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The 5 Best Handguns in the World, The National Interest

Can the US Military Operate Without GPS?, LA Times

America Needs India To Become a Great Power, The National Interest

One Step Closer to a Bad Idea: An European Union Army, The National Interest

The War on Military Culture, Washington TImes

Russia Tells US Military to Get Out of Syria, Newsweek

Army Tests New Super-Soldier Exoskeleton,

Major initiative seeks to combat U.S. Army soldiers’ weight problems and injuries, Washington Post

US Touts Afghanistan Special-OPS Raids in Rare Detail, Bloomberg

New “Battle Skills Test” for All Marines Starts in 2018, Military Times

US Military Adopts New Urban Warfare Doctrine,

China Hackers Go After US Think Tanks, ARS Technica

Why America Hasn’t Learned to Win Wars, The National Interest


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Black and Blue: Black Officers Navigate a Divided Country, ABC News

Navigating The Latest Vehicles as Weapons Terrorism Trend, Rand

Homeland Security Increasingly Means Putting Agents Outside the Homeland, NY Times

Graphene Research Could Lead to Foil-Thin Body Armor, Police Mag

Chicago Police Union Suing Department Over Taser Policy, LE Today

LE Video – Winning An Armed Accounter, Carry Trainer

Five FDNY Firefighters Injured at Fatal Fire,

Thousands of Federal Inmates Are in the US Illegally, Administration Says, NY Times

Facial Scans at US Airports Violate American’s Privacy, Report Says, NY Times

Are Officers Involved In Multiple Shootings Good Officers or Bad Officers?,

15 Strangest Police Stories of 2017,

To Curb Illegal Border Crossings, Trump Administration Weighs New Measures Targeting Families,

LE Vet Commits Suicide During Traffic Stop, LE Today

Chicago Police: Facebook Didn’t Participate in Gun & Drug Running Probe, Police One

How Zetas Imposed Tyranny in a Mexican Prison, War is Boring

6 Ways Big Data Is Harming Society, Homeland Security Newswire



Skier Climbs 2.5 Million Backcountry Feet in 1 Year,

NOLS Wind Pants – The Pinnacle of Outdoor Gear, Gear Patrol

First U.S. Climbing Medal? 18-Year Old Eyes 2020 Olympics,

Choosing the Right Outdoor Jacket, Outdoor Research

British Columbia Bans All Grizzly Bear Hunting,

How To Train Power Without A Campus Board, Training Beta

8 Surprising Facts About US Skiers and Snowboarders, Unofficial Networks

Teams Prepare for Winter Himalaya Ascents, The Adventure Blog


Telemark Skiing is Dead, Powder

An Eminently Reasonable Take on MTV vs. Wilderness, Outside

How To Help Your Boyfriend Buy Skis, Powder

Best Books of 2017, Outside Magazine

Best Books of 2017, National Geographic

Ice Climbers Saved By Proper Safety Gear, Unofficial Networks

How Squirrels Deal With Cold … They May Not Feel, National Geographic

Mountain Bikers, Environmentalists At Odds Over Bikes in the Wilderness Bill, Gear Junkie

Are Crossbows Hurting Deer Numbers?,

Ski Signals for Backcountry Skiing, Unofficial Networks


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

The World’s Hardest Bike Race, Outside Magazine

The Best of 2017, Research Insights and Other Breakthroughs, Mark’s Daily Apple

Keto Diet Could Help Us Live Longer, But Could Also Lead to Weight Gain, The Sidney Morning Herald

Use the French Contrast Method to Build Explosive Power, Muscle & Fitness

The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2018, Outside

Meet One of Britain’s Strongest Power Lifting Women, Red Bull

Think You’re Seeing More Drug Ads on TV? You Are. Here’s Why, NY Times

The 5 Most Important Health Lessons of 2017, Outside

How to be Happier, Safer, Healthier and Smarter in 2018, NY Times

This is the Perfect Amount of Rest Between Lifting Sets to Maximize Muscle, Men’s Fitness

Effect of Lower-Body Resistance Training on Upper-Body Strength Adaptation in Trained Men, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Is Endurance Training Killing Your Strength?, Outside

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