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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Military suicides up among active duty, down for reserves in 2022, Task & Purpose
Fort Liberty special operations soldiers arrested for drug possession, Task & Purpose
Army vet wanted $85,000 to send secret docs to Russia, Task & Purpose
Space Force’s first official portrait is aspirational sci-fi
, Task & Purpose
Fort Gordon renamed Eisenhower, last of 9 bases scrubbed of Civil War names, Task & Purpose
19 US troops have Traumatic Brain Injury after drone attacks in Iraq and Syria, Task & Purpose
Explosion hits Jehovah’s Witnesses prayer meeting in India’s Kerala, Al Jazeera
The 42-Year-Old Airman: Air Force and Space Force Raise Max Age for Active-Duty Recruits,
Looking to Fight Racial Disparity, Marines Begin Collecting More Demographic Data on Minor Offenses,
Both Sides Pay a Bloody Price for Coveted Ukrainian City, NY Times
AUKUS Sub Sale Will Cause 10-Year Dip in U.S. Attack Boat Inventory, USNI
U.S. Air Force Activates Units Dedicated to Electronic Warfare, AF Times
The Army Corps of Engineers’ Surprisingly Fantastic Cat Calendar Is Almost Upon Us,
GD’s Earnings Fall On Operations Despite Solid Sales, Defense Daily
Anduril Hires Former Tesla Manufacturing Official To Help Scale Production, Defense Daily
How Many Wars Can America Fight at the Same Time?, Foreign Policy
How Qatar Became the Middle East’s Indispensable Mediator, Foreign Policy
Europe’s Coming Reckoning on Immigration, Foreign Policy
Romania Is at a Dangerous Tipping Point, Foreign Policy
Air Force Academy cadet faces drug charges, court-martial,
Recent Grandstanding About the F-35 Is a Bunch of Hot Air, Real Clear Defense
Grenada, 1983: Catalyst to Upgrading Special Operations, Real Clear Defense
Hamas’ Attack: Failures of Deterrence and Imagination Are Lessons Beyond Israel, Real Clear Defense
The Sinking Submarine Industrial Base, War on the Rocks
Operational Art for the Replicator Initiative: Confessions of a Swarming Addict, WOTR
A New Approach to Power Projection: Reversing the Erosion of U.S. and Allied Military Power and Influence, RAND
Alcohol and Substance Use Among U.S. Veterans, RAND
A Summary of Veteran-Related Statistics, RAND
What North Korea Is Learning from the Hamas-Israel War, RAND
Swedish Armed Forces Team Clinches 2023 Adventure Racing World Championship in South Africa, GearJunkie

Israel/Gaza/Middle East

US conducts airstrikes in Syria in response to drone and rocket attacks, Task & Purpose
Ukraine, Russia
Russia’s Dagestan airport closed after anti-Israel protests: What to know, Al Jazeera
Kamala Harris says no US troops to fight in Israel-Hamas war, Al Jazeera
Former MEK leader Massoud Rajavi died under US guard, say Iran media, Al Jazeera
Reuters, Al Jazeera journalists ‘targeted’ in Lebanon strike: Press group, Al Jazeera
Western coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza – bias or unprofessionalism?, Al Jazeera
Thousands continue to march in support of Gaza in multiple cities worldwide, Al Jazeera
Can Elon Musk’s Starlink provide internet service to Gaza?, Al Jazeera
Analysis: Israel’s ground attacks yield lots of bang, little success, Al Jazeera
Hamas’s attack on Israel has changed the Middle East, Al Jazeera
For Israel’s Netanyahu, War in Gaza and at Home, NY Times
Israel will cease to exist by 2030 should war with Hamas last long, Pravda Report
Iran: USA acts as accomplice of Israel’s crimes in Gaza, Pravda Report
The Genius of the World at War, UnHerd
Diggers and Doughboys: Military Allies for the Last 100 Years, Real Clear Defense
U.S. Announces Development of Powerful New Nuclear Bomb, Sandboxx
Watchdog Files Complaint Over Photo Revealing Delta Force, JTNews
Hunting Drones With Drones, National Defense Magazine
Why Did Hamas Conduct a Terrorist Attack on Israel and Why Now?, Cipher Brief
Global Consequences of the Israel-Hamas War Are Just Beginning, Atlantic Council
Israel’s ground war in Gaza has started. How will it end?, Atlantic Council
Israel, US are losing the influence war over Gaza—but the Palestinians aren’t winning, Defense One
How Hamas evaded Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, Defense One
Israel’s Military Tech Fetish Is a Failed Strategy, Foreign Policy
Saudi Arabia Is Mysteriously Absent in the Israel-Hamas War, Foreign Policy
Hezbollah death toll continues to rise, Long War Journal
One way Israel is working to deter Hezbollah’s missiles, Morning Defense
A Dive into IDF’s Vulnerabilities in Light of the Recent Assault, RCD
Urban Warfare, Sieges, and Israel’s Looming Invasion of Gaza, War on the Rocks
Israel’s Strategic Challenge, WOTR
Rewind and Reconnoiter: Hamas and the Dangerous Diffusion of Basic Infantry Tactics, with Leo Blanken, Kai Thaxton, and Michael Alexander, WOTR
Israel Navy fast patrol boat eliminates Hamas combat swimmers in Zikim, World Defence News
Saudi Arabia neutralizes Houthi missile from Yemen targeting Israel, World Defence News
German-Israeli Shani Louk is confirmed dead, 3 weeks after Hamas captured her and paraded her through Gaza in her underwear, Business Insider
Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Lebanese militant group, explained, Vox

Taiwan takes security lessons from Hamas, Ukraine surprise attacks, Al Jazeera
‘War of money’: can China drag rivals into bankruptcy in a new arms race with drones?, South China Morning Post
Russia’s defence chief hails China ties as ‘exemplary’, warns Nato expansion risks clash between nuclear powers, South China Morning Post
PLA will ‘show no mercy’ against Taiwan independence moves, top Chinese general says, South China Morning Post
Global Impact: China’s response to Israel-Gaza war shows how Beijing is firmly aligned with the Global South

, South China Morning Post
China’s belt and road will still focus on hard infrastructure, whatever Beijing says, South China Morning Post
Why Chinese interest is soaring in West African Guinea’s Simandou iron ore reserves, South China Morning Post
Why Bhutan’s tilt towards China may ‘significantly change’ regional dynamics, South China Morning Post
Pentagon Declassifies Evidence of China’s Increased Harassment of US Forces in Western Pacific,
Will China Win the Race for Seabed Riches?, Bloomberg
Preventing War in the Taiwan Strait, International Crisis Group
Is Apple Doing China’s Censorship Bidding?, USA Today
As the World Looks Elsewhere, China Stirs Trouble in the SCS, Real Clear Defense
China is in the Driver’s Seat in the Middle East, The Print
China is Ignoring Its Achilles Heel, Real Clear Defense
China Issues Stern Warning to Taiwanese Voters, Newsweek
US Military Says Chinese Fighter Jet Came Within 10 Feet of B-52 Bomber over South China Sea,
What to make of China’s latest restrictions on critical mineral exports, Atlantic Council
The Rise of China and the Permanence of Change, RCD
U.S. Warns It Will Defend Phillipines After Incidents With China, RCD
6 Myths about NATO’s Engagement in the Indo-Pacific, The Diplomat
Sri Lanka Allows a Chinese Research Ship to Dock at Colombo, The Diplomat
Czech Republic proposes marine vessels to Philippines to secure their territorial waters, World Defence News
U.S. Drills with Allies in the South China Sea, Ghost Fleet Ships Operate off Australia, USNI
Arrest Made in Central California Bio-Lab Investigation, Homeland Security Newswire
Why China is restricting exports of graphite, Economist

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Coast Guard Outlines Need To Expand Capabilities In Arctic Implementation Plan, Defense Daily
With More Investment, Fagan Says Coast Guard Would Expand Presence In Indo-Pacific, Defense Daily
Report to Congress on Coast Guard Cutter Procurement, USNI
NYPD officers’ compassion shines in dramatic bridge rescue of suicidal man, American Police Beat Magazine
Rikers Island corrections officer faces federal charges for alleged $170,000 overtime scam, APBM
Second Firefighter Dies of Injuries from Baltimore Fire, Fire Engineering
Three IL Fires in Three Days: Two People Hurt, Dog Dead, 23 Cars Destroyed, Fire Engineering
Discipline Problems in Casper Fire Prompt Media Deep-Dive, Fire Law Blog
Ohio Firefighter Charged With Vehicular Homicide, Fire Law Blog
US Forest Service Sued for New Mexico Flash Flood Deaths, Fire Law Blog
Charleston (SC) Fire Department Sued for ‘Hazing’ Incident That Left Firefighter Partially Deaf, Firefighter Nation
Ill. FD drops paramedic requirement to help increase the number of firefighter applicants, FireRescue1
Captain’s trial begins in Calif. dive boat fire that killed 34 people, FireRescue1
N.Y. congressman pleads guilty for pulling false alarm during funding vote, FireRescue1
Video: La. officer trapped in upside down, burning cruiser rescued by good Samaritans, Police1
Maine mass shooting provides insights on critical pre-emptive interventions and response protocols, Police1
‘He died a hero’: Bar manager died while charging at Maine shooter with a butcher knife, Police1
Sheriff STILL investigating arrest of burn boss, Wildfire Today
PG&E plan to bury lines is shot down, Wildfire Today
San Francisco Plans To Close A Legal Loophole That Lets Thieves Get Away With Car Break-Ins, Jalopnik

Mountain / Outside

Symbiosis Gear’s The Aspen Review: Finally, ‘A Pack for People With Boobs’, GearJunkie
Jackson Hole Slammed With 17 Inches of Snow in 24 Hours! The Teton Flow Is Back, GearJunkie
Taking the Sting Out of Bug Bites: ‘Heat It’ Insect Bite Treatment Review, GearJunkie
Watch Mary Rand and Taylor Godber Crush Big Alaskan Lines in ‘Giant Beasts, Tiny People’, GearJunkie
Life at 350,000 Miles: My 2005 Toyota 4Runner Is Still Going, GearJunkie
The Gear I Use to Survive the Country’s Most Extreme Dogsled Race, Outside
Think You’re The Best Skier On the Mountain? This Is Your Gear., Outside
Inside 75-Year-Old Will French’s Globe-Trotting Adventure on the International Appalachian Trail, Outside
The Llama Whisperer, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 10/26/2023, AAI
The Scene: How To Observe Your Surroundings, Backcountry Magazine
Martin Keller on Sending V16 after 150 days—at Age 46, Climbing Mag
Adam Ondra’s New Film Reveals Some of the Darker Sides of Greatness, Climbing Mag
Can a Partly Detached Tendon Tear Fully If You Keep Climbing On It?, Climbing
2023 Grip List Awards, Climbing Business
These 16 Climbers Have Qualified for the Paris Olympics, Gripped
Caving is Much Tougher Than You Think, and No Film’s Ever Captured it More Beautifully, Gripped
The OR Deviator Hoodie – A Versatile Mid Layer for the Skin Track, Off-Piste
Swedish Fish Are the Ultimate Backpacking Candy, Outside
Is It Actually Worth It to Run Uphill?, Outside
My Boyfriend Says I Abandoned Him on a Camping Trip. Did I Really?, Outside
Multi-Day Runners Are Alarmingly Sane, Outside
Make It Last, Patagonia
In Praise of Slowing Down, REI
VIDEO: Bear Chases Mountain Biker Down Montana Ski Resort, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Sea Lion Tears Out Shark’s Throat, Unofficial Networks
Fitting Approach Shoes for Any Foot, Weigh My Rack
Picking Up the (Meat) Stick, Gray’s Sporting Journal
7mm-08 Remington vs. .25-06 Remington, MeatEater
Can Dogs Eat Apples? Here’s What a Vet Says, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

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