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Counter UAV’s to Drive Enemy Drones Out of the Sky, Homeland Security Newswire

What Rex Tillerson Can Learn from Alexander Haig, War on the Rocks

A Complete History of Army Berets, Army Times

N. Korea May Have ICBM Capable of Reaching US This Year, Reuters

Iraq’s Surprise: The Persistence of Democracy, Wall Street Journal

Trump to Consider $47 mil Arms Deal to Arm Ukraine against Russia, OODA Loop

Army Building Up Forces in Somalia, Politico

Trump Era Sparks Debate About Nuclear War Authority, Real Clear Defense

US Military and CIA May Be Investigated for War Crimes, Huffington Post

War Zone Deaths Up For First Time in 6 Years, Military Times

Investigating Stolen Valor, Medium

Why America Loses Every War it Starts, Defense One

Strain on SOF Troops Initiates Call for Review, Military Times

State Department Approves Poland’s Request to Busy $10.5 Billion Patriot Missile System, Defense News

US Troops Told to Ignore Child Rape by Afghan Security Forces, Real Clear Defense

ISIS Snipers Using US Thermal Devices, OODA Loop


First Responder/Homeland Security

Border Patrol Officer Killed in Attack, Police One

Chicago Passes 600 Homicides,

116 Line of Duty LE Deaths So Far in 2017, Officer Down Memorial Page

Houston SWAT Rescues Child, 2 Adults,

Dallas sniper attack: 5 lessons for cops from the fire-rescue response,

Civilians Rescued, Firefighters Burned at MD Fire, Fire Fighter Close Calls

I Was the Officer Listed in ‘Critical Condition,’ LE today

School Lockdown Saved Lives in Cali Shooting,

Tens of Thousands Missing in Mexico’s Drug War, NY Times

American Jihadists Are Made in the USA, Not Imported, Rand Corporation

FBI: Hate Crimes Rose in 2016, Police One

US Airport Security Check Points Fail 50% or More in Tests, In Homeland Security

Bush, Obama, Trump – Evolution of US Counterterrorism Since 9/11, Rand Corporation



Best Backpacking Tents,

Drone Gift Guide,

25 Perfect Gifts for the Athlete, Gear Patrol

Why You Shouldn’t Be Outraged by Elephant Hunting, Outside

Rappelling Best Practices, Climbing Magazine

The Ups and Downs of Being a Mountain Guide, Climbing Magazine

Would you “Drop In” from a Helicopter?, Red Bull

The Development Behind Burton’s Step In Binding, Unofficial Networks

Train Like a Girl, Climbing Magazine

Women’s Empowerment in Skiing, Powder

The Tallest Campus Board in the World, Planet Mountain

Campus Board Fundamentals, Rock & Ice

Whistler Opened to 6.5 Feet of Fresh, Unofficial Networks

Snowbird Tram = Best in N. America?, Unofficial Networks

Head Kore 105: 2018 Ski of the Year, Powder

Ski Industry Consolidation: Who Owns What?, Unofficial Networks



26 Tips for Healthy Eating, Outside

Nike Vaporfly Shoe Improves Running Efficiency, Outside

Strength and Hypertrophy Adaptations Between Low and High Resistance Loading, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Functional Movement Screen in Predicting Noncontact Injury Rates in Soccer Players, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

U.S. Army Physical Demands Study: Reliability of Simulations of Physically Demanding Tasks Performed by Combat Arms Soldiers, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

Clearing up the Confusion About Salt, NY Times

The Soda Drinking Bubble has Gone “Pop”, Men’s Journal

What It’s Really Like to Be a Fitness Model, Muscle & Fitness

10 Methods for More Strength and Muscle Mass, Men’s Health

12 Health Podcasts, Mark’s Daily Apple

Masturbation: Self Abuse of Biological Necessity, Psychology Today

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