Arete 12.8.16

Why American Women Join Jihadi Movements, Vice News
The Limits of Air Strikes Against ISIS,
Our Counterterrorism Allies. What are they Good For?,
Green Berets Fighting ISIS Frustrated with Command, Washington Times
Trump’s Misdiagnosis of the Jihadist Threat,

America Must Stop Losing to China, The National Interest
Cybersecurity Roundup: Photobucket, Sextortion,
Michael T. Flynn and America’s new war with ‘radical Islam’, The Strategist
Does NATO Missile Defense Have a Future?, The National Interest
Trump’s Taiwan call wasn’t a blunder. It was brilliant. Washington Post

Gen. Mattis: Can He Be a Civilian Leader?, Small Wars Journal
Questions for Gen. Mattis, The Cipher Brief
Defense Business Brief, Defense One
Ranger School is Not a Leadership School, Real Clear Defense
Social Media in an Army Brigade, The Bridge

10 Commandants of Avi Safety,
Norway from the Air, Vimeo
Freeskiing Pristine Alaskan Spines, Red Bull Studios
20 Awesome Adventure Bumper Sticker Slogans, Adventure Journal
Canada’s Best Mixed Routes,
Photos of Early Season Rockies Ice Climbing,
Vail CEO uses Casio Tactics to Drive Business,
The Disturbing Bro-ification of Outdoor Recreation, Adventure Journal
Water Buffalo Bow Hunting in Australia, Outside Adventures

The 9 Most Dangerous Things Firefighters Do,
79x Fire Fighter Deaths So Far in 2016, US Fire Administraton
Developing Outcomes for the Fargo Fire Department, US Fire Administration
Wanted: Honest Discernment in our Fire Service Discussions,
Can Vulnerability Make Us Safer, (wildland)
Deploying My Fire Shelter,
Portraits of Wildland Firefighters, National Geographic
VIDEO: 2016 Pacific NW Fire Season,  Oregon BLM

LE Social Media Strategy,  Police Chief
Tell your Side of the Story in Social Media, Police ChiefLessons from the San Bernardino terror attack timeline,
VIDEO: Evansville Indiana SWAT Team Raid, Evansville Courier & Press

$1500 Heated Teepee,
The Week in News,
6x Gear Companies that Support Vets,
Best GPS Training Watches, outdoor gear lab
16x AR Accessories,
FBI Picks Sig Red Dot for Patrol Rifles,

Confronting the Psychological Demands of Endurance Sports,
Ketogenic Diets for Athletes – Science Review,
Flossing. What is it Good For?, Discover Magazine
When Facing Predators, Monkeys Do Whatever the Females Tell Them, Discover Magazine
9 Foods that May Be a Fraud, Food & Nutrition
Amphetamine May Enhance Endurance,
Elite Athletes have Better Muscles,
Body Builders Aren’t the Strongest Athletes,
How This Athlete is Still Playing Cornerback in the NFL at 38, NY Times
The Best Calorie Counting Calculator, Huffington Post
Progenex Out as Official Crossfit Protein,

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