Arete 10.8.20

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

Top military leadership quarantines after Coast Guard vice commandant tests positive for COVID-19, Air Force Times
US Navy needs to have more than 500 ships by 2045 to have edge against China and Russia, War is Boring
US Army Europe and US Army Africa to merge as commander pins on fourth star, Defense News
Trump: US will be out of Afghanistan by Christmas, Military Times
The Navy needs industry to tackle software-defined networks, data sharing, Defense News
DOD Official Outlines Space Strategy,
Why the Pentagon Should Focus on Taiwan, War on the Rocks


Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

Where did the term “gigafire” originate, Wildfire Today
How to measure the economic health cost of wildfires – A systematic review of the literature for northern America, International Journey of Wildland Fire
Margins and risk: How firefighters apply margins in fireground decision-making, Fire Rescue1 Daily News
Patterns and trends in simultaneous wildfire activity in the United States from 1984 to 2015, International Journey of Wildland Fire
First responders fear FCC plan could interfere with their ability to control traffic signals, Police1 Daily News
When UI/UX becomes life or death, Fire Rescue1 Daily News
LAPD asking for 2,600 more body cameras to outfit all cops, Police1 Daily News



Ultrarunner Amy Sproston is the First Woman to Attempt to Run the Jordan Trail, The Adventure Blog
Desert Riding: How to Prep and What to Expect, Osprey Packs
Do I need Climbing Chalk…? American Alpine Institute
6 Easy Ways to Be a Better Skier, Outside Magazine
Nepal Opens to Climbers and Trekkers Starting October 17, The Adventure Blog
What This Ski Season Will Look Like, Outside Magazine
Why Experts Are Exploring Climbing as a Form of Therapy, Outside Magazine


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Why Endurance Athletes Feel Less Pain, Outside Magazine
The Link Between Air Pollution and Obesity, Men’s Journal
Drink coffee after breakfast, not before, for better metabolic control, Science Daily
How to Eat Meat and Still Reduce Your Environmental Impact, Mark’s Daily Apple
Can I Train With A Herniated Disc? Breaking Muscle
Shura Kitata Kicks to London Marathon Win, Men’s Health
Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysate, and Concentrate: Which Is Best? Mark’s Daily Apple



Novel Brain Surgery Seeks to Reverse Epilepsy in Sea Lion, NYT
The Latest (Alarming) New Stat on Global Warming, Men’s Journal
How to Foster Healthy Body Image in Children, Mark’s Daily Apple
Researcher Believe They Know What Caused Mass Elephant Deaths in Botswana, The Adventure Blog
The Joshua Tree Is the First Plant Protected Due to Climate Change, Adventure Journal
Are Humans Great Endurance Runners Because of Our Hunting Past, Or Not? Adventure Journal

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