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‘Space troopers’ are real and US Space Command has 300 of them, Task & Purpose
UK’s DragonFire laser system takes out drone, metal targets in latest test, Breaking Defense

As Bombs Rained Down, Ukrainian Troops Set A Trap For Russia’s Pilots, Forbes
The U.S. Marine Corps Is Facing A Crisis Like No Other, Sandboxx News
100,000 Dead or Wounded in Ukraine: Putin Has the Blood of His Army On His Hands, 1945
M250: New U.S. Army Weapon For Rifle Platoons Coming in 2023, 1945
Four Soldiers Die in Suspected Suicides in One Month in Alaska, Military Times
Army Sees Its Future in Pacific Training Grounds, Military Times
No Updated Statistics Available on F-35 Cannibalization Rates, Defense Daily
Navy Expanding Guam Submarine Forces To Counter Growing Chinese Capabilities, Defense Daily
The Supreme Court Targets Military Readiness, Defense One
How The Ukrainians Wrecked the Russians’ Best Helicopter Regiments, Forbes
Biggest Defeat For Russia In A Generation As Starving Troops Flee Across A Key Ukrainian River, Forbes
Air Force Academy’s ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ Training Angers Conservatives, Forbes
US Army’s Spartan Brigade preparing for training rotation with newest ground combat vehicles, Janes
Base point: US, Australia enhance airbase for rotational bomber deployments, Janes
Multiple military personnel arrested during child solicitation sting, Military Times
Russian soldier throws away grenades dropped on him with a drone before they detonate, Military Times
HII: New medium-class unmanned underwater vehicle unveiled, Naval Today
Command or Staff? A Look at O-5 Talent Management in the Army, Real Clear Defense
Rethinking the National Defense Strategy, Real Clear Defense
War Books: A Reading List Inspired by Veterans Day, Modern War Inst.
Space Force’s secretive X-37B plane has spent more than 900 days in orbit, Task & Purpose
Marine Corps charges Parris Island drill instructor with negligent homicide for recruit’s death, Task & Purpose
The Army Reserve chief wants leaders to stop wasting soldiers’ drill time on paperwork, Task & Purpose
Do you really have to let the chain of command inspect your off-post housing?, Task & Purpose
US Strategic Command chief: Ukraine ‘just the warmup’ for ‘the big one’ with China, Task & Purpose
Navy relieves USS Normandy commander after less than 9 months on the job, Task & Purpose
USS Normandy CO Relieved Over Misconduct Allegations, USNI News
Kentucky man accused of giving China schematics of targeting systems, selling the DoD Chinese parts for US fighter jets, War is Boring
National Parks Service Now Offering Free Lifetime Pass For Veterans, Unofficial Networks
Robert Spangle Is In a Perpetual, Childlike State of Wonder, Huckberry

National Defense, Foreign Policy

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Kansas City (MO) Firefighters Battle Fuel Tank Fire at Paving Company, Firefighter Nation
CO Firefighter Charged with Careless Driving After Woman Died in Brush Truck Collision, Firefighter Nation
Firefighters: MA Throws Out Civil-Service Promotion Exams; Pauses Tests to Address Racial Bias, Firefighter Nation
12 tips to build trust as a new company officer, FR1
Top Medical Experts Explore Safety of Vascular Neck Restraints. Will Their Findings Matter?, Force Science
Converging and diverging burn rates in North American boreal forests from the Little Ice Age to the present, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Detroit PD increases officer salaries by $10K effective immediately, Police 1
Calif. LEO charged with 4 felonies amid ongoing investigation into illegal firearm activity, Police 1
AR-15, $21K+ worth of police gear stolen from unlocked N.M. patrol car, Police 1
3 ex-Pa. officers plead guilty to reckless endangerment in shooting death of 8-year-old girl, Police 1
Ore. sheriff: Deputies will not enforce magazine capacity limits, Police 1
Forest Service employee arrives at underage sex sting driving fire engine, Wildfire Today
Researchers design model that they say predicts which buildings will survive wildfire, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

American Avalanche, Backcountry Access Partner on Professional Development Scholarship for Women, GearJunkie
Cotopaxi Hires Private Security to Reopen San Francisco Store, GearJunkie
What to Know When Shopping for Used Ski Gear, Outside
Dune House, The Collector
Binding Choice: Sometimes Light and Even Lighter Can be Right, BC Ski Touring Blog
Chris Dickson on our Love-Hate of Early Season Snow, BC Ski Touring Blog
How Bad Will Climate Change Get? Just Look at the U.S., Outside
How Mountain Biker Hannah Otto Set the FKT on Moab’s Whole Enchilada, Outside
The Alpine Skiing World Cup Has Been Upended by Climate Change, Outside
Extreme Skier Dean Cummings Found Not Guilty in Murder Trial, Outside
How to Layer for All Conditions, Outside
Jeremy Jones on His New Book, The Art of Shralpinism, Backcountry Mag
Trophy Antelope Tactics,
How to Use a Llama for Hunting or Backpacking, Eastman’s
Arizona Limits NR OTC Tags, Eastmans
[Q&A] Catching up with Brooke Potter amid the release of her new film, ‘Contrast’, Freeskier
How I Packed for 14 Days Rafting the Grand Canyon, and What I’d Do Different, Osprey
How Much Should I Tip My Guide? We Asked Guides How Much to Give., Outside
Who Makes the Most Sustainable Puffy Jacket?, Outside
Nolwen Berthier onsights 8b+, Omaha Beach at Red River Gorge, Planet Mountain
Big new Vampire Spires climbs in Canada, by Sebastian Pelletti & Co, Planet Mountain
Making A Terrifying Mountain (barely) Rideable, Red Bull
​NEXUS Is the Ski Film We’ve All Been Waiting For, TGR
Three Green Lines, Patagonia
Top 5 Colorado Based Outdoor Products, Unofficial Networks
The Future of Winter, Outside
The Lift Lines At Solitude Are INSANE Today (Video), Unofficial Networks
The Most Affordable & Most Popular Ski Resorts According To HomeToGo, Unofficial Networks
Jackson Hole Replaces Iconic Thunder Chairlift (Ride Time Cut In Half), Unofficial Networks
“Don’t Make The Same Mistake We Did” Lessons From An Avalanche Close Call in Austria, Unofficial Networks
Why I Don’t Share Every Hunting Harvest on Social Media, Wide Open Outdoors
See Some of the Year’s Best Nature Photos, Gizmodo

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Peloton Bike In-Depth Long Term Review: Three Years Later, DC Rainmaker
Garmin Instinct Crossover Series In-Depth Review: It’s Got Hands!, DC Rainmaker
I Never Used to Run with Poles. Now I Won’t Hit the Trails Without Them., Outside
How to Turn Plateau Into Progress, Born Fitness
Why Are So Many Bike Manufacturers Putting Cables Through the Headset?, Outside
Your Favorite Workout Junkie Will Love These Items, Outside
Jim Harris Was Paralyzed. Then He Ate Magic Mushrooms., Outside
I’m No Narc. I Just Don’t Want Stoned Drivers to Kill Cyclists., Outside
Probiotic ‘backpacks’ show promise for treating inflammatory bowel diseases, Science Daily
Obesity drug helps teens lose weight, study finds, Science Daily
What Happens When One Twin Exercises and the Other Doesn’t, Outside
Would you have your legs broken to make yourself taller? The men who go through hell for a little extra height, The Guardian
CDC Releases New Opioid Guidelines: What to Know, Healthline
Intermittent Fasting Linked to Disordered Eating, Other Dangerous Behaviors, Healthline
At-Home Blood Tests Are Becoming a Trend. What It Means for Healthcare, Healthline
Urinary Tract Infections: A New Antibiotic May Be on the Way to Treat UTIs, Healthline
Run To The Ends Of The Earth With The Garmin Enduro™ 2, Men’s Health
Stay Ahead Of The Unforeseen Costs Of A Severe Illness, Men’s Health
Do We Give Antidepressants Too Much Credit?, Inside Hook
How to Choose High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements, Men’s Health
Best Time-Under-Tension Workout for Total-Body Strength, Men’s Journal
Coffee Benefits Blocked by Adding Milk?,
Masks Cut Covid Spread in Schools, Study Finds, NY Times
The Folly of Pandemic School Closures, City Journal
Failing in Marriage Does Not Mean Failing at Marriage, NY Times
Men Are Struggling, NPR
Elegance and Its Place in Lifting – Andrew Lewis, Starting Strength
Colorado becomes second state with legalized ‘medicinal psychedelics’, STAT
6 Tough Push-Up Workouts for Real Gains, T-Nation
7 Tips for Building Friendships to Last a Lifetime, Psychology Today
23 Powerful Food Hacks and Supplement Tricks, T-Nation
The Muscle Food for Lifters & Athletes, T-Nation
Best Strongman Training For The Tactical Athlete, Generation Iron
A Better Approach for Common Tendon Injuries Might Surprise You, Training Peaks
What to Wear for Running in the Cold, the Heat, and Everything in Between, Triathlete
Female Endurance Athletes: Have You Checked Your Ferritin Lately?, Triathlete
The Clitoris Steps Into the Spotlight With New Scientific Discovery, WebMD
Why Do Women Get Alzheimer’s More Than Men? Study Offers Clue, WebMD
Beach Camp, Grays Sporting Journal
The Margin: CDC says many people should ‘not eat meat or cheese from any deli counter’ unless it’s ‘steaming hot’, Marketwatch
World-leading research of lab grown blood has begun human trials, Popular Mechanics


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