Arete 12.10.20

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

Marine Corps says it’s going to start hunting submarines, War is Boring
Washington braces for clash over defense budget, The Hill
82nd Civil Affairs Battalion’s Last Deployed Company: Lessons Learned, Small Wars Journal
Marine Corps’ first F-35C squadron ready to deploy on carriers, Navy Times
Pilots, maintainers are worn out and under-trained, aviation safety commission says, Defense News
Military pay raise safe from Trump’s veto threat, but troops’ bonuses could be in trouble, Air Force Times

Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

FAA gives approval for company to use swarms of drones to reforest burned areas, Wildfire Today
It’s time to come to the aid of wildland firefighters, Wildfire Today
Surgeon by day, firefighter by night: A surgeon’s journey back to the fire service, FireRescue1 Daily News
LA looking at layoffs for as many as 951 cops, 728 civilian jobs, Police1 Daily News
New L.A. County DA Ends Cash Bail for Most Suspects, POLICE Magazine



These Ski Guides Will Improve Your Backcountry Game, Outside Magazine
Mount Everest Is Now Higher—Officially Speaking, Anyway, Adventure Journal
Sport Climbing Officially Added to Paris 2024 Olympics, Climbing Magazine
Legendary Alpinist Doug Scott Dies at Age 79, Climbing Magazine
Hip Mobility for Rock Climbers to Improve High Stepping & Frogging, Training Beta
NEWS: Rainshadow 9a by 15-year-old Toby Roberts, Climbing News


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Oversleeping: What Happens When You Sleep Too Much? Men’s Journal
Healthy muscles are a carrot on a string for healthy lungs, Science Daily
The Lost Art of Winter Cycling, Outside Magazine
Do This To Increase Your Bench Press, Breaking Muscle
How poor oral hygiene may result in metabolic syndrome, Science Daily
Obesity impairs immune cell function, accelerates tumor growth, Science Daily
How Stress Affects Gut Health (and What to Do About It), Mark’s Daily Apple
From 0 to 5: Beginner Pullup Tips From US Marine Michael Eckert, Men’s Journal



Training May Speed Smell’s Return After COVID, WebMD
Researchers find ‘missing link’ between stress and infertility, Science Daily
Australia Gears Up for the Great Koala Count, Using Drones, Droppings and Dogs, NYT
Who’s Really to Blame for the Monolith Shitshow, Outside Magazine
Climate change threatens ‘most Alps glaciers’, BBC News
Chuck Yeager, 1st to break sound barrier, dies at 97, Air Force Times
These photographers set out to film the aurora borealis from the edge of space, The Outbound Collective

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