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Military / National Security

Making Intelligence Work: A Call to Reform and Re-organize the Afghan Intelligence Community, Small Wars Journal
Dunford Addresses Talk of Afghanistan Pullout at Holiday USO Show, Small Wars Journal
Trump, Erdogan Agree to Coordinate U.S. Pullout From Syria, Small Wars Journal
Social media efforts to combat foreign interference, Homeland Security Newswire
How Did Rifles With an American Stamp End Up in the Hands of African Poachers?, NY Times
China exerting “sharp power” influence on American institutions, Homeland Security Newswire
U.S. Navy Asks More of Its Underwater Fleet, RealClearDefense
Good Riddance to America’s Syria Policy, Foreign Policy
International Impediments: A Counterterrorism Strategy Study, Small Wars Journal
Artificial Intelligence and the Military: Technology Is Only Half the Battle, War on the Rocks


First Responser / Wildland Firefighter / Homeland Security

FEMA to fund a study of health effects on wildland firefighters, Wildfire Today
A description of Hotshot crews in the 1940s, Wildfire Today
Some federal employees look for other ways to make ends meet during shutdown, Stars and Stripes
Documenting hate in America: What ProPublica found in 2018, Homeland Security Newswire
Ways to stop a rogue drone, Homeland Security Newswire
The IRA and political polarization in the United States, Homeland Security Newswire
Islamic State greater draw for U.S.-born recruits than al Qaeda, Homeland Security Newswire
Suicide rates among first responders 20 percent higher than general public, Law Enforcement Today
If You Don’t Trust Cops, You Don’t Report Crimes?, Law Enforcement Today
New Federal Prison Reform Based on Texas Program, Police Magazine
How Much Border Wall Does $5 Billion Buy?, Officer


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

New Office Hours Aim for Well Rested, More Productive Workers, NY Times
HDL Cholesterol: Too Much of a Good Thing?, NY Times
New Study Suggests Exercise is Effective to Treat High Blood Pressure, Interesting Engineering
Scientific Studies That Will Improve Your Running Fitness, Runner’s World
Low on Time? Why Rest-Pause Training Gets You Strong Faster, BarBend
How dietary fiber and gut bacteria protect the cardiovascular system, Science Daily
This Type of Illiteracy Could Hurt You, NY Times
20 Ways to Eat for More Muscle, Muscle & Fitness
Rethink Your Warm Up, Breaking Muscle
The Pyramid of Athletic Development, Breaking Muscle



Death Valley Hiker Pulls Plug on Solo Crossing, The Adventure Blog
The Insider Guide to North America’s Best Ski Towns, Outside Magazine
First Avalanche Fatality Of 2018-2019 Season Reported In Wyoming, Unofficial Networks
Q&A with Alpinist Assistant Research Editor Anders Ax, Alpinist
Antarctica 2018: Eric Larsen Retrieved From the Ice, Massive Storm Makes Skiing Tough, The Adventure Blog
Adam Ondra onsighting Just Do It at Smith Rock, the uncut video, Planet Mountain
How to Shred Colorado’s Abandoned Ski Resorts, Outside Magazine
The Best Semi-Rad Adventure Charts of 2018, Semi-Rad
Researchers Stash Cameras in Bushes to Show Wolves Are Anglers, Too, Adventure Journal
New Rules Make Everest More Expensive Than Ever, Outside Magazine
NPR’s How I Built This | Burton Snowboards: Jake Carpenter, Unofficial Networks



Noam Chomsky: Social media is “undermining democracy”, Salon
The inner workings of Vladimir Putin’s state, The Economist
On the Surface, Hungary Is a Democracy. But What Lies Underneath?, NY Times
Indonesian Tsunami: Scenes of Devastation, NY Times
Not very merry: US stocks plunge before Christmas, Stars and Stripes
The Most Popular RAND Research of 2018, RAND
Most Voters Have Positive Views of Their Midterm Voting Experiences, Pew Research Center
How to Build Fireproof Towns, Outside Magazine
There Is A War Between Science And Religion, Science 2.0
Interpreting emotions: A matter of confidence, Science Daily

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