Arete 10.31.19

National Security / Foreign Affairs / Military

Chile protests: President to lift state of emergency at midnight, Al Jazeera
Pakistan denies use of its airspace to Indian PM Modi, Al Jazeera
Turkey, Russia in negotiations for potential Su-35 jet deal, Defense News
US Air Force officially buying light-attack planes, Defense News
Far-right AfD surges to second place in German state election, The Guardian
Our Untenable Alliance With Turkey, Hoover Institution
AfD: What you need to know about Germany’s far-right party,
Turkey rejects German defense minister’s Syria ‘security zone’ proposal,
Inside the Raid That Killed Baghdadi, Foreign Policy
Chinese Universities’ First Course Is Nationalism 101, Foreign Policy
Don’t Let Venezuela’s Crisis Take Down Colombia Too, Foreign Policy
What Is an “Endless War”? Hudson Institute
Iran abducts France-based dissident in ‘complex intelligence operation’,
Investigation opened into Marine Corps, Army training deaths, Marine Corps Times
What Next After the Latest US Cyberattack against Iran?, Modern War Institute
Exploring the Role Nuclear Weapons Could Play in Deterring Russian Threats to the Baltic States, Rand Corp
Reimagining World Politics: The Longer View of an American “Victory”, Small Wars Journal
Syria: WTF Do We Do Now? The Cipher Brief
Chinese-born US Navy officer with TS clearance arrested smuggling US weapons to China, War is Boring
Just Say No: The Pentagon Needs to Drop the Distractions and Move Great Power Competition Beyond Lip Service, War on the Rocks
Turkey and Russia: A Remarkable Rapprochement, War on the Rocks


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

California declares state of emergency as fires rage, Al Jazeera
Ferocious winds continue to fuel blazes throughout Calif., Firerescue1
Gender-neutral facilities included in Mich. city fire station renovation, FireRescue1
Bernie Sanders: Respect police “so that you don’t get shot in the back of the head”, Law Enforcement Today
Intoxicated truck driver formally indicted for killing seven US Marines, LE Today
After Botched Raid, Houston Creates New Narcotics Squad for High-Risk Warrants,
Chicago Police Union Votes “No Confidence” in Chief, Police Magazine
New fires in northern California, Wildfire Today
Trailer for the documentary “Fire in Paradise” released, Wildfire Today



Rob Lea Swam the English Channel, Climbed Everest, Biked the US—In Six Months, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 10/17/19, AAI
The New Wilderness Classics: 9 Books That Will Change How You Look at the Outdoors, Backpacker
The Canyon With Two Mouths, Climbing Magazine
Hunting Gear Then and Now: 30 Years of Innovation, Bowhunting Blog
Arc’teryx explores the history of British Columbia’s Spearhead Traverse in this cinematic gem, Freeskier
A 9-Year-Old Climbed El Capitan, Outside
How to Boil Snow for Drinking Water, Outside
Tengi Ragi Tau virgin West Face climbed alpine style by Alan Rousseau, Tino Villanueva, Planet Mountain
How to Build a Life Based On Intentional, Mindful Consumption , REI
Spanish Climber Receives 5 Year Ban for Illegal Expedition in Nepal, Adventure Blog
How Mark Healey Connects to His Food, Outside
Which Airlines Have the Best Gear Policies?, Outside


Fitness / Nutrition / Wellness

How Often Should I Work Out? The Ultimate Guide for Building an Exercise Routine, Nerd Fitness
Should I Cut Out Alcohol to Get Rid of Fat? Born Fitness
How to Get Lasting Sciatica Relief, Breaking Muscle
Potato as effective as carbohydrate gels for boosting athletic performance, study finds, Science Daily
Efficacy of a Goal Setting and Implementation Planning Intervention on Firefighters’ Cardiorespiratory Fitness, JSCR
Influence of Reactive and Maximum Strength Indicators on Sprint Performance, JSCR
Construct Validity of Two Different Methods of Scoring and Performing Push-ups, JSCR
Why Isn’t There a Diet That Works for Everyone? NY Times
How Drinking Less Solved a Lot of Problems, NY Times
The Curious Rise of Adult Recess Leagues, Outside

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