Arete 12.15.16

Comparing the Flow of Foreign Fighters to AQI and the Islamic State, Small Wars Journal
What John Kelly could really do at DHS, Politico
Study finds links between depression and risk of developing extremist ideas, Kings College London
Terror Attack in Turkey,
How the changing media is changing terrorism, The Guardian

Understanding the Mattis Controversy, Havok Journal
The Two Largest Land Armies in Europe on the Edge of War, Real Clear Defense
The President-elect’s Dismissal of CIA Election Findings Is Not Acceptable, The Cipher Brief
CNAS Papers: Preparing the Next President, Center for New American Security
Trump, ‘One China’ and regional stability, The Strategist

The Hard March to Mosul: A Frontline Report, Combating Terrorism Center, West Point
Rethinking the Army’s “Wife School”, Foreign Policy
Philippines Curtails Military Exercises with US, Military Times
Spotlight turns to US Forces’ role as IS fight continues, AFP
House Approves NDA, continues to increase SOCOM independence, SOFREP
Video Shows Russia’s Delta Force Operating in Syria, Washington Post
From Close Combat to Counterterrorism, Armor Saves Lives, The Strategist

10 Myths About Blood Trailing Deer,
Sand Skiing in Peru, GoPro
The Outdoor Industry is About to Become a Serious Political Force, Outside Online
Vertical Triathlon: The Future of Climbing in the Olympics,
2017 Mugs Stump Award Recipients Announced,

In Defense of the Senior man,
Are You Ready as Incident Commander when your Firefighters “Press their MAYDAY Button”?

Military-Trained Police May Be Less Hasty To Shoot, But That Got This Vet Fired, NPR
2015 FBI NIBRS Crime Data Released,
FBI HRT Marks 30 Years,

Comparing Fixed Length Backcountry Skiing Poles,
Hunting Knives Review,
Best Enduro Mountain Bikes,

How Exercise Shapes You, Far beyond the Gym, Science of Us
Running actually lowers inflammation in knee joints,
Time to rethink the protein intake guidelines for athletes?
The Company that Trains,
Running beats Lifting for Brain Health, NY Times



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