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Airborne Almighty: Examining the Role of Static Line Jumps in Army Special Operations, Small Wars Journal
Blunt Force: The Underreported Threat Of The Security Professional, Soldier Systems
The tragic story of the Marine infantry battalion that became the hardest hit unit of the Iraq War, Task & Purpose
Arctic First Responder Course Preps Paratroopers for Extreme Conditions, Soldier Systems
Ex-Air Force sergeant to change plea in officer killing, AF Times
Special ops wing boss defended female trainee under fire in memo to airmen, AF Times
Even Russian military commanders don’t know Putin’s plans about Ukraine,
British Army opens helicopter flying to all ranks, Janes
US wants war in Ukraine to finally materialise because Pentagon comes first, Pravda Report
Zealotry in Modern Military Thought, Modern War Institute
An Army officer may have nuked his career with a single tweet, Task & Purpose
Navy fires entire command team of East Coast ‘Seabee’ battalion, Task & Purpose
‘Bloodnado 2022’ is the name of a real military exercise in North Carolina, Task & Purpose
Mystery Ranch ditches its signature Y zipper with a quartet of new military backpacks, Task & Purpose
How ‘Starship Troopers’ convinced Jim Mattis to make Marine infantry training more realistic, Task & Purpose
The Light Fighter Is the Air Force’s Manned-Unmanned Team Solution, War on the Rocks
U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine: A Silver Bullet?, RAND
Leaked chats show current troops and veterans joined a white supremacist group, offering ‘martial arts’ and ability to ‘clear rooms’, Business Insider

National Security / Foreign Policy

Ukraine Gave Up Nuclear Weapons 30 Years Ago. Today, There Are Regrets, NY Times
Should NATO Close Its Doors?, RAND
Ukraine-Russia: The First Shots Have Already Been Fired – in Cyberspace, Homeland Security Newswire
Thousands in Mali celebrate expulsion of French ambassador, Al Jazerra
Long Live Ukraine, Taiwan and the Nation-State, Hudson Institute
Putin Targets Germany, NATO’s Weakest Link, Hudson Institute
Joe Biden, while chewing gum on the go, misses new world order out, Pravda Report
Why Americans Should Care About the Threat to Ukrainian Democracy, The Hill
Bitcoin donations are pouring into Ukraine as Russia masses troops on the border, CNBC
Why Germany Behaves the Way It Does, War on the Rocks


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Colorado Wildfires: Should We Reconsider Neighborhood Planning?, Edge
Wildland firefighter to compete in Winter Olympics, Edge
Delta’s CEO wants convicted unruly passengers placed on a national no-fly list, Business Insider
Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No. 46: Los Angeles Strike Force Investigation into Alleged Weapons Trafficking Organization Providing Weapons and Ammunition to the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), Small Wars Journal
Sixteen bodies found in violence-prone Mexican state, Al Jazerra
Fear and fire: What wildland firefighting teaches us about harnessing fear, FireRescue1
Man arrested for teaching how to make and use explosives to kill police officers, LE Today
Pegasus: What you need to know about Israeli spyware, Al Jazerra
Broad, and Likely Unauthorized, Use of Pegasus Spyware by Israel’s Police Shocks Israel, Homeland Security Newswire
Griffith (NC) Fire Chief Charged with Falsifying Reports to Boost Insurance Rating, Firefighter Nation
White House considers expanding limits on ‘no-knock’ warrants, Police 1
Police on high alert after threatening graffiti found warning “cops will be shot” and “cops wives get shot 2”, LE Today
Seattle vows quicker charging decisions to deter petty crime, Police 1
‘Repulsive’: Philly top cop slams officers abusing injured-on-duty benefits, Police 1
Fires around the world “have grown weirder”, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Timy Dutton’s Explanation Of Why He Loves Skiing Is *Perfect*, Unofficial Networks
2022 Winter Olympics: A Guide To The Biggest Events In Skiing & Snowboarding, Unofficial Networks
The Doubts that Power Olympic Skier Mikaela Shiffrin, Adventure Journal
Hunters Win Big In Colorado!, Eastman’s
I Survived an Avalanche in 1984. It Took Me Decades to Pick Up the Pieces., Outside
An Unbroken Journey to Every Country on Earth, Outdoor Journal
The 4 Stages of Snowmobiling, Unofficial Networks
Bring Back Clean Climbing, Patagonia
Wyoming Corner Crossing: Hunters Call for Dismissal, Allege Harassment, Meateater
Legendary Alpinist Corrado Pesce Dies During an Icefall on Patagonia’s Cerro Torre, Outside
Trend report: The rise of ski-coaching technology, Outside
Everest’s highest glacier has lost 2,000 years of ice in 30 years, The Daily Climate
This Affordable Four-Season Camper from Total Composites Is a DIY Dream, Outside
How to Sharpen and Maintain Your Ice Screws, AAI
The Wonders of Kamchatka, Adventure Journal
Trend report: More brands getting into the used-gear game, Outside Business
How To Adjust Ski Bindings in 10 Easy Steps, The Manual
The World Needs More Scientist-Surfers, Outside
North American Whitetail Deer Harvest Tops 6.3 Million, the Highest in the 21st Century, Wide Open Spaces
243 vs 223 Review & Comparison, Big Game Hunting Blog
TRCP’s Top 10 Conservation Priorities for 2022, TRCP
The Rural Outdoor Investment Act Has the Potential to Jump-Start Rural America’s Adventure Industry, Outside
Kelly Slater Wins Record 8th Pipeline Title; May Push for World Record, GearJunkie
Bouldering Is Scary: Watch 40-Foot ‘Roadkill’ V15 in Action, GearJunkie
This is the Mexico for Adventurers, Outside
$10,000 in Grants Available for Women Alpinists; Act Fast, GearJunkie
Bleeding Edge: These Are the Best Knife Steels Just Hitting the Market, GearJunkie
Vail Resorts Sold a Record Number of Passes. Now, Their Ski Areas Are Facing a Logistical Nightmare., Outside
Rose Marcario on the outdoor industry’s environmentalism: “We’re being too nice”, Outside
How Going Green Can Boost Your Sales, TGR
​Sage Kotsenburg And Elena Hight Win Natural Selection Jackson, TGR
Lost Lines, Patagonia
The Real Hidden Gems of the West Coast, Patagonia

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Airborne Almighty: Examining the Role of Static Line Jumps in Army Special Operations, JSCR
Personal, Work-, and Client-Related Burnout Within Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers, JSCR
Injury Risk Factors Associated With Weight Training, JSCR
Using Small-Sided Games in Field Hockey: Can They Be Used to Reach Match Intensity?, JSCR
Researchers Are Quantifying Cycling’s Mind vs. Body Debate, Outside
‘I didn’t even know this was humanly possible’: the woman who can descend into the sea on one breath, The Guardian
U.S. Kids Still Dying From Toppling TVs, Furniture, WebMD
Try This 5 Step Shoulder Warmup Before Your Next Workout, Men’s Health
How long-term cannabis use can damage lungs, Science Daily
Muscle Failure Promotes Greater Muscle Hypertrophy in Low-Load but Not in High-Load Resistance Training, JSCR
Muscle Forces During the Squat, Split Squat, and Step-Up Across a Range of External Loads in College-Aged Men, JSCR
Lifestyle more likely to affect a child’s BMI than the weight of their mother, Science Daily
Picture warnings on sodas? A promising tool to fight childhood obesity, Science Daily
Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Indoor Cycling Power, Triathlete
We Made Lunch Breaks Mandatory. Sort Of., Outside
Meet the Fitness Influencers Shaping Wellness in 2022, Outside
How I Found Focus Through Cold-Water Immersion, Outside
A Top Trainer Explains Why He Doesn’t Work Out With Barbells, Men’s Health
How Sex Hacker Kenneth Play Learned to Love His Average-Sized Penis, Men’s Health
Have a Cold? How to Feel Better Quickly, Mark’s Daily Apple
Frame Fitness: Why Pilates Is the Next Biggest Trend in At-Home Training, Men’s Journal
Dr. J, the Tony Stark of the Fitness Industry, Encourages You To Unlearn What You Know About Exercise, Men’s Journal
How Good Are Avocados for You?,
Is Confidence the Secret to Success? Not Exactly., NY Times
The Healthiest Foods: A Definitive List, T-Nation
The 5 Best Muscle-Building Exercises Of All Time, T-Nation
A Peek Into Biathlon Training With US Olympian Clare Egan, Training Peaks
Are You Getting the Nutrients You Need on a Plant-Based Diet?, Training Peaks
Ditch the Calorie-Counting App, Triathlete
Do Hard Shit: Write Your Damn Novel, Huckberry
The Last Best Fishing Town, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Why ski jumpers hold their skis in a V, Vox
How to Sell Your Old Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker, Wired



Nuclear Energy as a Hidden Gem, Homeland Security Newsletter
Key wildlife priorities advance in the House, Humane Society
The 15 Most Expensive Cars In The World, Men’s Gear
Sen. Ted Cruz discloses a bitcoin purchase worth up to $50,000, CNBC
Bitcoin has become a lifeline for sex workers, like this former nurse who made $1.3 million last year, CNBC
The War On Cancer: Almost As Expensive As Afghanistan And Just As Useless, PETA
What Is School For?, Vox
What College Students Really Think About Cancel Culture, The Atlantic
Meet a former teacher of 11 years who became a plumbing apprentice during the pandemic: ‘I think the trades are an undervalued career path.’, Business Insider
Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are two of crypto’s biggest mascots — but they aren’t fans of Web3, the metaverse, or NFTs, Business Insider
More realistic military names for the Washington Football Team, Marine Corps Times
As Joe Rogan Goes, So Goes America, Real Clear Policy
Elite Gay Men & Destruction of Women’s Role in Sexual Ethics, 11th Hour
Men and the Future of America, The American Mind
It’s Time to Stand Up to Big Tech | Heritage Explains Live, Heritage Foundation
Cybertruck Delayed Until 2023: Another Setback For Tesla’s Long-Awaited All-Electric Pickup, GearHungry
Nirvana’s Nevermind Represents Everything That Was Cool in the ‘90s, Men’s Health
New lightweight material is stronger than steel, Science Daily
Disney, Netflix, Apple: is anyone winning the streaming wars?, The Economist
FCC proposal would prevent spam callers from leaving ringless voicemails on your cellphone, Engadget
Burning plasma achieved in inertial fusion, Nature
U.S. Hispanic population continued its geographic spread in the 2010s, Pew Research
Comedy’s existential crisis, Vox
How Telegram Became the Anti-Facebook, Wired

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