Arete 10.7.16

Russia’s Determination to Revise Post-Cold War Order, Rand Corporation
Whoever wins the Presidency, the Next Big International Incident Will Come from Iran, Rand Corporation
Putin’s Mistakes in Syria will Haunt Russia, Council on Foreign Relations
Defense Solutions 2016, Heritage Foundation
Future Op Environment 2050, Small Wars Journal
5 Reasons the US Army will Lose its next War in Europe, Forbes
Why Some Wars (like Syria’s) Get More Attention Than Others (Like Yemen’s), NY Times


Syrian Rebels Taunt US Special Forces, BBC
US Military Has Had it With Nation Building, Military Times
19 New Books, Military Times
Misconduct nearly ended the career of the Navy’s Top Enlisted Sailor, Navy Times
Human Soldiers will Always Cause Human Tragedies, Council on Foreign Relations
America’s Awesome Military, Brookings
Humans: Unusually Murderous Mammals, Typically Murderous Primates, The Atlantic
SAS Sniper Kills Four with Single Bullet, Daily Sun
A Junior Officer’s Perspective on the Brain Drain, Small Wars Journal

Saudi Arabia and Terrorism Today, Brookings
Jihadist Biographies, West Point Combatting Terrorism Center
Illegal Immigration and Border Security Solutions 2016, Heritage Foundation
Terrorism Solutions 2016, Heritage Foundation
National Security Agency Codebreaker Challenge, NSA
Women’s Emergence as Terrorists in France Points to Shift in ISIS Gender Roles, NY Times
Geographic Constraints of Narco-Tunnels Along the Southwest Border, Small Wars Journal
Special Ops pushing Pentagon to define Islamic roots of terrorism, Washington Times

MARSOC Chooses 9mm over .45, Military Times
How Mountain Brands predict Color Trends,
Under Armor Design Chief – Women aren’t looking for ‘Me Too’ Product,
The Worlds Most Rugged Packs,
Outside Magazine Winter Gear of the Year, Outside Magazine
Patagonia Study finds Fleece Jackets a Serious Pollutant, Outside Magazine
K2, Volkl, Line, Full Tilt, BCA On Chopping Block, Power Magazine

Washington D.C. PD struggles to find Recruits, Washington Post
CBP Agents Seize 650K in Heroin at Laredo, Customs and Border Protection
Police Brutality Leads to Thousands Fewer Calls to 911 in Milwaukie, The Atlantic & American Sociology Review
ATF By the Numbers, BATF
3 Colorado Police Unions Endorse Trump, Denver Post
Fresno: Highway Patrolman’s Car attached by Mob, Washington Post

2105 Arson Report, BATF
Cal Fire At a Glance, Cal Fire
Residents want to sue Arizona over 2013 Yarnell Fire,
How Syracuse Got Six Former Oswego Firefighters,
Firefighter Close-Proximity Communication Through Nonverbal Methods,
Infamous Wildland Fires Around the World,

Daniel Woods Climbs V16, Rock & Ice
Rappel Knot Fails, Climber Falls to Death on the Goat Wall, Rock & Ice
American Alpine Journal Searchable Accident Database, AAJ
Outdoor Industry Job Listings,
Northeasterners have the Largest Heads in the US, Stormy Kromer
2016 Red Bull Adventure Sport Photography Award Winners,  Red Bull
The Future of Bolting, Rock & Ice

Practice Does Not Make Perfect, New Yorker
Foods for Protecting the Body and Mind, Aspen Institute
The Science of Thrill, The Atlantic
The First Case of Zika Spread by Human Contact (in Utah), The Atlantic
The Best Time to Exercise if you Want to Lose Weight, NY Times

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