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They Make You Take an Oath to the Constitution: They Don’t Make You Read It, WotR
Air Force Awarding 96 Flying Crosses, 12 Bronze Stars for Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts, Military News
SOCOM Official Highlights HSVTOL Demand for Indo-Pacific and Command Shift to China/Russia Deterrence, Defense Daily
White House ‘Strongly Opposes’ Navy Provisions In Senate Defense Authorization Bill, Defense Daily
U.S. Army Tries Out Booz Allen Hamilton Modular Detachment Kit at Project Convergence, Defense Daily
The Worst Thing About the Progressives’ Ukraine Letter, Defense One
Army’s New Training Center Keeps Forces Available in Indo-Pacific, Defense One
2 Live Crew – The Air Force Flew a KC-46 Refueling Mission with Just One Pilot and One Boom Operator, Forbes
With Arrest of Ex-Marine Pilot, The ‘Working With China’ Problem Now Appears To Be An American One, Forbes
Women unload their hatred for military men on Army TikToker, Military news
Space Force on Notice as Russia Warns Commercial Satellites May Be a ‘Legitimate Target’,
How Is Russia Faring Against NATO Equipment In Ukraine? A Tally, Oryx
Russia warns USA of consequences of using space satellites in military operations,Pravda Report
Deployment of US elite division in Romania indicates beginning of WWIII, Pravda Report
Putin: Russia is aware of Ukraine’s plans to blow up dirty bomb, Pravda Report
2 Fast Response Cutters Will Homeport at New Coast Guard Base,  Coast Guard Warrenton
Russian Army’s Quiet Fatal Flaw: No Sergeants, Spy Talk
Russia Now Has aFrontline Just to Kill Its Deserters, Daily Beast
Missing From the U.S. Military’s New Pitch, WSJ
Kickback Scheme Targeted Marine Wounded Warrior Program, Coffee or Die Mag
Air Force Helped Smear a Veteran Running for Congress, Fox News
Retired General Hid that Saudi Arabia Paid Him to Write Op-Eds, Real Clear Defense
Changes to Military Are Too Radical, Arizona Daily Star
This video of a drone airdropping an armed robot dog is the stuff of dystopian nightmares, Task & Purpose
Navy Needs to Fill About 9,000 At-Sea Billets in More than a Dozen Ratings, Says Personnel Command, USNI
Meet the MIGHTY 25 military influencers, advocates and change makers of 2022, We are the Mighty

National Defense, Foreign Policy

Will Interdependence with China Withstand the Pressure to Decouple?, 1945
The Drone Wars, Armed Forces Press
To Deter Arctic Aggression, Build the Polar Fleet We Need, DNews
Don’t Stomp Out Diverse Viewpoints on Ukraine War, Real Clear Defense
Massive Data is Being Sucked Up By this Chinese App, The Ruck
One War at a Time, American Spectator
Congress Shouldn’t Repeat Decades of Somalia Mistakes, 1945
Japan ‘studying’ US Tomahawk cruise missile purchase, Defense Talk News
US sees ‘acute threat’ from Russia, but says China is main challenge, Defense Talk News
GD Tapped For Virginia Subs | 22 Countries Want To Purchase Iranian Drones | DroneShield Awarded For Portable Counter Drone System, DID
How A U.S. Arms Embargo Could Impact Saudi Arabia’s Air Force, Forbes
Air Force, Navy Plans Look Totally Out Of Sync With China Threat Estimates, Forbes
The U.S. Tightens The Noose On Huawei—and China, Forbes
Israel Rolls Out Legion-X Drone Swarm For The Urban Battlefield, Forbes
China Is About To Fall Into The Middle-Income Trap, Hoover
Welcome To The Age Of Nuclear Blackmail, Hoover
Rethinking Major Interventions Abroad, Hoover
Why Isn’t Russia a Democracy?, Foreign Policy
TFASA defends recruitment of former RAF pilots for Chinese training programme, Janes
KAI awarded attack helicopter contract for Marines, Janes
New payment system Astrasend to appear in Russia for dollar and ruble transfers, Pravda Report
Zelensky’s never-ending complaints drive Biden mad, Pravda Report
Russian FM Lavrov confirms Putin ready for talks on Ukraine, Pravda Report
China’s Strategy and Activities in the Arctic, RAND
See Power? Seapower!, WotR
Ukraine’s Dream Could Be Taiwan’s Nightmare, WotR

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Axios Hard Truths: The path forward on race and policing, Axios
How the FBI Stumbled in the War on Cybercrime, Defense One
What The Biden Administration Is Getting Wrong On Immigration, Hoover
US Must Give Fentanyl the Same Attention That It Gives Ukraine, Real Clear Defense
A Vow to Serve, The American Mind
Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System Mishap Injures Four at Los Angeles (CA) Airport, FFN
Ore. firefighter was killed by green, live tree, investigators say, FR1
Calif. city to get $1.9M in state funds for early wildfire detection units, FR1
Themes and patterns in print media coverage of wildfires in the USA, Canada and Australia: 1986–2016, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Autumn precipitation: the competition with Santa Ana winds in determining fire outcomes in southern California, International Journal of Wildand Fire
St. Louis school shooter had kill list, aimed to become ‘deadliest shooter in history’, Police 1
Fla. high school flies thin blue line flag despite coach, school board’s removal decision, Police 1
Deputy saves man from submerged car, then responds to rollover on same night, Police 1
Death sentence sought for man accused of killing Ind. officer, Police 1
New Orleans murders surpass 2021 total with two months left in the year, Police 1
Off-duty Calif. officer dies after accidentally shooting himself, Police 1
Research: Stress, training and the objective reasonableness standard, Force Science Institute
Report released for the Marshall Fire which destroyed 1,056 structures southeast of Boulder, Colorado, Wildfire Today
Landowners file suits against US Forest Service for burning their property during Chetco Bar Fire in Oregon, Wildfire Today
Roughly half of small Missouri town burned Saturday, Wildfire Today
Forest Service employee’s arrest after fire crosses onto private land sparks larger debate, Wildfire Today
Self-driving truck startup TuSimple fired its CEO over improper ties to a Chinese firm, CNBC

Mountain / Outside

10,000 SOS Calls: Garmin Reveals Data From Milestone Rescues, GearJunkie
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Launches ‘Unbound’ Bundle: A Complete Thru-Hiker’s Kit, GearJunkie
Freediver, 8 Months Pregnant, Spears Possible World-Record Fish, Gearjunkie
In ‘Eulogy of a Steep Skier,’ Risking Avalanches for Epic Turns, GearJunkie
Ed Viesturs Weighs In: When Does a Summit Count?, GearJunkie
Inside Alex Honnold’s Massive Traverse in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyons, Adventure Journal
Kristin Harila Says Her Pursuit of Nims Purja’s Record on the 8,000-Meter Peaks Is “Over for Now”, Adventure Journal
Professional Ski Boot-Fitters Discuss Pain VS Performance, Unofficial Networks
How to Get Your Kid to Love Skiing, According to Daron Rahlves, Outside
These North American Ski Resorts Had the Most Snow Last Year, Outside
Snowbird Closes Uphill Travel In Preparation For Opening Day, Unofficial Networks
Watch Tim Miller, Paul Ramsden establish The Phantom Line on Jugal Spire in Nepal, Planet Mountain
Utah to Overhaul Elk Management Plan, Eastmans
Cloud Seeding Operations Gaining Popularity Throughout Colorado, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: Völkl Skis Ode To Corduroy & Bumps, Unofficial Networks
The Rise of the Outdoor Industry’s Most Powerful Marketing Firm, Outside
How the Pros Make Your Favorite Backpacking Meals, Outside
What Is The U.S.A.’s Whitetail Deer Population?,
Anak Verhoeven rocks Rodellar with No pain no gain 9a+, Planet Mountain
Sweet in Tooth and Claws Patagonia
One for the Grove, Patagonia
WATCH: Is Skiing In Austria Better Than Skiing In Alaska?, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Snowboarder Outruns Avalanche As Entire Face Crumbles Underfoot, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Loose Rock Sends Hiker Tumbling Down Mountain, Unofficial Networks
The Final Flush, BHA Media
In the Arena: Matthew Monjaras, TRCP

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

He’s an Outspoken Defender of Meat. Industry Funds His Research, Files Show., NY Times
New Everyday Carry Tourniquet from Snakestaff Systems, Soldier Systems
New Running Shoe Brand Hilma to Offer 45(!) Sizes for Women, Outside
I Built a Pro-Level Sprinter Camper Van in My Driveway. Here’s How You Can Too., Outside
Body Rocket: Aerodynamic Data for Cyclists Without a Wind Tunnel, GearJunkie
How to stop sugar cravings from derailing your diet (and your health), Manual
The Difference Between Zero-Sugar and Electrolyte Sports Drinks, Outside
8 Yoga Poses to Ease Lower Back Pain, Outside
​7 Surprising Ways You Wreck Your Body When You Don’t Get Off Your Butt, Men’s Health
The Fastest Pro Running Shoes at the 2022 Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Triathlete
The Durability Strength Flexibility Foundation, Endurance Nation
Behaviors and Actions of the Strength and Conditioning Coach in Fostering a Positive Coach-Athlete Relationship, JSCR
Ice Hockey Forward Skating Force-Velocity Profiling Using Single Unloaded vs. Multiple Loaded Methods, JSCR
Physical Preparation Strategies of Professional Jockeys, JSCR
Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Blood Lipid Measures in Law Enforcement Personnel After a 12-Week Health Promotion Program, JSCR
Should I Try Creatine? This Is What You Need To Know, Men’s
My Life Hack for Insomnia, Psychology Today
Why More and More Girls Are Hitting Puberty Early, NY Times
How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Week?, Men’s Journal
How to Eat to Reduce Cancer Risk, nutrition
7 Midlife ‘Meaningology’ Questions, Psychology Today
The 5-Minute Metabolic Complex You Can’t Handle, T-Nation
Unpopular Opinion: You Don’t Need the One-Rep Max, T-Nation
Bulletproof Your Back – Five Moves for a More Resilient Spine, Barbell Physio


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