Arete 11.24.17

Al Nusura: Bigger Threat than ISIS?, Rand Corp.
Can ISIS Lose Mosul, and Still Win?, Rand Corp.

Checklist for US-Russia Cyberwar, Rand Corp.
Killer Robots: Moral Concerns vs. Military Advantages, Rand Corp.
Political Challenge to US Overseas Presence, Rand Corp.
2017 Vital Threats to US Vital Interests, Heritage Foundation
Tactically Engaged, Strategically Adrift, Small Wars Journal

US Army is “Weak,” Heritage Foundation
US Marine Corps is “Marginal,” Heritage Foundation
US Navy is “Marginal,” Heritage Foundation
US Air Force is “Marginal,” Heritage Foundation
LTGEN James Mattis’ Reading List, Small Wars Journal
5 Badass Quates for General Mattis, Task & Purpose
Podcast: How Your Brain Responds to Compbat, Task & Purpose
Trumps Plan to Fire a Lot of Generals May Not Be So Simple, Task & Purpose
Does the US Military have Too Many Generals?, Task & Purpose
Best Colleges for Vets,

Snowboard Wear Company 686 Adds first Skier to Team, Trans World Business
The Ones that Got Away (hunting),
7 Yosemite Walls in 7 Days,
Using Super Glue On Your Fingers,
The 7 Sins of Indoor Climbing,
Understanding Climbing Grades, Climbing Magazine

Firefighting Gear Testing Lab Opens,
Podcasts: The Bull Fire Entrapment,
Situational Awareness to Potential Violence,

ATF’s Intelligence-Driven Approach to Help Law Enforcement Reduce Violent Crime, Police Chief Magazine
Active Shooter Training, Police Chief Magazine
Officer Arrested for Drug Posession, Sacramento PD
Officers Reprimanded for Wearing Trump Hats in Uniform, San Antonio PD
Suspect Arrested in Ambush Killing of San Antonio Officer,
Crime: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US, Law Street Media
Secret Service Busts Peru Counterfeiters, Dept. of Homeland Security
5 Officers Shot in 3 Days,

Would you stop to help an injured person?, Cambridge University
Uber Forced Out of China, Heritage Foundation
All Around the World, Nationalists are Gaining Ground. Why?, The Economist
Sea Ice Reaches New Low, The Economist

1620 Brand wants to be the “Yeti” of Pants,
Best Enduro Mountain Bikes,
Best Splitboard for Backcountry Snowboarding,
3 Top Tier Gear Cases,
Marines Chose Glock 19 over Colt 1911,
6 Tactical Watches,
2016 Mid-Size Binocular Review,
Tactical Clothing for Shooters, Guns & Ammo
AR Trigger Control Tips, Recoil Magazine

What’s The Paleo Diet?, Nom Nom Paleo
Sweet Potato and Carrot “Tots”,
4 Breakfast Salads to Fuel Your Morning,
What if we could get rid of fear, forever? Cambridge University
8 Things that Happen when you Stop Drinking Alcohol, Men’s Health
How an Athlete’s Body Recovers During Sleep, Men’s Fitness

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