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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

A ‘mustang’ officer created the greatest challenge coin ever, Task & Purpose
Commandant wants all Marines to do a tour in the Indo-Pacific, Task & Purpose
‘Band of Brothers’ follow-up ‘Masters of the Air’ set for 2024 release, Task & Purpose
Army wants one-third of future recruits to be college grads, Task & Purpose
Operation Gothic Serpent veterans reflect on ‘Black Hawk Down’ battle, Task & Purpose
U.S. Army infantry veteran killed in Ukraine leading daring recon mission, Task & Purpose
First photos of 101st Airborne soldiers testing the Army’s new rifles, Task & Purpose
Army fires West Point garrison commander following suspension, Task & Purpose
Special Forces vs special operations forces — what’s the difference?, Task & Purpose
Army special operations cuts not expected to affect Green Berets, Task & Purpose
Air Force’s Marijuana Waiver Program Proves More Popular Among Applicants Than Expected,
What is Hamas? A simple guide to the armed Palestinian group, Al Jazeera
Paul Kagame: Africans can’t permanently stay in a ‘victim’ position, Al Jazeera
Has Bashar al-Assad really won the war in Syria?, Al Jazeera
After Missing Recruiting Goals, Army Announces New Occupational Specialty to Increase the Ranks,
Majority of Retired 4-Star Officers Got Jobs in Defense Industry, New Report Says,
Mass still matters: What the US military should learn from Ukraine , Atlantic Council
Anduril Introduces Munitions Variant Of Anvil Counter-Drone Platform, Defense Daily
‘Continuous vetting’ effort will expand to cover more defense civilians, Defense One
How many F-35 versions are there? Hint: more than 3, Defense One
Somalia suffers worst month on record for suicide bombings, Long War Journal
College president resigns after being accused of sexual misconduct at the Coast Guard Academy,
Why Biden’s mum on the India-Canada spat, Morning Defense
Pakistan Demands Deportations of Over Million Afghans, NY Times
Poland’s Ruling Party Uses Germany as Boogeyman as Tough Election Looms, NY Times
The Navy and Diversity, Real Clear Defense
Meeting the Challenge of Deterring Two Nuclear Peers, Real Clear Defense
Mud Soldiers: Life in the New American Army, Real Clear Defense
Americas: Political Tensions and Migration Escalate, While Persisting Crime Risks Add to Safety and Logistical Challenges, Stratfor
The Second Coming of Taliban, The Geopolitics
Turkey escalates airstrikes following US downing of drone, War is Boring
Revolutionizing Soldier Firepower: US Army Adopts Next-Gen Weapons, Soldier Systems

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Syracuse (NY) Firefighters Rescue Two Unconscious Victims from House Fire, Fire Engineering
East Point (GA) Firefighters Rescue Resident, Dog from Fire, Fire Engineering
Suspect Arrested After Series of Four Fires in PA County, Fire Engineering
Sacramento Settles Dropped Patient Suit for $495k, Fire Law Blog
Seattle Settles Wrongful Death Suit for $1.8 Million, Fire Law Blog
Firefighter Accuses Fire Chief of Sexual Assault and Harassment, Fire Law Blog
Four Chicago Police Officers Hurt in Traffic Crash Following Shooting Outside Police Station, FFN
Norwalk (CT) Firefighters Battle EV Charging Station Fire in Mall Parking Garage, FFN
Running Car in Garage Led to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning of KS Couple, FFN
Decatur (AL) Firefighters Must Now Pass Annual Physical Test, FFN
Building Collapse in Old Havana Kills Two Firefighters; Search Continues for Missing Person, FFN
City of Des Moines (IA) Squares Off With Firefighter Over New Firehouse Location, FFN
5 uniquely progressive U.S. fire departments, according to ChatGPT, FR1
Numerical simulation of aerial liquid drops of Canadair CL-415 and Dash-8 airtankers, International Journal of Wildland Fire
After trauma of Las Vegas shooting, sheriff prioritizes officers’ mental health, Police1
Texas school district creates own police force to be equipped with 9 Tesla cruisers, Police1
Firefighters Asked for Special Backpacks. Mystery Ranch Delivered., Outdoor Business

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