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Military / Foreign Affairs / National Security

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei rules out talks with US, Al Jazeera
Nine children killed in Afghanistan landmine blast, Al Jazeera
The Pentagon’s AI Ethics Draft Is Actually Pretty Good, Defense One
How can Mexico break the cycle of violence?, Al Jazerra
The Current US Approach to Terror Is a Recipe for Forever War, Defense One
Putin May Want to Be an Emperor, but Russia Isn’t an Imperial Power, Foreign Policy
“Cold War II”: Applied History Seminar On U.S.-China Relations With Niall Ferguson And Graham Allison, Hoover Institution
Andy Purdy: Why the US is so concerned about Huawei, Al Jazeera
Iran Not Letting Iraq Go Without a Fight, Real Clear Defense
First female airman enters training pipeline to be combat controller, Air Force Times
Tired of U.S. Dependence, South Korea Seeks to Build—and Sell—Its Own Weapons, Foreign Policy
Macron’s Veto Leaves Balkans Wide Open for Russia and China, Foreign Policy
Interior Department grounds drones made in China, Defense News
US-Turkey alliance in downward spiral as Congress mulls sanctions, Defense News
Croatia cleared to buy Black Hawks, Janes 360
Through a Gender Lens: The Need for Robust Research into Diversity and Military Effectiveness, Council of Foreign Relations
Parris Island Marines to start training with next gender-integrated boot camp class, Marine Corps Times
Elephants and Mosquitos: Why Leaders’ Character Really Matters, Modern War Institute
How Capable Are Russia’s Armed Forces?, Rand Corp
U.S. Opens National Security Investigation Into TikTok, Real Clear Defense


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Authorities: Fake cop joins police chase, makes arrest of murder suspect, gets arrested, LE Today
Border Agents Can Now Get Classified Intelligence Information. Experts Call That Dangerous., Defense One
Open Borders Are a Trillion-Dollar Idea, Foreign Policy
ATF agents on a coffee run end up busting Michigan’s “Bonnie and Clyde”, LE Today
The President again takes on fire and forest management in California, Wildfire Today
Idaho Public Television produces film, “Living with wildfire”, Wildfire Today
Should inmates fighting Calif. wildfires deserve a chance at full-time jobs?, FireRescue 1
North Carolina Police Officer Shot During FBI Operation,
Policing large-scale events: Long guns for foot patrol?, Police One
Chicago Fire Department officials face calls for greater diversity in ranks, FireRescue1
Texas officer shot by sniper while protecting Black Lives Matter protestors, LE Today
Video: Handcuffed Suspect Draws Firearm in Back Seat of Squad Car, Police Mag



Climber Nims Purja Didn’t Break Anyone’s Record—He Smashed a Barrier, Adventure Journal
Have You Considered Relocating Because of Climate Change?, Adventure Journal
A Multisport High-Country Adventure, Outside
The Alaska Range: A Skier’s Destination, AAI
10 Trails That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Desert, Backpacker
Katherine Choong climbs her second 9a, Jungfrau Marathon at Gimmelwald, Planet Mountain
These Ski Films Will Have You Stoked for Powder Season, Outside
‘Dundee’ is a parody of climbers’ obsession with having the right gear, SNEWS
The Adventure Podcast Episode 81: How to Properly Use Layers to Stay Warm in Winter, Adventure Blog
10 Ways to Incorporate More Nature Time into Your Child’s Life, REI Co-Op
Lean into Your Weaknesses to Become a Better Climber, Climbing Magazine
Moab Fall Pilgrimage. The Outbound Collective
Coeur du Temps, Arcteryx
Jackson Royalty, Freeskier
Michelle Parker’s backcountry prowess is on full display in teaser for season two of “Originate”, Freeskier
Outdoor Athletes on the Mentors Who Changed Their Lives, Outside
Understanding Headlamp Brightness, REI Co-Op
A Freak Accident Changed This Man’s Life, Outside

Fitness / Wellness / Nutrition

Riding an E-Bike Is Not Cheating, Outside
How to Limit Restrictive Eating and Develop a Healthy Food Mindset, Chris Kresser
This Obstacle Race Is Inspired By Actual Medieval Battles, Red Bull
What Is Hypertrophy? The Science Behind Building Muscle, Women’s Health
10 Autumn Breakfasts To Warm Your Morning, Marks Daily Apple
Here’s How Athletes Should Fuel Their Bodies For A Big Game, Men’s Health
The Best Athletic Fit Jeans On The Market, Men’s Health
Top 10 Athletes Living the Vegan Lifestyle, Muscle & Fitness
What’s Healthier: Wheat- or Veggie-based Pasta?, Muscle & Fitness
How Not to Die from Diabetes,
Three Secrets to Performing at Your Highest Level, Outside



How to Cut Down on Carbon Emissions When Traveling, Outside
Take These Sacred Sites off Your Bucket List, Outside

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