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Talking Career Maps Changes to 1059s and Other Key NCO Issues, TRADOC News Center

The Future of Contract Soldiers, Small Wars Journal

The Likelihood of War with China, Modern War Institute (West Point)

5 Weapons the U.S. Army Will Need for the next Korean War, The National Interest

Mimicking Rome: Adapting to the Nimbleness of New Threats, The Bridge

Taliban Touts “Special Forces Unit,” Long War Journal

The Future of Contract Soldiers, Small Wars Journal

In Finland, Mattis Backs Creation of a Hybrid Warfare Center Focused on Russia, Washington Post

How To Talk to a Veteran, War on the Rocks

Asia’s New Entente, The Strategist

NATO’S Role Along Europe’s Eastern Front, Rand

Army Identifies Green Beret Killed in Afghanistan,

Sweden Buys Patriot Missile Defense System, Real Clear Defense



Homeland Security/First Responder

As Cali Wildfires Raged, Insures Sent in Private Firefighters to Protect Homes of the Wealthy, WSJ

Vegas Shooter Had Lost Money, Snuck In Guns Over Several Days, Police One

Training: Change Your Thinking About Gun Grabs, Police Magazine

In-depth Firefighter Occupational Cancer Report,

Dispatcher Ordered to Pay 17.6 Mil,

NYPD Prepared With Massive Security Effort for New York City Marathon, Law Enforcement Today

As Wildfires Expand, Fire Science Struggles to Keep Up, Homeland Security News



The Old School Way of Running a Ski Resort, Powder

Matterhorn of the Midwest, Powder

Review: 6 New Rock Climbing Books for 2017,

Tying In: The Bowline vs. The Figure 8 Knot,

Winter Ultra Racing …. or Being a Human Sled Dog,

Concept Climbing: Max Weight Hang Survey, Training Beta

Expert Ski Tech, Curtis Bacca, Gear Patrol

Improve Your Sport Climbing Onsite Game, Climbing Mag



Study: Masking Tape is The Best Way to Prevent Blisters, Men’s Fitness

Rugged, Tough, and Tactical – 15 New SWAT/Tactical Products,

The Best Travel Duffel Bags of 2017, Outdoor Gear Lab

How to Choose a Personal Locator Beacon or Satellite Messenger, Outdoor Gear Lab

The Best Boots for Mountain Life, Powder

The Ultrasonic Tool That Turns You Into Batman, Outside Magazine

Vermont Wool Clothing Company Ibex Shutting Down, SN News

To Gaiter or Not to Gaiter?, Adventure Journal



Relax. You don’t need to “Eat Clean”, NY Times

7 Tips to Fight Indecisiveness, Psychology Today

Is a Protein Shake Enough After a Heavy Lifting Session?, Muscle & Fitness

How a Former 335# Michigan Lineman Trained for an Ironman, Men’s Fitness

New Beer Mile World Record: 4x Beers, 1 Mile in 4:33, Men’s Journal

Coffee May Be Kind to your Kidneys, Web MD

Low-Carb Diet Recipes, Men’s Fitness

10 Exercises to Improve Shoulder Mobility and Increase Bench Press, Muscle & Fitness

I Tried Every Fueling Product at My Local Running Store, Outside Mag

Skip These Supplements and Eat Real Foods Instead, Outside Magazine

What to Eat After Each Workout, Outside Magazine




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