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National Defense, Military

As Much Death as You Want, AI “Slaughterbots,” Real Clear Defense

How Drone Swarms Could Change Urban Warfare, Modern War Institute

Next Gen Drones: Making War Easier for Dictators and Terrorists, The Cipher Brief

Mattis: More ‘Warrior Monk,’ than ‘Mad Dog,” The Gazette

Russia’s Rapid Development of Unmanned Military Systems, The Bridge

The Rise of the Global Cyber Attack, The Strategist

Trump’s Drone War Against Al Qaeda Paying Dividends, Real Clear Defense

Terrorism Before and During the War on Terror – A Look at the Numbers, War on the Rocks

Why is America Addicted to Foreign Interventions, The National Interest

Still Waiting for Americans to Wake Up to Their Country’s Wars, War is Boring

Drones On Leashes, Kamikaze Drones, Information Bombs Top Pentagon’s Counterterrorism Wishlist,

Pentagon Foresees At Least 2 More Years of Conflict in Somalia, NY Times

The Army’s Plans for the Future of the M4, Scout Warrior

US Army Had a Special ‘Suicide Squad’ to Strike Russian Forces, The National Interest

Aircraft Carrier Alternatives, Real Clear Defense


Homeland Security, First Responder, Wildland

SC Highway Patrol Seeking to Equip Officers with Rifles, Police

PA Officer Suspended After Going To Church While On Duty, Police One

Profiling Must Be Used to Combat Terrorism, LE Today

What We Learned About Terrorism in 2017, Police One

Sheriff’s helicopter pilot lands to detain man with laser pointer, Police One

Philly Firefighters and Cancer: Coincidence or Hazard?, Firefighter Close Calls

Mexican Border: America’s Biggest Crime Scene, Police

Sessions Talks Tough On Immigration, Police One

Dallas Police Chief Blames Millennials for Recruiting Woes,

ICE Removals Up 145% in Wyo and Colo,

How to Fight Wildfires with Science, Homeland Security Newswire



The 10 Ski Resorts with the Most Snow So Far This Season, Unofficial Networks

Ski Tips for Guide and World Champ Skier Jessica Baker, Black Diamond Equipment

5 Drills for Better Climbing Technique, Climbing Magazine

5 Tips for International Climbing Travel, Climbing Magazine

In Search of the Perfect Ski Turn, Salomon TV

2017 Fixed Broadhead Test, Petersen’s Bowhunting

Heuristic Traps, Backcountry Magazine

VIDEO: First Female Ascent of 5.14 R Trad Route, Gear Junkie

Video of the New Speed Record on the Nose, The Adventure Journal

How To Remove Your Skins with your Skis On, American Alpine Institute

How Much Will It Cost To Climb Everest in 2018?, The Adventure Blog

What Happens Behind the Scenes on a Snowboard Movie, Red Bull

What Do You Think About Gear Makers Getting Political?, Outside

10 Best Ski Movies of the Last Decade, Unofficial Networks, Unofficial Networks

World’s Hardest Drytooling Route, Planet Mountain

The Rise of Female Bowhunters, Bowhunting



Are Men “Just Babies” When They Get the Flu?, Maybe not …, WebMD

Does Alcohol Negatively Affect Your Training, Muscle & Fitness

Bad Knees? Pain Free Legs Training, Muscle & Fitness

Are Walnuts Healthy? The World’s Healthiest Foods

The Most Exciting New Running Shoes from ‘The Running Event’, Gear Junkie

Best Exercises for Injury Proof Hamstrings, Muscle & Fitness

Whatever Your Goal, The Answer Is Play, Breaking Muscle

Backcountry Ice Skating in Alaska, Gear Junkie

A Call to Endurance Athletes and Being Coached By Your 80-Year-Old Self,  Marks Daily Apple

The Best (And Worst) Foods to Keep You Full, Outside Magazine

High-Intensity Exercise Delays Parkinson’s, Science Daily

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