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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Ex-Marine pleads guilty to weapons charge after being indicted in Neo Nazi plot to attack power grid, Task & Purpose
‘Veteran with a Sign’ launches new podcast, Task & Purpose
Marine machine gunner breaks down the Air Force negligent discharge video, Task & Purpose
Senate confirms Adm. Lisa Franchetti as Chief of Naval Operations, first woman in role, Task & Purpose
Republican senators who are also veterans come out swinging at Tuberville, Task & Purpose
Report: Special operations forces need to rethink language training, Task & Purpose
What it’s like to be stationed at Diego Garcia, Task & Purpose
Navy fires commanding officer following investigation, Task & Purpose
An Air Force Academy Cadet Pleaded Guilty to Using Magic Mushrooms. Is DoD Ready for the Drug’s Legal Rise?,
Air Force Officer Accused of Threatening to Shoot Airline Captain Fought Military’s COVID Vaccine Mandate to Supreme Court,
‘Masters of the Air’: Everything We Know About the Highly Anticipated WWII Series,
Air Force Guards Fired Shots at Intruder Who Drove Car Through Gate at Texas Base,
Afghan opium poppy cultivation plunges by 95 percent under Taliban: UN, Al Jazeera
The Army Suddenly, and Chaotically, Told Hundreds of Soldiers They Have to Be Recruiters Immediately,
Army Making a Mistake in Cuts to Special Operations Forces,
Months Before Maine Mass Shooting, Gunman Was Prohibited from Handling Military Weapons by Army Reserve,
The West must learn from Turkey’s transformation from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire to a rising middle power, Atlantic Council
CENTCOM Fires First Weapons Off Sea Drones In Exercise, Defense Daily
U.S. Will Develop Higher-Yield B61 Gravity Bomb Defense Daily
The A-10 and F-35 competed in close air support tests years ago. The report just surfaced., Defense One
To solve national security problems, the US may have to rethink higher education, Defense One
Can Our Leaders Avoid the Terrorism Trap?, Foreign Policy
America Shouldn’t Invade Mexico, Foreign Policy
The Dollar’s Dominance Is Shakier Than Ever, Foreign Policy
Why Is Pakistan Expelling 1.7 Million Afghans?, Foreign Policy
The Far Right Is Winning Europe’s Immigration Debate, Foreign Policy
Russian combat icebreaker starts patrolling the Arctic, Pravda Report
“Allegations are too graphic for news:” Military police commander faces numerous sexual harassment accusations,
South Korea Needs Greater Nuclear Assurance, RAND
The Navy’s Misplaced Prioritization of Climate Ahead of China, Real Clear Defense
Culture Change at the United States Air Force Academy, Real Clear Defense
Inflection Point: How to Reverse the Erosion of U.S. and Allied Military Power and Influence, War on the Rocks
Al-Aqsa Storm Heralds the Rise of Non-state Special Operations, War on the Rocks
U.S. Armed Forces Capabilities in Arctic Region Pose National Security Risks, Need Strengthening, RAND
Arctic Capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces, RAND
How to Assess the Impact of Non-Lethal Weapons, RAND

Israel/Gaza/Middle East

Tens of thousands march in US for Gaza ceasefire, Al Jazeera
Girl cries for help under rubble of her destroyed home in Gaza, Al Jazeera
‘Like a prison’: The Palestinians in Hebron living under Israeli lockdown, Al Jazeera
In Israel’s Eilat, residents fear war from the north and south, Al Jazeera
Analysis: Israel’s ground war in Gaza could get much bloodier, Al Jazeera
Turkey recalls ambassador to Israel over ‘humanitarian tragedy in Gaza’, Al Jazeera
Israel bombs UN school in third major attack on Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp, Al Jazeera
Pentagon flying unarmed drones over Gaza to help recover hostages, officials say, Defense One
Will There Be a Wider War in the Middle East?, Foreign Policy
Iran Can’t Afford a Regional War, Foreign Policy
 I Worked With Netanyahu. It’s Time for Him to Step Down., Foreign Policy
Israel’s Gaza Campaign Is Entering a Moral Abyss, Foreign Policy
The Storm of Dissent Brewing in the State Department, Foreign Policy
‘Hamas did not care who we were, they massacred us anyway,’ Thai workers say, Jerusalem Post
Gaza evacuations suspended since Saturday after ambulance targeted, Jerusalem Post
IDF reveals evidence Hamas used hospitals in Gaza, faked fuel crisis, Jerusalem Post
‘Time passes, but the pain remains,’ says survivor of music party at Re’im, Jerusalem Post
Meet the policewoman who fought terrorists for hours on a roof in Sderot, Jerusalem Post
WATCH: IDF finds rocket launchers next to children’s playground in Gaza, Jerusalem Post
Pope urges ‘stop in the name of God’, calls for Gaza humanitarian aid,
Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah threatens escalation if Blinken visits Baghdad,
Voices from the Arab press: The Gaza war may end with a coup,
Senate Dems up pressure on Israel to shift course, Morning Defense
Saudi prince on Nasrallah’s speech: Axis of Resistance is a big lie,
War on Gaza: Humanity is being Destroyed by Madness of War and Inept Leadership, Pravda Report
Israel claims Syrian militia assisting Hezbollah, Long War Journal
Iran’s Ever-Expanding Ring of Fire, Real Clear Defense
POV video shows Hamas fighter destroying Merkava tank from tunnel, Pravda Report
Things mainstream media does not say about Hamas, Pravda Report
US has secret channel of communication with Hamas. This explains a lot, Pravda Report
Numbers: The US military buildup in the Middle East, Real Clear Defense
Why Do Americans Support Hamas? Look at TikTok., Real Clear Defense
‘Not proud at all’: Japan’s army struggles to recruit, Space War
IDF disavows comments by military rabbi calling for conquering Gaza and Lebanon, The Times of Israel
Far-right minister says nuking Gaza an option, PM suspends him from cabinet meetings, The Times of Israel
Woman abducted during Israeli music festival was allegedly beheaded, War is Boring
CIA paid prostitutes to drug Americans after they lured them in with the promise of sex, War is Boring
Netanyahu compares civilian deaths in Gaza to WWII bombing victims, War is Boring
Lies, Misinformation Play Key Role in Israel-Hamas Fight, RAND
The Inevitable, Ongoing Failure of Israel’s Gaza Strategy, RAND
Can Israeli-Emirati business ties survive the Gaza war?, Economist
Obama says the war in Gaza is killing people ‘who have nothing to do with what Hamas did’, Business Insider
Graphic videos appear to show IDF soldiers abusing bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees in the West Bank, Business Insider
The Theory of Hamas’s Catastrophic Success, The Atlantic


Ukraine military says it hit Zalyv shipyard in Russian-annexed Crimea, Al Jazeera
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy denies war with Russia at ‘stalemate’, Al Jazeera
Putin will win unless the West finally commits to Ukrainian victory, Atlantic Council
Russian War Report: Russia just lost the most troops in a single battle so far in 2023, Atlantic Council
As the Gaza war continues, Egypt is facing pressure to act   , Atlantic Council
Some GOP senators pounce on Ukrainian general’s ‘stalemate’ view, Morning Defense
U.S. OKs $425 Million In New Weapons Aid For Ukraine, Using Up Remaining USAI Funds, Defense Daily
The Inevitable Fall of Putin’s New Russian Empire, Foreign Policy
McConnell’s Ukraine Legacy Turns Into Political Headache, Foreign Policy
Deadlocked War Tests Ukrainian Morale, NY Times
Zelensky Rebuke of General Signals Rift in Ukrainian Leadership, NY Times
The Implication of Resumed Russian High-Yield Nuclear Weapons Testing, Real Clear Defense
Russian Hybrid Warfare in Africa and the Domino Effect on Europe, The Geopolitics
Ukraine Files Charges Against Russian Orthodox Chief, Moscow Times
The Black Sea and the Changing Face of Naval Warfare, RAND
After losing 200 armored vehicles, Russia is now likely forcing its troops to advance on foot in its effort to take Avdiivka, Ukraine, UK says, Business Insider
US officials are concerned that Ukraine is running out of troops and have hinted at peace talks with Russia, report says, Business Insider


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Protecting Critical Infrastructure During Uncertain Times, HSN
Florida mother arrested for leaving baby and toddler in unlocked SUV outside bar, APBM
Masked intruders storm Washington high school, APBM
“It’s not a joke”: Homeless man’s controversial signs spark outrage in San Francisco neighborhood, APBM
Maryland officer’s legs amputated after deliberate car crash, APBM
Seattle Police Department sees increase in officer applications amidst recruitment push, APBM
Carjackings and auto theft surge in 2022, APBM
Two Dead, Five Others Taken to Hospital in Anchorage (AK) Fire, Fire Engineering
Three Killed in ME Fire, Fire Engineering
MI Law Targets Firefighters Who Belong to ‘Hate Groups’, Fire Engineering
Talkin’ Tactics: Newtown Borough (PA) House Fire, Fire Engineering
South Carolina Fire Chief’s Overtime Prompts State Police Investigation, Fire Law Blog
Off-duty trooper keeps cool during armed road rage incident, leads to arrest of driver, Police1
San Diego PD to clear rape kit backlog by 2024, Police1
Watch: Fla. officers lift car off of man who was pinned underneath, Police1
Florida’s law enforcement recruitment efforts surpass $22M in bonuses, attract officers from all 50 states, Police1
Man Killed as Gun Battle Erupts While Firefighters Work FL House Fire, FFN
Recruiting in Today’s Fire Service: Facing Challenges Head On, FFN
Ind. city officials approve 7% pay raise for firefighters, FR1
Disconnected: Lost peer support in the firehouse, FR1
Long-term effects of Maui’s wildfires still unknown, Wildfire Today
SoCal fire evacuates thousands, Wildfire Today
US Customs and Border Protection Selects Accuracy International for Modular Precision Weapon Platform, Soldier Systems
Harassment allegations at Wyo. FD raise questions about training, support, culture, FR1
A middle-schooler just won $25,000 for inventing a fire-detection device that works faster than the average smoke detector, Business Insider
America’s shoplifting problem, explained by retail workers and thieves, Vox
U.S. Park Police officer accidentally shoots and kills fellow officer, Washington Post

Mountain / Outside

The Golden Era of European Mountaineering is Coming to an End, Bloomberg
DB SNOW PRO VEST Bless This Stuff
5 Best GoPro Cameras (2023): Compact, Budget, Accessories, and Tips, Gear Latest
What Is Goose Down Fill Power? (2023): Fill Weight, Synthetics, Gear Latest
The Best High-Tech & Techy Outdoor Gifts of 2023, GearJunkie
‘Access Problems for Everyone’: Federal Closure of Moab Trails Sparks Outrage, GearJunkie
What’s Next: Gold Medalist Ted Ligety Talks Goggle Trends His Brand Will Never Follow, GearJunkie
Shred the Gnar, Luke! Columbia Launches Star Wars-Themed Jumpsuits Just in Time for Christmas, GearJunkie
A Full Backpacking Guide to the ‘O Trek’ in Patagonia: Where & How to Go, GearJunkie
After a Shooter Threat, Southern California Climbing Gym Employees Walk Out, Outside
Breaking the Rules to Make Better Gear, Outside
This Gas Station Freebie Will Change Your Backcountry Hydration, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 11/2/2023, AAI
Editor’s Choice Ski Reviews, BC Mag
BLOG: Congratulations on Your 3% Gain in Finger Strength, Climb Strong
Climb Injury Free: The Rock Rehab Pyramid for Shoulder Impingement, Climbing Mag
How to Train for Steep Ice and Mixed Climbing, Climbing Mag
[Deep Dive] Patagonia x GORE-TEX ePE, Freeskier
[Q&A] Sander Hadley Gives us the Full Recipe for Making “LEMONADE,” a Level 1 x Dynastar Team Film, Freeskier
Ryohei Kameyama Sends Floatin V16 in Japan, Gripped
It’s Ice Climbing Season in Western Canada,Gripped
New 1,100-Metre AI5+ M5 on Pik Alpinist, Gripped
Climber Rescued After Getting Knee Stuck, Gripped
A Dave Graham Technical Masterpiece – Celestite V16, Gripped
Chuck Odette on Rock Climbing at Age 66, Gripped
Beloved Index Climber Dies in Tragic Accident, Gripped
30 Hours at Javelina Jundred, the Burning Man of Trail Running, Outside
These tiny, cleverly designed Japanese RVs make your small camper van look like a palace, The Manual
Cowgirls All the Way, Outside
Telling Hawaiian Stories through Film with Justyn Ah Chong, REI
Short Film Captures The Allure Of Experts-Only Colorado Ski Area, UN
The ASMR Effect of Flexing Skis For The First Time, UN
WATCH: Teton Brown Takes On Narrow Lines In Jackson Hole’s Sidecountry, UN
Tiger Shark Swallows Whole Sea Turtle Off Of Hawaii’s Magic Island, UN
Jackson Hole To Seek New Record For The Most Skiers/Riders In Jeans ($25 DAY TICKETS), UN
What Type of Carabiners Do You Need?, Weigh My Rack
Yes, We Have No Bananas, Gray’s Sporting Journal
The Three-Day Rut Hunt Plan, Meateater
Idaho River Produces Two Fishing Records In One Week, Meateater
How to Zero a Rifle in Two Shots, Meateater
Fishing Hacks and Dirty Tricks, Meateater
Two Massive Bull Moose Found Drowned in Wyoming—Why?, Meateater
Hunter Dies from Accidental Knife Stabbing, Likely After His Deer Spooked, Wide Open Spaces
Shocked beachgoers witness a surfer killed in a suspected great white shark attack, Business Insider

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Watch an Air Force recruiter bench press 285 pounds 15 times — in his blues!, Task & Purpose
Terror and the Secondary Trauma of Social Media, RAND
8 Best National Sex Toy Day Deals (2023): Suction Toys, Vibrators, and Stimulators Gear Latest
Want to Run More Efficiently? Focus on Your Elbows., Outside
7 Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy, Outside
Black Friday Fitness Deals (2023): Save on Dumbbells, Rowers, and More, Breaking Muscle
2023 Rogue CrossFit Invitational Results — Laura Horvath and Patrick Vellner Become Two-Time Champions, Breaking Muscle
ISSA Nutrition Certification Review (2023): Cost Breakdown, Course Highlights, and More, Breaking Muscle
2023 Rogue Invitational Events Revealed, Breaking Muscle
Self-Coaching: The Future of Athletic Training and How Endurance Nation is Pioneering the Way, Endurance Nation
Can You Press 210 Pounds Overhead Like This 140-Pound Woman?, Muscle & Fitness
Does Chewing Gum Burn Calories?, Nutrtitionfacts.org2 Athlete’s Favorite Instant Pot Recipes, Outside
Banish Brain Fog: Fine-Tune Your Diet to Find Relief, Outside
Getting Strong Is Good for Your Brain, Even if You Don’t Bulk Up, Outside
5 of the Healthiest Canned Foods to Keep in Your Pantry, Outside
FDA Warns 26 Eye Drop Products Could Lead to Bacterial Infections, Healthline
Lockdowns Were a Giant Experiment. It Was a Failure, NY Magazine
Long-term Adverse Effects of Psychedelic Drugs, Real Clear Health
Sleep and Mental Health Are ‘Inextricably Linked’, Real Clear Health
The ’20-5-3 Rule’ Will Give You a Better Life, Real Clear Health
Scientist Settles ‘Good vs. Bad Carbs’ Debate, NY Post
11 High-Fiber Foods to Incorporate into Your Everyday Diet, Fox News
Why Worthless Drugs Sometimes Seem to Work, Real Clear Health
Parents Are Causing Childhood Obesity, Real Clear Health
Is Milk Bad for You? Here’s What the Science Says, REal Clear Health
When the Only Way Out is Through,
Hypertrophy Training: Putting It All Together, T-Nation
Beyond the Back Squat: The 7 Best AlternativesBeyond the Back Squat: The 7 Best Alternatives, T-Nation
The Protein Leverage Hypothesis, T-Nation
5 Ways Strength Training Improves Cycling, Training Peaks
What Does It Mean to Be a Super Shoe “Hyper Responder?” , Triathlete
Ozempic and other weight-loss drugs will power the anti-obesity market to 16-fold gains by 2030, Goldman Sachs says, Business Insider
Amazon Pharmacy RxPass: A guide to the Prime health program offering affordable generic medications monthly, Business Insider
How to navigate dating when you don’t want kids, Vox

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