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The Weapons the Marines Passed On in Favor of the M27 IAR, Sandboxx
No One Serves Alone: The Impact of Military Service on Children, The Hill
How to Absorb the Marine Corps Into the Army and Navy, Proceedings
Switchblade:  The Kamikaze Drone NBC News
What Are the Best U.S. Military Options for Ukraine?, The Hill
How to Ensure China Doesn’t Try to Invade Taiwan, Real Clear Defense
Navy Fires Destroyer XO for Vaccine Refusal, UNSI News
Invading Ukraine Is a Trap for Vladimir Putin, WSJ
How the CO of SEAL Team 8 Was Lost, Real Clear Defense
How to avoid disaster in Ukraine, Defense News
Fate of Marine battalion commander during tragic 2020 sinking on the line, Marine Corps Times
No military personnel will be punished for Afghanistan air strike that killed 10 civilians, Military Times
Three brigades of US army in Europe have no chances against Russia, Pravda Report
Russian military jam USS Arleigh Burke and practice her destruction, Pravda Report
Russian Su-30SM fighter attacks NATO’s F-35 over Black Sea, Pravda Report
Air Force pilot awarded for saving Green Berets surrounded by Taliban fighters in 2018, Task & Purpose
Tulsi Gabbard posts video in uniform accusing ‘self-serving politicians’ of wanting to start World War III, Task & Purpose
Why military officers are commanding fewer enlisted troops than ever before, Task & Purpose
Air Force fires commander who separated an airman recovering from a suicide attempt, Task & Purpose
Pentagon considering mandating vaccine booster, The Hill
Provision requiring women to register for draft stripped from defense bill, The Hill
Talent Management for a Modern Military, War on the Rocks
If Russia Invaded Ukraine, RAND


National Security / Foreign Policy

Putin Can Take Eastern Ukraine . . . But, Real Clear Defense
Embrace the Arms Race in Asia, War on the Rocks
The Growing Danger of U.S. Ambiguity on Taiwan, Foreign Affairs
U.S., Australia Increasing Tech Transfer to Take on China,
Is This How World War III Begins?, The Strategist
Booz Allen Sounds The Alarm On China’s Coming Quantum Harvest, Hudson Institute
Denmark arrests four intelligence officers for disclosing ‘highly classified’ information,
Ukraine crisis: Man-made in USA, Pravda Report
Belarus threatens to cut gas supplies to Europe, Pravda Report
NATO: Prod-Provoke-Poke tactics, Pravda Report
Weighing the Trade-Offs of U.S. Military Interventions, RAND
Virtual Event Explores Increasingly Volatile U.S. Rivalry with China, Russia, RAND
A Large Number of Small Things: A Porcupine Strategy for Taiwan, TNSR
New Zealand’s Conflicted China Strategy, The Diplomat
China is waiting for the right time to steal atoll from the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea, retired general says, War is Boring


First Responder / Wildlland Fire / Homeland Security

Human and Economic Impacts of Covid-19, HSN
California’s Water Supplies Are in Trouble as Climate Change Worsens Natural Dry Spells, Especially in the Sierra Nevada, HSN
Michigan School Shooting Shows How Violence Can Transition from Online Threats to Real-World Tragedy, HSN
Houston (TX) Firefighter Returns Home After 4-Month COVID Battle that Destroyed his Lungs, FFN
Planning Questions Emerge at Tornado-Destroyed Candle Plant, FFN
What’s next for the fire service? Fire service leaders offer 2022 projections, FR1
Arrests coming? School officials could be criminally charged in school shooting for ignoring warning signs, LE Today
Ariz. city starts massive effort to hire staff for public safety positions, FR1
Going viral: 1 firefighter’s kindness to a young crash victim lights up social media, FR1
Car crash deaths have surged during COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s why, Police 1
Are prosecutors and departments weaponizing Brady lists against targeted officers?, Police 1
2021 in review: The top police news of the year, Police 1
More pilotless helicopters are in the pipeline, Wildfire Today
Three males charged with arson for fire that destroyed 13 homes in Montana, Wildfire Today
Portland Riots: How a City Government Failed Law Enforcement, Tactical Life
Want to limit carbon and curb wildfire? Create a market for small trees, Science Daily


Mountain / Outside Recreation

Truck Stuck? We Put Maxtrax to the Test and It Did Not Disappoint, Outside
We Tested the First All-Mountain Skis That Fold in Half, Gear Latest
James Pearson Repeats Gritstone Frightener ‘Harder Faster,’ Facing Ground Fall From Top, Gear Junkie
Skiers in WA Trigger Deadly Avalanche, Ultrarunner Breaks 24-Hour Record, and More Can’t-Miss Stories, Gear Junkie
How Pete Whittaker Climbed a 1,000m Wall With No Ropes and Filmed It, Gear Junkie
Turn Your SUV Into a Pickup: The ‘Ute Chop’ Will Transform American Off-Road Touring, GearJunkie
Patagonia’s CEO Ponders Stopping Growth Or Even Moving Backward, Adventure Journal
Do FKTs Miss the Point?, Outside
What You Missed: A Q&A with Globetrotter Jonas Deichmann, the “German Forrest Gump”, Outside
Top Overland Builds of the 2021 SEMA Show, ReCoil
A First Look: ZOLEO Satellite Communicator, BC Ski Blog
New OIA report highlights winter spending plans of ‘enthusiast’ market, Outside Business
State of the Colorado Snowpack: Comparisons to Winter 2020/2021, BC Ski Blog
You See the Underside of a Freeway, They See Their Next Crack Climb, Outside
10 of the Cheapest Towns for Renters Within Shouting Distance of Skiing, Adventure Journal
What You Missed: Forest Services Limits Boundary Waters Entry Permits, Outside
Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Could Disappear by 2050, Outside
We Need More Used Gear Marketplaces Like This, Adventure Journal
Watch James Pearson climb Harder, Faster at Black Rocks, England, Planet Mountain
Tracking Lions and Outlasting Hyenas in Northern Botswana – An African Oasis., Outdoor Journal
VIDEO: Scary Demonstration Of Tree Well Dangers, Unofficial Networks
He Skied for 80 Years and Kept Every Ski He Ever Owned, Adventure Journal
[VIDEO] How to recognize human factors while navigating backcountry terrain, Freeskier
Brands, here’s how much your paper sales catalogs are harming the earth, Outside Business
Seasonal Guides Are Speaking Up About the Stresses of the Job, Outside Business
10 of the Cheapest Towns for Renters Within Shouting Distance of Skiing, AAI
Hunters in Washington Lost Spring Bear Season for 2022, Eastman’s
Corner Crossing Conundrum In Wyoming, Eastman’s
Video: The legendary 1977 Yosemite Valley drug plane crash, Planet Mountain
Five Women. One Wilderness. Zero Mansplaining., Outside
The best ski outerwear of 2022, Freeskier
Chilean Time, Gray’s Sporing Journal
Sailfish vs. Swordfish: The Main Differences Between the Species, Wide Open Spaces


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

Mental Fitness Is the Name of the Game for This Climber, Outside
How Max Verstappen Trained To Become F1 World Champion, Red Bull
A diet rich in plant-based products reduces the risk of cognitive impairment in the elderly Science Daily
The Best At-Home Workouts for Climbers, Adventure Blog
The Science of Exercising in Extreme Cold, Outside
Prep Your Mind and Body for Sleep With These Nightly Workout Rituals, Men’s Journal
Denmark and Norway Predict Drastic Spike in Omicron Cases, NY Times
A Penny for Your Squats? A Tiny Monetary Award Motivated Hundreds to Exercise., NY Times
Pandemic Brought Big Rise in New Cases of Anorexia, WebMD
Our Favorite Healthy Habits of 2021, NY Times
Brain surgeons and rocket scientists no brighter than the rest of us, study finds, The Guardian
A good life is painful, Vox



Lucid Motors CEO sees $25,000 electric cars in 4 years, Axios
10 Great Tech Books to Gift (or Keep for Yourself), Gear Latest
The battle of the computing clouds is intensifying, The Economist
All the Ways Tech Saved Us This Year, Gear Latest
Most Dog Breeds Are Highly Inbred — and Unhealthy, WebMD
Why high inflation will persist in America well into the new year, The Economist
Kim Kardashian West Passes The ‘Baby Bar’ On Her Fourth Try, Forbes
The Paradox of the 2020 Gun-Sales Spike, Manhattan Institute
The Paradox of the 2020 Gun-Sales Spike, Nature
Why does cold air go down and hot air go up?, Popular Mechanics
The Coronavirus Turned a Rural County Into a Battleground for Millionaires, The Atlantic
Nike just bought a virtual shoe company that makes NFTs and sneakers ‘for the metaverse’, The Verge
A Gene-Tweaked Jellyfish Offers a Glimpse of Other Minds, Wired

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