Arete 12.28.16

Top U.S. General: Two More Years to Defeat ISIS The Daily Beast
How Donald Trump Should Transform America’s Middle East Policy The National Interest
Power and Order in the South China Sea Center for New American Security
This Won’t Look Like Winning: A Sensible Path For Trump’s Syria Policy War on the Rocks
The Consequences of Russia’s ‘Counterterrorism’ Campaign in Syria Combating Terrorism Center  – West Point

2016 With suspect dead, Germany examines impact of Berlin attacks
Analysis: The assassination of Russia’s ambassador in Turkey creates a crisis for Erdogan
How FBI Intel Helps Task Force Stem Illegal Flow of Drugs FBI News
Corruption on the Border: New Campaign Enlists the Public’s Help FBI News

Nano Drones for Grunts Marine Corps Times
What’s Wrong with SOCOM? Small Wars Journal
Uncloaking the Dagger: Does Adherence to the Geneva Conventions Betray SOF Small Wars Journal
New Weapons for the Osprey
How Israel Took a Toy and Made it a High Tech Weapon Commentary Magazine
Time to Reform the Military Award (Medals/Ribbons) System, War is Boring

Police hiring standards: Raise them or lower them?
The Ferguson Effect in LA
SF police commission votes to prohibit shooting at moving vehicles
Corruption on the Border: New Campaign Enlists the Public’s Help FBI News

Prioritize and Execute
Leadership Lessons: After the Ultimate Sacrifice
A More Complicated Wildland Fire Situation – What are We Doing About It?

This Bill Could Make Outdoor Expenses Tax Deductible
Best GoPro Videos Mash Up of 2016, GoPro
Public Lands and the Future of Advocacy
Top 10 Ski Videos of 2016

The sub-2 hour marathon in 2017?
Steroids and PED’s – The Facts as they are known PJ Medcast
LCHF Diets and Performance in Elite Athletes

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