Arete 11.2.17


Navy: More Analytical, Honest about Personnel Needs, Real Clear Defense

China Takes an Expansionist View of Geopolitics, Statafor

US Pledges $60 Billion for New African Counterterrorism Force, Small Wars Journal

The Battle of the Beret; A Never-Ending Campaign, Small Wars Journal

The Army Wants a Pint-Sized Tank with a Big Gun, Real Clear Defense


Homeland Security/First Responder

SWAT Team Kills Parent Holding Teacher Hostage at Cali School,

Bleeding Out – Blue Lives Matter, LE Today

Video Shows Nashville Fire Recruit Fall from Training Tower,

Experience Builds Bias, Wildfire Leadership

The Rescue Mindset, Backstep Firefighter



Best Wallet-Friendly Short-Travel Mountain Bikes of 2017,  Outdoor Gear Lab

Shinola Manhattan Knife, Outside Magazine

The Best Backcountry Skis of the Year, Powder

Marines Finish Testing New Tropical Uniform and Boots,

Meet ‘RoMan,’ the Army Robot That Can Lift a Box or Pour Your Coffee, Defensetech

Here Are This Season’s 6 Best Skis, Men’s Journal

Army Soldiers Field Test New Body Armor,



Rock and Ice: A Woman’s Guide to Building Power, Training Beta

Riders POV at the Red Bull Rampage (Mountain Bike), The Adventure Blog

First Ski Descent of the Caroline Face, Planet Mountain

Tying In: Bowline vs Figure 8, Climbing Mag




Do you need to refrain from coffee to get the maximal effect of caffeine? My Sport Science

Endurance Athletes: Welcome To Strong Season, Breaking Muscle

Are ‘Healthier’ Groceries Really Healthier? Science Daily

Skip These Supplements and Eat Real Foods Instead, Outside

The Next Big Performance Enhancing Drug: Bacteria From Elite Athletes’ Guts? Men’s Journal

Does Gluten Intolerance Exist? Robb Wolf

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Stomach Cancer Risk, NY Times

Jacuzzi over Ice Bath for Exhausted Muscles, NY Times

Are You Addicted to Coffee? WSJ

Spin Classes Causing Rhabdo, NY Times

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