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Gen. Hyten Gives Details About China’s Hypersonic Weapons Test, CBS
The Commercial Gear That Could Be the Future of Warfighting, Sandboxx News
Is the U.S. Navy’s F/A-18 Super Hornet Doomed?, Real Clear Defense
Past as Prelude? Envisioning the Future of Special Operations, Strategy Bridge
A harrowing night in Afghanistan earns A-10 pilot the Distinguished Flying Cross, 10 years later, AF Times
Oklahoma Guard goes rogue, rejects COVID vaccine mandate after sudden change of command, AF Times
PJs rappel from Osprey to rescue UK mariner off Kenya’s coast, AF Times
‘Brittle’ air refueling capability endangers US during major war, Defense News
Here are some of the ways the Marines are trying to improve retention, Marine Corps Times
He went viral, to the brig and is now leaving the Marines. His family says the Corps failed him, Marine Corps Times
Investigative journalist seeks to uncover the truth behind fatal 2017 Niger ambush in documentary, Marine Corps Times
More Deferential but Also More Political: How Americans’ Views of the Military Have Changed Over 20 Years, War on the Rocks
Advances in Care for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries or PTSD, RAND
The limits to the lessons of army leadership, The Economist

National Security / Foreign Affairs

Could the European Union Create Its Very Own Army? Real Clear Defense
Chinese, Russian Threats Spurring Anti-Submarine Weapon Buys, Real Clear Defense
Russia’s ‘Irregular War’ Against NATO’s Eastern Flank, Real Clear Defense
Russia Deploys Commandos to Belarus, US News & World Report
How the CIA Lets America Down, Wall Street Journal
Taliban calls on US Congress to release frozen Afghan assets, Al Jazerra
Poland-Belarus migrant crisis: Where does the EU stand?, Al Jazerra
The Autocrats Are Winning, Defense One
Belarus Is Laying Tinder for a War. How Will NATO Respond?, Defense One
Russia’s new S-550 will turn X-37B and ICBMs into easy targets, Pravda Report
China has all the power to break nuclear parity on the globe, Pravda Report
Armenia asks military help from Russia following armed clashes with Azerbaijan, Pravda Report
Is Russia going to invade Ukraine?, Pravda Report
Grenada, the Evacuation of Afghanistan, and the Future of War, War on the Rocks
The Triple Border, a criminal haven, Small Wars Journal
Taiwan Is Safe Until at Least 2027, but with One Big Caveat, RAND
Is Russia About to Make a ‘Serious Mistake’ in Ukraine?, RAND

Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

The Southern Border Has Become Unmanageable, The Economist
Even Sweden Doesn’t Want Migrants Anymore, Foreign Policy
Back-to-Back Hurricanes Expected to Increase in the Gulf Coast, Homeland Security Newswire
Research Reveals Potential New Way to Fight Radicalization in “True Believers”, Homeland Security Newswire
It’s Time to End the Pandemic Emergency at the Border, NY Times
Pilot Killed Attempting Nighttime Air Drop Fighting Estes Park (CO) Fire, Firefighter Nation
Riverhead (NY) Multi-Family House Fire Kills Five, Firefighter Nation
McHenry (IL) Firefighter Accused of Stealing $40,000 from Firefighter Association, Firefighter Nation
Washington (PA) Pays Firefighter $750,000 to Settle Wrongful Termination Suit, Firefighter Nation
Colo. agencies agree to reform after Elijah McClain investigation, FR1
Astroworld staff treated 11 cardiac arrest patients at once, ParaDocs CEO said, FR1
Police to return to schools 4 months after Calif. district removed them, Police 1
US overdose deaths topped 100,000 in one year, officials say, Police 1
Tampa PD adds new online options for Spanish speakers reluctant to report crime, Police 1
Ky. governor wants $15K pay raises for state police, Police 1
One National Forest will have two 30-person hotshot crews next year, Wildfire Today
Who should receive credit for the wildland firefighter provisions in the recently passed infrastructure legislation?, Wildfire Today
The US Forest Service introduces us to a Hotshot crew, Wildfire Today


This 300-Pound Teardrop Sleeps Four and Has a Pop-Up Roof, Outside
The Outdoor Industry Is in Its Awkward Teen Years, Outside
The Bike Industry Has a Battery-Recycling Program for E-Bikes Now, Outside
Russians Put Up Nails-Hard Alpine First Ascent, Nearly Don’t Make It Down, GearJunkie
Client Sues Climbing Guide for Dislodging Fridge-Sized Block, Letting Go of Rope, GearJunkie
Mountain Biker Takes Scientific Approach to ‘Everesting’ Squamish’s Toughest Trails, GearJunkie
Polartec Just Gave 12 Brands a Wizard Trophy: Here’s Why, GearJunkie
Forget ‘Everesting,’ try ‘Denaliing’ instead, Backcountry Ski Touring Blog
What You Missed: Fake Hypothermia SOS Call on Denali Leads to Federal Charges, Outside
Climber Todd Skinner, a Big Wall Pacesetter in the 1980s and 1990s, Adventure Journal
Africa’s Surf Scene Is Deep, Rich, Impossibly Fun, Adventure Journal
2022 Editors’ Choice: Ski Bindings & Accessories, BC Mag
Outdoor Research Films: Craft – Trailer, OR
Cotopaxi opens up about recent Facebook scam  , Outside
New report shows first decrease in outdoor industry’s economic power since 2012, Outside
How to Save a Ski Town, Outside
‘Powder Days’ Is an Honest Look at Whether It’s Still Possible to Be a Ski Bum, Outside
Silvan Schüpbach frees Tradündition on Dündenhorn in Switzerland, Planet Mountain
Aoraki Caroline Face in New Zealand / Second ski descent by Joe Collinson, Will Rountree, Sam Smoothy, Planet Mountain

Fitness / Health / Wellness / Nutrition

Big Sports Tech Sales Start: Garmin Fenix 6 Series $200 off (Plus Tons More Big Deals), DC Rainmaker
Meet the Man Who Broke the ‘Max Vert’ World Record: Q&A With Chris Fisher, GearJunkie
The Complex Physiology of Ski Mountaineering, Outside
Diet trumps drugs for anti-aging and good metabolic health, Science Daily
4 Ways to Use the Training Data from Wearable Tech, Outside
Plant-based alternative food consumption may have doubled in UK over ten years suggests first analysis of its kind, Science Daily
Should Road Races Separate the Pros from the Masses? , Outside
How Clean-Eating Rhetoric Is Shaping the Anti-Vax Movement, Outside
Acute Demands and Recovery From Common Interval Training Protocols, JSCR
Effect of Rest Interval Duration on the Volume Completed During a High-Intensity Bench Press Exercise, JSCR
Beachbody Trainer Eric Thomson on Virtual Fitness and Why Burpees Are Trash, Men’s Journal
Veterans Have Become Unlikely Lobbyists in Push to Legalize Psychedelic Drugs, NY Times
Does It Matter if I Eat the Stickers on Fruits and Vegetables?, NY Times
Cardio Before Weight Lifting May Help Boost Muscle, NY Times
How to Get a Covid Vaccine Shot for Your Kid, NY Times
Testosterone Levels: Can Specific Foods or Diets Boost Them?, NY Times
In the West, assisted dying is rapidly becoming legal and accepted, The Economist
Why vaccine passports are causing chaos, The Economist



The Best Early Black Friday Deals on Laptops, TVs, and More, Gear Latest
The Beats Fit Pro Are Apple’s Best Earbuds Ever, Gear Latest
The Best Wine Clubs, Wirecutter
Can we tell someone’s cultural group from the way they laugh? Science Daily
Wait Until Black Friday for Deals on These 10 Things, Wirecutter
You Can’t Get to Vancouver by Car or Train After Epic Storm, Bloomberg
American basketball’s tricky relations with China, The Economist
The rapid growth of retail subscription services could be coming to an end, The Economist
Why There Hasn’t Been A Mass Exodus Of Teachers, 538
What It’s Like For Some Gay Men To Come Out As Republican, 538
A Reminder That You Can Buy A BMW 2 Series With A Manual For Less Than A New Miata, Jalopnik

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