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After two years, the FBI is still seeking answers about the death of Delta Force operator who killed a fellow operator in 2018, Military News
David is a Real American Hero, Real Clear Defense
Beware Putin: Russia is Surprisingly Vulnerable to Bombardment from Ukraine, Real Clear Defense
Were Russian Air Bases Hit in Drone Strikes by Ukraine?, 1945
AK-12: Russia’s Best Assault Rifle Ever?, 1945
New Court Ruling Slams Air Force’s Limited Approval of Religious Exemptions for COVID-19 Vaccine, Military Times
‘Alarming’: Two More Horses Die in Army’s Premier Ceremonial Unit, Marking Four Since February, Military Times
Convicted Oath Keeper Leader Preyed on Veterans Looking for Meaning After Service, Military Times
Five 10th Mountain Soldiers Arrested on Rape Charges, Military Times
Congress considering repeal of military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, Axios
Keep COVID Military Vaccine Mandate, Defense Chief Says,
British Army tests GPS-denied navigation outcomes, Digital Battlespace
Systematic battle management software supports major European exercise, Digital Battlespace
U.S. Carrier Fire Injures 9: Navy’s Fire Prevention Efforts Face Scrutiny, Forbes
Marine veteran chugs beer from her prosthetic leg during Lakers game, Military News
Navy investigating ships’ near-miss caught on San Diego Bay’s webcam, Military News
Two women arrested in connection with $1 million stolen from USAA customers’ bank accounts, Military News
Army sergeant charged with stealing machine gun parts after his entire brigade was recalled over a long weekend, Military News
US Dismisses China Objections to South China Sea Mission, Military News
Russia strikes Ukraine’s infrastructure facilities for 8th time, Pravda Report
LEADERSHIP: Mobilizing Madness, Misery, Mayhem And Mutiny, Strategy Page
Combat medic ‘voluntold’ to attend Army Best Squad competition ends up dominating the range, Task & Purpose
Four sailors have committed suicide at a Navy maintenance center since October, Task & Purpose
Why modern technology hasn’t rendered trench warfare useless in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
No, a former Marine general is not working for an infamous Russian mercenary group, Task & Purpose
In Photos: Life in the Bakhmut ‘Vortex’ as Savage Fighting Continues, Moscow Times
3 Killed, Nuclear-Capable Bombers Likely Damaged in Russian Airfield Explosions,Moscow Times
Retrograde: The gritty, true story of the US departure from Afghanistan, We are the Mighty

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Nuclear Hunting Licenses, Real Clear Defense
Staying On Target: Containing Al-Shabaab Through Drone Strikes, Real Clear Defense
China has doubled its nuclear stockpile in the last 2 years, DoD report finds, Task & Purpose
China’s Emerging Subsurface Presence in the Indian Ocean, The Diplomat
Our Military Insiders’ Views of the New National Defense Strategy, Atlantic Council
Russian Military Strategy, Real Clear Defense
To Deter China, the U.S. Must Have the Political Courage to Retaliate Against Russia, Real Clear Defense
Should Sweden Forget About Joining NATO?, 1945
Army Awards Lockheed Martin $430.9 Million To Help Replenish HIMARS Stockpiles, Defense Daily
DARPA Soliciting For Long Endurance VTOL UAS For Navy And Marine Corps, Defense Daily
Arms Sales By World’s Biggest Defense Companies Rise To Almost $600 Billion, Forbes
Don’t Use the War in Ukraine As An Excuse To Permanently Expand the Weapons Industry, Forbes
In Five Years, Russian Agents Blew Up 210,000 Tons Of Ukrainian Ammo—And Nearly Silenced Kyiv’s Artillery, Forbes
Europeans Have Weapons—But Aren’t Warriors, Foreign Policy
Did Iran Actually Abolish Its Morality Police?, Foreign Policy
Scotland’s Independence Dream Hits a Dead End, Foreign Policy
A Dangerous Game Over Taiwan, Hoover Inst.
U.S. designates Al Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban leaders based in Afghanistan, Long War Journal
Islamic State announces death of its caliph, appoints successor, Long War Journal
Another long hotel siege ends in Mogadishu, Long War Journal
3 Months After Fat Leonard Escaped, Feds Remain Mum on Details, Military News
Rise of Israel’s Anti-Arab Party Jeopardizes Regional Normalization, New Lines Institute
China Stems Wave of Protest, but Ripples of Resistance Remain, NY Times
What to Know About Iran’s Morality Police, NY Times
USA achieves many of its goals in proxy war with Russia, Pravda Report
Putin explains reasons behind Russia’s missile attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, Pravda Report
Kremlin: Joe Biden’s terms on talks with Putin impossible, Pravda Report
The Way Ahead for Northern European Defense: Shaping the Future with Sweden and Finland as NATO Members, 2nd Line of Defense
Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Departs San Diego for Pacific Deployment, USNI
Japan considering buying 500 U.S.-made Tomahawk cruise missiles, War is Boring
Key facts about China’s declining population, Pew Research
A Plan to Push Back Against China’s Fishing Practices, War on the Rocks

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mystery surrounds arrest of alleged Russian spy couple in Sweden,
Wounded Officers Sue Sig Sauer, Say Gun Goes Off by Itself, Military News
FBI joins investigation into attack on North Carolina power grid, The Guardian
What Is Seditious Conspiracy?, HSN
Smart Inverters’ Vulnerability to Cyberattacks Needs to Be Identified and Countered, HSN
Vermilion (OH) Fire Marshal Crashes Vehicle into Fire Station, FFCC
Video: FDNY Tackles Five-Alarm Fire in Manhattan Apartment Building, FFN
Pittsburgh (PA) Pilots Program to let Medics Carry Blood for Trauma Cases, FFN
Video: Truck Topples Off Highway Overpass Onto Accident Scene in Santa Clara (CA), FFN
2 sentenced to prison in overdose death of CAL FIRE firefighter, FR1
Maine FFs wear SCBA to avoid getting high while fighting fire at marijuana growing facility, FR1
Baltimore Fire Chief Niles Ford resigns following release of internal report about LODD fire, FR1
Fla. police chief resigns after internal review into golf cart traffic stop, Police 1
Man lures Calif. LEOs out of station, throws Molotov cocktail at them, Police 1
Fla. deputy, 23, dies after officer roommate ‘jokingly’ fires gun he thought was unloaded, Police 1
Suspect tries to steal from Walmart, finds store filled with deputies, Police 1
State your case: Should police be permitted to use robots to deliver lethal force?, Police 1
Developing a respect-based police survival attitude, Police 1
Bill passes to allow injured firefighters to remain in enhanced retirement system, Wildfire Today
Judge dismisses felony charges against 48 CHP officers in OT scheme, Police 1
Mysterious Attacks on North Carolina Energy Grid Cut Power to Thousands, Gizmodo
A ‘Skills-Based’ Immigration Plan Arguably Incorporates the Worst of All Worlds, Real Clear Markets

Mountain / Outside

Chris Sharma Confirms He’s Still Working on Siurana Mega-Proj, Sends 5.14d, GearJunkie
Polartec Presents 12 ‘Apex Awards’ to Standout Gear Including Polartec Fabrics, GearJunkie
These 20 Pieces Of Gear Changed Backpacking Forever, Outside
Dial in the Elusive Perfect Ski Boot Fit, Outside
Visualizing the Backcountry as a Splitboarder: Minimizing the Challenges of Movement by Anticipating Terrain, BC Ski Touring Blog
Be Prepared — Avalanche Rescue Practice Tips, BC Ski Touring Blog
This 11-Year-Old Completed Two 5.14b Climbs in One Day, Outside
Five Story Lines to Follow with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 12/1/2022, AAI
[MUST WATCH] Cole Richardson puts it all out there in ‘Yours Truly,’ presented by Arc’teryx, Freeskier
Meet Osprey Ambassador and Artist: Brooke Ruble, Osprey
The Making of Arc’teryx’s New Film: ‘Creation Theory’, Outside
Patagonia Sues Gap Over “Iconic” Fleece Design, Outside
​Griffin Post Puts on An Alaskan Clinic in Magic Hour, TGR
What Climate People Can Learn from Conservation, Patagonia
Lift Line Hurls Snowballs At Skiers For Not Filling Chair (Funny Video), Unofficial Networks
WATCH: The 10 Most Expensive Lift Tickets In The United States, Unofficial Networks
The Best Ice Spikes & Traction For Shoes To Wear All Winter, Wide Open Spaces
Caribou Hunting 101: When and Where to Do It , Wide Open Spaces
The Mystery of Alaska’s Disappearing Whales, Wired

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Worst flu outbreak in more than a decade spikes hospitalizations, Axios
What Have We Learned from COVID-19? Apparently Not Much, HSN
Activities and Results from U.S. Coast Guard Project Evergreen V, RAND
Video: Extreme Electric Bikes – Eicma 2022, Electric Bike Action
You Should Be Using More Lube, Gear Latest
Danny MacAskill Can Ride A Bike Across A Tennis Net 🎾, Redbull
Why Conjugate is King for Auto-Regulation, Andy Baker
People are pinning their hopes for their weight loss goals on this diabetes drug, The Manual
Scientists discover secret to waking up alert and refreshed, Science Daily
Fitness levels can be accurately predicted using wearable devices — no exercise required, Science Daily
Believe it or ‘nut’, almonds can help you cut calories, study finds, Science Daily
Adolescents Are Ditching Alcohol for Cannabis at a High Rate, Healthline
Five Ways to Get Out Of Back Pain, Men’s Health
The 9 Best Protein Powders For Weight Gain Available In 2022, Muscle & Fitness
Why Should (or Shouldn’t) We Eat a Macrobiotic Diet?
The Most Damaging Exercise Myth, Real Clear Health
The Most Effective Arm Workout You’ll Ever Do, T-Nation
What Most People Get Wrong About Singles and 6 Messages You Might Need, Tiny Buddha
How to Use Data Science for Analyzing Endurance Athletes, Training Peaks
A Sneak Peek At 5 Shoes Triathletes Will Be Lusting After in 2023, Triathlete
Shingles Ups Odds of Stroke, Heart Attack By Almost 30%, WebMD
How Money Buys Happiness: Buy Experiences, Spend on Others, and More Tips, WebMD
Gifts for the Guy Who Loves to Suffer with Michael Easter, Huckberry
Holiday Gear Lab: Top 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Her 2022, Huckberry
Cannabis Is No Better Than a Placebo for Pain Relief, Real Clear Science
Beyond beliefs: does religious faith lead to a happier, healthier life?, Guardian
China’s Xi Jinping ‘unwilling’ to accept western Covid vaccines says US intelligence chief, Guardian
Why does the US keep running out of medicine?, Vox
The Era of One-Shot, Multimillion-Dollar Genetic Cures Is Here, Wired


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