Climber, Climbing
How the Evolution of Climbing Holds Changed the Way We Move, Climbing
Climber Falls 50 Feet After Failing to Clip in on Speed Route, Climbing
How Dangerous Should We Let Bouldering Be?, Climbing
Best Headlamps for Trail Runners and Climbers 2024, Climbing Gear Reviews
Skier Descends Famous Chamonix North Face, Gripped
Daniel Woods Climbs New V16 in U.S.A., Gripped
The Luck Factor of Tonje Kvivik, Arctryx
Should Wealthy Skiers Get to Buy Access to Powder Before the Lifts Open?, Outside
Want to Recline Your Plane Seat? Don’t Be That Jerk., Outside
The Wave below the Sleeping Rabbit, Patagonia
3 great reasons you should never buy a used mountain bike, The Manual
Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Burnt Out on Climbing and Life, Climbing Beta
Outdoor Brands Are Dropping Gender Labels, REI
Scott Gaffney Takes Shane McConkey’s Legendary Stinger Waterskis For A Rip, UN
Whitefish Ski Patrol Announces Push Towards Unionization, UN
Devastating Crash Between A Skier and Snowboarder Leaves Both With Serious Injuries, UN
In Bizarre Scheme, Montana Man Cloned, Bred, and Sold Illegal Sheep (and Sheep Semen), Wide Open Spaces
Unprovoked Moose Attack on Teenager Highlights a Growing Wildlife Emergency, Wide Open Spaces
Is Too Much Technology Ruining Hunting?, Wide Open. Spaces
The Best New Hunting and Fishing Gear from The Great American Outdoors Show, Wide Open Spaces
“Ethical” Poachers? TV Hunting Show Hosts Lose Licenses After Poaching Charges, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

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