Arete 10.4.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Green Berets vs Navy SEALs: Inside the Best Combat Diver Competition, T&P
Is there a link between TBI and veteran suicide?, T&P
Pentagon official charged with running dog fighting ring from his home, T&P
US launched two raids against ISIS within a week, T&P
Venezuelan parliament speaker: Over 26,000 US sanctions affect 62 percent of entire planet, Pravda Report
Ramstein Squadron Whacked for ‘Irresponsible Alcohol Consumption,’ Banned from Drinking Outside Barracks,
One Recruiting Environment, Two Different Outcomes for Army and Marine Corps,
Catcalling, Racist Comments, Burnout: Alaska Troops Eyed as Prestigious Arctic Force Face Problems in First Year of Service,
Lawmakers, Army headed for a fight over cuts to special operations forces, Defense One
The Land of Lederhosen, Beer, and Political Chaos, Foreign Policy
The Great Turn Inward, Foreign Policy
Video Provides First Clear Views of WWII Aircraft Carriers Lost in the Pivotal Battle of Midway,
After Recruit Death, Navy SEAL Community Will Impose Forcewide Urinalysis to Root Out Performance Enhancing Drugs,
Navy Fires Commander of Ballistic Missile Submarine over Loss of Confidence,
The Rejection of Intentional Population Targeting for “Tripolar” Deterrence, Real Clear Defense
U.S. Military-Sanctioned Diversity Initiatives are Out of Control, Real Clear Defense
Phasing Out GPS Reliance in U.S. Military Operations: An Imperative in the Face of Emerging Threats, Real Clear Defense
Navy to Drug Test SEALs for Performance Enhancing Drugs, USNI
UPDATED: 5 Admirals, 7 Captains Punished For Red Hill Fuel Leaks, USNI
How to Put RAND Findings on Veteran Support for Extremism in Context, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition


This Shorty Ram TRX Is An Adorable Little Beast, Jalopnik
Ford To Cancel All Dealer Stock Orders Of The 2023 F-150 Lightning After Quality Control Check, Jalopnik
Antarctic sea ice is at a record low, Economist
Could AI transform science itself?, Economist

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