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Russian Soldiers Are Freezing To Death In Eastern Ukraine, Forbes
UK researches new, affordable precision munition, with Ukraine in mind Breaking Defense
Why Ukraine Won’t Quit, Small Wars Journal
Ukraine Just Killed Iranians Helping Russia with Drone Attacks, 1945
Is the Ukraine War Turning Into World War I?, 1945
‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ Is a Damning Indictment of Fort Hood Culture, Military Times
Army Expanding Pre-Boot Camp Course for Overweight and Low-Scoring Applicants, Military Times
5th Fleet Starts Three-Week Event With 15 Unmanned Systems, Defense Daily
Why Defense Budgets Will Stay High After the Ukraine War, Defense One
Space Force Is Setting Up Inside Combatant Commands, Defense One
Three sailors assigned to naval maintenance center committed suicide this month, Military News
The Navy Begins Major Revamp of Promotions, Starting with Master Chiefs, Military News
Former US Marine Corps general commands PMC Wagner foreign fighters, Pravda Report
Russian Military Strategy, RAND
Ukraine Can Beat Russia in the Bombardment War of Attrition, Real Clear Defense
The Sneaky Way China Could Win a War Against America, RCD
A MACV-SOG Thanksgiving: When 6 commandos took on 30,000 enemy troops, Task & Purpose
The 4th Infantry Division staged a massive physical challenge honoring its past and accidentally tear gassed itself, Task & Purpose
US Navy fined for acts of software piracy, Task & Purpose
The Pentagon is moving ahead with new military jetpack prototypes, Task & Purpose
All-mom flight of Air Force F-15 fighter pilots takes to the skies, Task & Purpose
Russian Social Network Bans Soldiers’ Mothers’ Group Following Putin Criticism, Moscow Times
Investigation launched into alleged shooting of Russian soldiers after they ‘surrendered’, War is Boring
How Can the Marines Learn From the Falklands War?, War on the Rocks
Ukraine and the Future of Offensive Maneuver, War on the Rocks
One of the most lopsided surrenders in military history, We are the Mighty
10 years later: Iconic Thanksgiving Parade at FOB Shank Afghanistan, remembered, We are the Mighty
Czech army leader calls for ‘biggest rearmament of the army in the country’s history’, Breaking Defense
Russian Aircraft Keep Crashing. Could Sanctions Be the Cause?, RAND
What’s the Harm in Talking to Russia? A Lot, Actually, RAND

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Protests Erupt in Shanghai and Other Chinese Cities Over Covid Controls, NY Times
Experts react: As the US eases oil sanctions, is Venezuela coming in from the cold?, Atlantic Council
UN panel accuses South Sudan officials of overseeing gang rapes, Al Jazerra
The massive hypocrisy of the West’s World Cup ‘concerns’, Al Jazerra
The West must urgently overcome its fear of provoking Putin, Atlantic Council
Ukraine must be allowed to strike back against targets inside Russia, Atlantic Council
Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis: Putin is no Khrushchev, Atlantic Council
It’s Time to Debunk Putin’s Existential Fallacy, Foreign Policy
Sweden charges two brothers with spying for Russian military intelligence,
The rush to buy and build weapons, Morning Defense
If the West caps prices on Russian oil, Moscow will not shoot itself in the foot, Pravda Report
Putin meets mothers of Russian servicemen who take part in special operation in Ukraine, Pravda Report
US seriously considers supplying Boeing’s GLSDB long-range artillery weapon to Ukraine, Pravda Report
Ukrainian refugees in Poland: how long will the warm welcome last?, Vox Report
AIR DEFENSE: Russian Devolution In Ukraine, Strategy Page
Brexit Remains Biggest Headache in UK’s Recession-Prone Economy, Bloomberg
Multinational firms are finding it hard to let go of China, Economist
The Supplies For Russia’s Southern Armies Run Through Dzhankoy. The Ukrainians Know It., Forbes
Chinese police are searching phones for Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram as protests mount, The Verge

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Firefighters Pull Two from Plane Caught in MD Power Lines; Six-Hour Rescue, FFN
Firefighters Battle Fire at Marine Warehouse in Mystic (CT), FFN
FDNY mostly bars civilians from fire boats 5 months after Belgian firefighter died in crash, FR1
Chicago police officer found not guilty in shooting of man at train station, Police1
From athletes to officers: LEOs offer advice to football teammates who joined LE together, Police1
Fla. deputy dies after being hit by suspected drunk driver, Police1
Tenn. sheriff’s office unveils drone command vehicle, Police1
Firefighting helicopter collides with Navy helicopter, both land safely, Wildfire Today
Forest Service examines 10 years of incidents and fatalities to develop Metareview, Wildfire Today
AI experts are increasingly afraid of what they’re creating, Vox

Mountain / Outside

Diving with the Apple Watch Ultra & Oceanic+ App: Everything You Need to Know, DC Rainmaker
Apple’s Satellite Emergency SOS Feature: A Review & Deep-Dive Explainer, DC Rainmaker
Blix Packa Genie Review | Electric Cargo Bike (2022), Electric Bike Report
Grand Targhee’s New Lift Opens, Increases Skiable Terrain by 30%, GearJunkie
Making Good Enuf: ‘A Ski Movie That We Can Watch When We’re Old’, GearJunkie
Daniel Woods Makes 4th Ascent of Multiverse V15, GearJunkie
Crispi Colorado GTX II Boot Review: A New Generation of a Favorite Boot, GearJunkie
Short or Long-Travel: Which Is the Best All-Round MTB?, Outside
The Best Minimalist Running Shoes, Outside
Why New Backpackers Should Go Ultralight, Outside
Ron Perla and the 30-Degree Threshold, BC Ski Touring Blog
Weekend Read: The Supposed Dream Life of a Ski Patroller, Outside
How to Throw Bombs, Save Lives, and Raise a Family in Paradise on $22 an Hour, Outside
Mikaela Shiffrin Is Crushing World Cup Ski Races Again, Outside
A Climbing Life, Alpinist
Do Game Wardens Need More Power?, Eastmans
Monviso in winter in the footsteps of Patrick Berhault / The video of Barbara Vigl and David Göttler, Planetmountain
Emily Harrop and Arno Lietha win Ski Mountaineering World Cup debut, Planet Mountain
​Tim Durtschi Gets Alaskan Redemption In Magic Hour, TGR
The Mountain Wellness Manual, Outside
Everything to Know about Machine-Made Snow (Just Don’t Call It Fake), REI
WATCH: Skiing’s GOATS In 2002’s ‘The Front Line’ (Candide, McConkey), UN
Study Results: Do Gun Seasons Affect Deer Movement?,

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Everesting Now Has 23,000 Finishers. Only One Has Done It on a Unicycle., Outside
4 Surprising New Insights on Fueling for Endurance Sports , Outside
How to cook: 10 cooking skills everyone should have mastered by 30, The Manual
These are the 5 best plant-based protein sources for your meatless meals, The Manual
Common skincare ingredients, explained: What you need to know before you buy, The Manual
In Praise of the 10-Percent Wrong Relationship, NY Times
A Urologist Explains How Much Water You Should Actually Be Drinking, Men’s Health
Eight glasses of water a day excessive for most people, study suggests, Guardian
Why Is It So Hard for Men to Make Close Friends?, NY Times
Plan Your Workouts Like This, Never Get Shoulder Pain, T-Nation
Your 6-Week Training Plan to Unlock New Swim Speed This Winter, Triathlete
The Problem with the Biohack Movement, Triathlete
Colorado Decriminalized Use of Psychedelic Mushrooms: What Are the Health Benefits?, Healthline
Chris Hemsworth Learned He Has a High Alzheimer’s Risk: What to Know, Heathline
Pregnancy: New Study on How Long a Person Should Wait After a Miscarriage, Abortion, Healthline
Pain Relievers Such as Ibuprofen May Worsen Arthritis Inflammation, Healthline
Here’s how Chris Ngaka prepares for the RMB Ultra-trail Cape Town, Men’s Health
Our Four-Point Plan to Shed Belly Fat for Good, Men’s Health
Are You Having the Right Amount of Sex for Your Health?, Men’s Health
Here’s Why It’s OK to Enjoy and Indulge on Thanksgiving, M&F
The Affliction of Victimhood, Real Clear Health
STAT+: The secret to longer, healthier life? Ambitious new trial focuses on ‘super agers’ and seeks thousands of families., STAT
The Skeleton Program: 2 Lifts, 20 Minutes, Every Day, T-Nation
Are All Rep Ranges Really the Same for Hypertrophy?, T-Nation
Those Supplements Likely Don’t Work and Might Be Harmful for Athletes, Training Peaks
Polarized vs. Pyramidal Training — Which is Better For Your Athletes?, Training Peaks
Fast Cars, Nips & Tucks, Swim, Bike, and Run? Is The “Midlife Crisis Tri” A Thing?, Triathlete
A Day in My Life With Inoperable Lung Cancer, WebMD
A Growing List of Musicians Sidelined Due to Long COVID, WebMD
The Myth of Prostate Cancer Symptoms, Real Clear Science


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