Arete 11.16.17


Army to Field New Body Armor Next Summer, Kit Up!

How NATO Could Accidentally Trigger a War with Russia, Rand Corp.

Taliban “Red Unit” with Night Vision Kills Dozens of Afghan Officers, NY Times

NATO Lauches Cypersecurity Ops Center, Homeland Security

The West Will Burn, Oustide

Marine’s Mission in Hemland Could be Blueprint for Trump’s Afghan Policy, Small Wars Journal

Incoming Grenade Split Second Decision, Modern War Institute

Army Lifts Ban on Recruits With Mental Health Issues, WebMD

Gaming to Victory: Synthetic Training for Future Combat, War On the Rocks

The Courage to End Generational Wars, War On the Rocks

Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash, Then He Was Killed, OODA Loop


First Responder/Homeland Security

SC Trooper Resigns in Protest, Police One

LE Today Launches Contest to Same GQ after the Magazine Names Kapernick “Person of the Year”, LE Today

Detroit Undercover Officers Fight Each Other in Raid, Police Magazine

2 Buffalo Firefighters Injured in Fire, Firefighter Close Calls

Most CA Sheriffs Oppose the State’s Sanctuary Law, Police Magazine

Border Patrol Losing Agents Faster Than It Can Replace Them, Police Magazine

MS-13 Blamed for 25 Killings on Long Island, Police One

7 Times as Many Homes Burning in Wildfires, Compared to the 1970s, Wildfire Today

5 FDNY Firefighters Injured at 5th Alarm, Firefighter Close Calls

7 Ind. Officers Quit Over Police Car Take Home Policy, Police One

Changing Terrorism: Fewer Victims, but More Countries, Homeland



Apex Awards Reveal New Outerwear Trends, Gear Junkie

A Mountaineers Choice to Never Have Kids, Outside

Escalante Packrafting and Canyoneering, Backpacking Light

A Consolidated History of Women’s Climbing, Climbing Magazine

3 Best Alpine Ski Bindings on the Market, Unofficial Networks

MSR Trailshot Is the Only Filter You Need, Outside

How to Maintain Climbing Strength As You Age, Climbing Magazine

Jackson Hole Wins X-Games Best Inbounds Terrain Contest, Unofficial Networks



4 Laws of Muscle, Outside

How To Survive Your First 100-Miler, Outside

Does Carb Cycling Work? It Depends, Mark’s Daily Apple

Our Greatest Marathon Training Advice, Outside

Top 3 Supplements for Guys on a Budget, Muscle & Fitness

Study: Coffee is Good for your Heart, Men’s Journal

8 Foods to Bulk Up Without Getting a Belly, Men’s Fitness

Best Chest Supersets To Build Big Pecs, Muscle & Fitness

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