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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Settler colonialism is not an ‘academic fad’, Al Jazeera
Kenya religious cult leader, 29 others charged with murder of 191 children, Al Jazeera
Chinese spies hacked Dutch defence network, intelligence agencies say S. China Morning Post
Senior Chinese officials voice concerns on US tariffs, investment curbs in ‘candid’ bilateral meeting, S. China Morning Post
Berlin film festival invites far-right politicians, drawing backlash, Al Jazeera
Beijing tells Guatemala to break ties with Taiwan as soon as possible if it wants trading relationship, S China Morning Post
The Military Recruiting Outlook Is Grim Indeed. Loss of Public Confidence, Political Attacks and the Economy Are All Taking a Toll.,
Romania may become legitimate target for Russian forces at Moldova’s behest, Pravda Report
Putin: Russia will push demilitarised zone in Ukraine farther to ensure security, Pravda Report
London prepares plan for NATO forces to enter Ukraine. The hour is near, Pravda Report
Tucker Carlson is in Moscow to pass a message to Putin from Trump, Pravda Report
China’s Quiet War in the South China Sea, Providence Magazine
China Has Indian Military In Its Crosshairs, EurAsian Times
With US Distracted, China Scores a New Ally , The Hill
China Economy Overtaking U.S. is Increasingly Unlikely, Real Clear Defense
China Studying ‘Cognitive Attacks’ For U.S. Population, The Paradise
Why America Needs ICBMs, Global Security Review
War with Russia Won’t Be What the West expects, Spectator
What if Ukraine Loses US Funding? Can it Survive?, Real Clear Defense
NATO Believes War With Russia is Imminent, Express
China’s Preference for Hard Power, The Diplomat
Navy fires captain of a destroyer for ‘loss of confidence’, Task & Purpose
The iconic Toyota gun truck from Kabul evacuation has arrived at Fort Liberty, Task & Purpose
Chinese hacking operations have entered a far more dangerous phase, US warns, Defense One
A Trial Palestinian State Must Begin in Gaza, Forign Policy
The Two-State Solution Is a Recipe for Carnage, Foreign Policy
IDF discovers direct links between Iran and Hamas’s Sinwar in Gaza,
Fort Drum’s farewell post for Army sergeant generates controversy, Popular Military
Sacked commander accused Sailors of “mansplaining” and put her hands on them, Popular Military
U.S. Raids in Iraq and Syria: How Retaliatory Airstrikes Affect Network of Iran-Backed Militias, HSN
Mexico’s Lawsuit Against U.S. Gunmakers Has Cleared a Big Hurdle, HSN
Ukraine releases video of allegedly sinking another Russian warship, War is Boring
How cheap drones are transforming warfare in Ukraine, Economist
All the tangled conflicts in the Middle East, explained, Vox

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Republican-Led House to Vote on Alejandro Mayorkas Impeachment, NY Times
Immigration Roars Back in Headlines. Time Finally Come for Reforms?, HSN
Mardi Gras mischief: King cake thieves strike New Orleans bakeries, APBM
Los Angeles sees significant decline in violent crime in 2023, APBM
New York Mayor Eric Adams vetoes How Many Stops Act, APBM
Law enforcement cracks down on squatters living on derelict boats in Florida county, APBM
GA Fire Kills 10-Year-Old Twins; Mother Hospitalized, Fire Engineering
Amid Budget Uncertainty, Fire Bureau Considers Cuts to Portland Street Response, Fire Engineering
Mom Dies Trying to Save Baby After Rescuing Two Kids from TX House Fire, Fire Engineering
Oregon Firefighter Alleges Race Discrimination and Retaliation, Fire Law Blog
NYPD cops use WhatsApp group chats for faster response to retail thefts, Police 1
Nebraska Fire Department Settles Two Gender Discrimination Suits for $900k, Fire Law Blog
S.D. deputy killed during pursuit was deploying spike strips when suspect intentionally hit him, Police 1
Chicago PD advisers discuss raising retirement age, conducting study on where to deploy officers, Police 1
Madison’s Physical Abilities Test Upheld by Seventh Circuit, Fire Law Blog
Former Fire Chief Sues NY Fire District for $4 Million, Fire Law Blog
The Five Types of Firefighters and One Rule To Get Along With All of Them Firefighter Nation
Burn boss indicted by grand jury, Wildfire Today
University professor admits setting fires behind Dixie Fire firefighters, Wildfire Today
Wiretap produces federal charges including bid-rigging and fraud, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Man Skis 378,024 Feet Uphill, Breaking Record Vert in a Month, GearJunkie
I Own Expensive Skate Skis. Here’s Why I Still Reach for My Old Beaters., Outside
8 of the best men’s shirts jackets for winter, the Collector
Take 5 Minutes to Improve Avalanche Communication, The BC Ski Touring Blog
A Lightweight Boot to Drive Any Ski: Fischer Transalp Carbon Pro Hands-On Review, BC Ski Touring Blog
A Weird Winter Just Upended the World’s Biggest Freeride Competition, Outside
How Did This Climber Get Away with So Much for So Long?, Outside
Should Cody Townsend Quit “The Fifty” While He’s Still Ahead?, Outside
Staying Safe: Human Factors and Avalanche Education, BC Mag
Atmospheric Flow, BC Mag
Black Diamond Presents: Dorian Densmore and Mike Barney in the Central Andes, Black Diamond
BLOG: Five Lessons From Sergio Consuegra, Climb Strong
The El Cap-Sized First Ascent in Remote Greenland, Climbing
The NPS Wants to Ban Wilderness Climbing. Here’s What That Means., Climbing
Alaskan Spines Like You’ve Never Seen Before with Matchstick Productions, Freeskier
Alex Honnold Free-Soloing in Morocco, Gripped
Watch 10 Big Rock Climbing Whippers, Gripped
14-Year-Old Beckett Hsin Climbing V15, Gripped
Precipice of fear: the freerider who took skiing to its limits, The Guardian
Blown In – The Latest Industry News and Bits from the Interweb, Off Piste
86 Patagonia jacket and vest prices slashed — from just $54, The Manual
The Key Thing That’s Been Missing from My Training All Along, Training Beta
Their Return, Your Score: Funny Reasons People Return Gear, REI
VIDEO: Alaskan Snowboarder Carried 800 Vertical Feet Avalanche, UN
YETI Acquires Bozeman-Based Backpack Company, UN
Can Alex Honnold Convince Americans to Care About Greenland?, Outside
Fly Fishing Makes for the Perfect Date, Gray’s Sporting Journal
REI’s Lightweight Hiking Pack Holds ‘Far More Than You Think,’ and It’s Just $42, Men’s Journal
Gray’s Best Angling & Hunting Gear 2024, Gray’s Sporting Journal
How to Ice Fish for Burbot, Meateater
It’s Time to Re-Think Big Game Record Keeping, Meateater
Watch: Anglers Battle 1,200-Pound Great White Shark From the Beach in Florida, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

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