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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Palestinian ex-prisoners recall torture in Israeli detention, Al Jazerra
Will there be peace in eastern Ukraine? Al Jazerra
How the Pentagon will experiment with 5G, Defense News
Heavy equipment out, unmanned logistics in for the US Marine commandant’s wish list, Defense News
US Air Force chief: The biggest threat posed by China is in space, Defense News
Defense advocates fear isolationist views endanger military’s future, Defense News
An End to Magical Thinking in the Middle East, Defense One
Britain’s Secret War With Russia, Defense One
German defense minister calls out Russia after Berlin murder,
Is NATO Brain Dead?, Rand Corp
Pensacola Shooting Casts Shadow Over U.S.-Saudi Relations, Foreign Policy
What the West Gets Wrong About Russia’s Intentions in Ukraine, Foreign Policy
What Trump Gets Right About Alliances, Foreign Policy
AFRICOM says Russian air defences shot down UAV, Jane’s 360
Analysis: How the US arrived at this critical crossroads in Afghanistan, Long War Journal
U.S. unseals indictment against American serving as top Shabaab figure, Long War Journal
Dates set for murder trials of Navy SEAL, Marine Raider in death of Green Beret, Marine Corps Times
Afghanistan war metrics were manipulated to highlight battlefield success, according to bombshell WaPo report, Military Times
Russia to take nuclear triad as close to US borders as possible, Pravda Report
U-2 pilot dismissed for shaving his entire body to avoid a drug test, Task & Purpose
Mexico’s Strategic Security Problem, The Cipher Brief
Islamic terrorist killed with “secret CIA” bladed missile that does not explode, War is Boring
War Crime Pardons and What They Mean for the Military, War on the Rocks


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

The remarkable case of the triple agent and the bombing in Khost, Afghanistan, Brookings Inst.
What Will the Opioid Crisis Look Like in Five Years? Rand Corp
Calif. city firefighters report threats, vandalism of stationsFire Rescue 1
The audacity of the badge: Reconciling the confidence and arrogance that comes with the job, Fire Rescue 1
Calif. city could start charging nonresidents for EMS, Fire Rescue 1
Wage costs rise to $5 billion as firefighter overtime surges by 65% in Calif., Fire Rescue 1
Rival gang members burned alive by cartel 16 miles from Texas border, LE Today
Law Enforcement Across the Country in Mourning After 3 Officers Slain in 48 Hours,



Let These Ladies Show You How to do a Wilderness Surf Trip The Right Way, Adventure Journal Is Partnering With Shops It Once Sued In Bid to Repair Image, Adventure Journal
The Best Cold-Weather Gloves, Backpacker
Jump, Jump! Why the Simple Jump Rope Might Just Be the Best Warm-Up Tool Ever, Climbing Magazine
20th Annual Powder Awards Winners Announced, Powder
Horn and Ousland Safely Off the Ice After Completing Polar Traverse, Adventure Blog
What Good Neighbors Do, Patagonia


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

How Much Does Testosterone Really Affect Performance? Outside
The Hidden Cost of a Quick Injury Fix, Outside Magazine
Is Excess Protein Bad For Your Kidneys? Breaking Muscle
How to Enter the Flow State With Squats, Breaking Muscle
American children and teens are consuming significantly fewer sugary drinks, Science Daily
Throwing cold water on ice baths: Avoid this strategy for repairing or building muscle, Science Daily
The Case For Better Meat, Mark’s Daily Apple
Why You Won’t Necessarily Benefit From Eating More Protein, Men’s Journal
8 Morning Exercises You Should Do as Soon as You Get Out of Bed, Men’s Journal
How Much Vitamin C Should You Get Every Day?,
Denmark Raises Antibiotic-Free Pigs. Why Can’t the U.S.?, NY Times
Fake Meat vs. Real Meat, NY Times
Why Science Can’t Seem to Tell Us How to Eat Right, WebMD
Are Sugar Substitutes Good for Kids?, NY Times
Scam or Not? What are the benefits of Probiotics, NY Times



10 facts about Americans and YouTube, Pew Research Center
A Billion Vegans by 2030? Bloomberg


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